The first time I saw the Gossard Desire, it was on a 2cakeonaplate article about AW15 upcoming styles… I just fell in love. Since this day I was overseeing Gossard Facebook page to be the first to buy this beauty (even if I knew it would take a big part of my student budget…) . Then, October came and my birthday too… I had to put my hands on it. As if the lingerie God heard me, Gossard‘s newsletter gave me a -20% code the week after my birthday. NO CHOICE. HAD TO BUY IT.

Less than one week after having placed my order, the object of my desires was at home.
I’m actually a small 30GG so I bought a 32G because Gossard doesn’t sell my size. My first impression was “DAAAMN these cups are huge!”. My roommate found it very funny then she wanted to compare with one of her bra cup.

Yet, after trying it, I realized I shouldn’t size down in the cup, but it would be magic if I could buy a 30GG.

gossard desire
The fact is that I ordered in the same time the Gossard Glossies in 30G ( my usual size in Gossard unpadded bra) and the difference between the bands’ firmness was huge. I wear it at the medium hook to extend the life of my bra but I could comfortably close it at the first hook. I was a bit surprised as Gossard 32 bands are usually closer to a 30 band.

gossard desire bra

However, after wearing it for several hours I find it to be correct. The bra gives a round shape ( I was worried about that because I tried in the past the Floral print plunge  Gossard bra and it really didn’t fit me). I have to say that the lace is absolutely marvelous!!! I do love longline bras, I find them so elegant! This one is no exception. I feel like a queen (or like Wonderwoman) when wearing it.
The biggest issue with this bra is the cup edges… They are too close to my armpit and to be honest it is a bit disturbing. Also, the wires are not firmly into my inframammary fold ( maybe a 30 band would solve this problem). I don’t know if these issues are the result of a bad adaptability of the style to my size but I know it could be a real inconvenience for narrow wires lovers.

gossard desire brief

The matching Brazilian knickers in an XS (as usual with Gossard) creates some muffin top around my hips. I should probably have gone for a Small. I don’t like that but as I am not sure that the S would not be too big, and as my roommate told me it was fine, I think I will just go more often to the gym…
But in the end, I think I really love the Desire. It’s my first “boudoir” set and I think it is one of the things that mark the beginning of a new part of my life.

gossard desire


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14 Replies to “Oh my god… First bra review ! The Gossard Desire Bustier bra”

    1. Thank you!!Yes it was a bit expensive… It’s sometimes hard to combine my love of lingerie and my student status! ^^’
      But if you try it I will be glad to read your review! It’s nice to see how bras fit on different bodys!

    1. Thank you!! I need to try Anna Pardal longline bras!LUCKY YOUUUU! I hope you’ll love it! But my problem with polish brands is always the same: the sizing and the return! I’ve just ordered a Comexim bra in 70J because some people tell it’s a good idea to size up in the band with this brand. Hope it will suit me!

  1. Wow, this set is so beautiful! I am sorry to hear it bothers your armpits. That is my main issue with the majority of bras! I think someone else mentioned it, but Anna Pardal makes longline bras, and Comexim will make them if you request it!

    1. For me, there is always a problem with padded bras (quad boobs, gap, armpits issues… ) 🙁
      Oh I didn’t know Comexim could do alterations on bras! Have you ever tried their longline bras?

  2. This is gorgeous and looks great on you! How do you find the wires? I may add this to my wishlist for when I have some money to spare. But the wires need to be narrow!!

    1. Oh thank you! Actually I find them to be wide… (maybe too much) and unfortunately the wires are not firmly into my infra mammary fold ( I should put this in my review thank you for asking!!) . I don’t know if these issues are the result of a bad adaptability of the style to my size (because Gossard is not really a full bust brand) but if you want narrow wires maybe you should not buy this bra :/ .

      1. Those issues probably stem from a shape incompatibility between the bra and your breast shape. As in, your boobs are narrower and more immediately projected than the bra is. But, it looks good on you in the pictures, and if you like it – there’s no bra police. Thanks for responding!

        1. Yes you are probably right! I didn’t see the things this way. In fact, I found it so gorgeous that I could not let it go even if there was this kind of issues. Thank you too! 🙂

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