Even if it is a pain for me to buy a bra that fits in France, I’m a sucker for the European style when it comes to lingerie. I used to love Aubade and Lejaby so deeply before I met British brands!
Actually it is difficult for me to find a bra with sophisticated embroidery or lace in my size and at a reasonable price! ( Fauve was my favourite British brands for her love for details and princely  designs but yes it was a bit pricey!)
Polish brands seem to accomplish what French brands can’t do for me: making luxury-like styles for thin and busty women and for affordable prices! Astonishing! Last week someone told me “when you go Polish you never go back!” now I’m starting to think she was more than right.

These cups make me think about Japan… Like two shells on a japanese mermaid who would be wearing a yukata… Going too far?

I bought the Yoko in 70J/32GG because I heard that I should size up in the band with polish brands. I was so scared as Comexim seems not to be very consistent with their sizing! You’re certainly assuming that this story has an happy ending but… I keep a few reservations concerning the fitting.

I’m still wondering how these cups contain my breast. They are so small! But I think their cut is appropriate for my boobs because even if I would need a little more space there is no quadboobs at all. The only real “issue” is that sometimes my nipples can be seen from above ( you can have an idea of this nip slip on the 3rd picture of this post) … Not really practical to wear necklines… Also I’m not sure that my breasts will remain in place during rush days in this bra. But I think half cup bras are not the most appropriate for hardworking days…

The straps are very nice to my shoulders… Not too thin, not too large, simple but nice, they are also narrow enough to avoid to bother my armpits (not like the majority of my padded bras…) and fully adjustable.
The cup is very lightly padded ( I’m a non-padded-kind-of-gal so this is a plus!) and the band is perfect for me, more like a 30 than a 32 band. I find it as tight as I like and its three hooks make me feel secure and comfortable.

AMAZING DETAILS! I am freaking love bows… ESPECIALLY these kind of big flat bows… Am I the only one who see fans on the cup? Look at the central gore!! I am in love again! <3

I’m very fond of this bra. It is comfortable enough even if it is a single seamed half cup bra (and I swear I rarely trust half cup bras!). I admit I’m a bit perplexed about my Comexim size because it is like I should not size up but it is not perfect either… Maybe it is a question of cup style… But if I should rate this beauty it would be a 8/10 .


This bra is available on Comexim website  for 140 Zloty (something like 33euros/47 canadian dollars) + 20 zloty for shipping,  which, I think, is a very affordable price for this quality.

Sweet kisses,

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