Agent Provocateur is a British brand known for its luxury design and its suggestiveness. As their products are pretty pricey I did not hope to try them before being older and wiser (but on reflection I think I will never be an adult…) . Two years ago I’ve discovered the capsule collection L’Agent, designed by Penelope and Monica Cruz. I have been pleased to see that it was a bit more affordable than the main collection, giving me a chance to approach the Ap quality. Unfortunately, with my G/GG cup I can’t fit into their bras and I have to admit that I had given up the idea of wearing this brand until this summer. The Idalia suspender in dark pink is my first L’Agent by Ap piece and I find it amazing.

agent provocateur
I lament the quality of my camera because you can’t see how dark and beautiful is this pink.

I love suspenders. I have to say that I don’t wear them so often as I love my jeans, but they make me feel feminine and sophisticated. I ordered this one in a size Small for my birthday and it fits pretty well. I wear it at the loosest hook. This piece is very well-made, I adore the eyelashes lace!!! Also, the gold metal finishes make it look very luxurious.
The Idalia suspender is very comfortable to wear not like those suspenders which make you feel uncomfortable in your belly area… This one is soft against my skin and does the job. As I don’t wear pink so often I have not a lot of options to match it but it works beautifully with an old Aubade thong and my Tutti Rouge Nichole bra.

tutti rouge nichole
I usually love when my lingerie is coordinated but this time I’ve found that the mix was cute.

Maybe it’s time to talk about this bra? Let’s go for a quick review!
If you didn’t know, Tutti Rouge is a young full bust brand I affectionate for the cheeky innocence of their designs.
Frilly’s to make you feel fabulous“. According to me, their S/S 2013 slogan can easily describe the spirit of the brand , even if they are evolving from season to season and the last collection doesn’t look like the first at all. I really like Tutti Rouge but unfortunately their shipping costs to Canada are too high for my budget (and I didn’t notice a lot of sales on their website) so I don’t buy from them so much.

tutti rouge nichole
This Fiore Tempesta stockings are a bit too small for me so they really don’t make it easy for the suspender…

The Nichole bra (in 30GG) is one of my tutti exceptions and I’m glad I got it. I wore it so many times since I bought it… I have to say that the gore was so painful at first that I had to put cotton wadding between my skin and the central gore if I wanted to wear it a whole day. I ended up bending it for it can stop hurting my skin… But the positive thing about it is that it is very narrow. Well, it is positive for my close-set breasts. Nevertheless, it is now one of my favourite everyday bras. Nichole is so easy to wear!
It provides a very round shape and a very good projection. The cup are a full coverage and I like the way it cover ALL my breasts tissue. This is one of the rare bras that don’t give me the awful experience of side boobs…

tutti rouge nichole

I’m really happy it has fully-adjustable straps and even if the band is not the firmer you could find, it provides enough support to avoid to put your breasts weight on your shoulders. Also, this large three-hooks band is very comfy.
The wires are pretty wide but it is okay with me as my breasts roots are not particularly narrow.
What I love with this bra is the discreet transparency on the top of the cup and the pink touches are just at the right places to make it special.
As I said it would be quick I will not extend this review to tell you about how I love the details of this bra but you can have an idea of their cuteness with the pictures below!


I bought the panty in a size XS, as several years ago Tutti Rouge size S was way too big for me, but this time the XS was WAY too small, and the lace of this panty (similar to the lace at the top of the cup) is not stretch at all so I don’t wear it very often. I think I could wear a S or a M with this range but as the shipping costs were expensive I didn’t exchange it.
Apart from the gore issue, the Nichole bra is one of my favorites from Tutti Rouge and I would buy it in every colors if I could spend more money in lingerie.

Do you like to mix your lingerie pieces? Or are you a proponent of coordinated underwear ?


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