As I’ve been a very modest teen with huge sensitivity when it came to boobs stuff, bras ended up becoming my armor.
It has become a ritual: when I wake up on mornings of hard-working days my first thought is “what am I to (under)wear to win this fight”. I can’t wear padded bras these days. I need a soft, light but secure and pretty-enough-to-give-me-confidence bra. I need sometimes 15min to find the perfect fighting set. My new sword is the amazing Cami/yello Dessous set.
claudette dessous bra
I met Love Claudette two years ago with their neon Dessous range and immediately found them novel and genuinely sexy. I first bought the yellow/cyber bra in 32G which was too big in the band and cup but at this time of my life I didn’t care so much about these considerations. It seemed amazing to find a so young design in my size so I kept it. But one month after that I bought the Leopard dessous bra in 30G and I realized that I was totally wrong about my size. You know, it’s very difficult to find a 30 band bra in France. (I’m french yes. Forgot to tell you, sorry, but maybe you’ve noticed my sometimes haphazard synthax!) So before I was 19 I didn’t know that I could have more support sizing down in the band. 30 bands in France are reserved for A-B cup and only with young people (kids) brands. So I was stuck with my little back and my too large bands. Claudette Dessous Leopard was my first 30 band and after that I’ve almost stopped buying bras from french brands.
Huum… I’m a chatterbox but, let’s get back on track! Last month I saw on Asos the new Claudette collection and I fell for its charm again. I decided to look for affordable styles… And I found Shop Encore which is a real gold mine. So I bought the Paramour and the Cami Dessous Sets in 30G hoping my boobs would generously spouse them. Fortunately my girls appreciated their new companions and we had our happy-ending!

The Cami was my favourite of the two sets even if the paramour seems to be the more attractive for my Boo. The bra is COMFY. The three parts construction gives a round but natural shape and the fact that it is full covering does not alter its sexyness at all. On the contrary, this is very well balanced with the transparency of the fabrics.
I love the yellow of the straps and bows. I think it really suits my I’m also a great fan of camouflage pattern ( I used to wear rangers shoes only when I was a teen… Now I’m more Dr.Martens but you can have an idea of my non-feminity in clothing). The bra features three sets of 3 hooks and eyes which is a good thing because this mesh is a very light material and even if this bra is actually supportive I’m pretty sure it would not be as good with a thinner band. I also like that the central gore is not too high and tacks perfectly against my sternum without hurting me. This bra is definitely secure and makes me feel free even with its full coverage.

claudette dessous

In a nutshell, I’m super happy with this bra. For some unknown reasons I find it to give more projection than my leopard bra (which gives a really natural shape, maybe too natural in reality…) but I know Claudette’s bras shape has changed through the seasons. The matching thong is lovely and goes perfectly with the bra with the same beautiful details, I chose an S and I think XS would be way too small for me even if I usually take the smallest size in bottom.
I wish I tried more styles from Claudette! The Fishnet is in my firing line!


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