Holidays are there, and I don’t know if you feel it like me but it’s a warm winter. I live in Canada but this winter seems to be more like a west european one, this year. I assume it’s because of global warming but, to be honest, I’m pretty happy to be able to wear my autumn clothes in December. Grey, black and burgundy are very popular at this time of the year but I still want to feel the sun in my wardrobe.
Breeze is the perfect set if you want a bit of summer in your life. I absolutely love the aesthetic of this bra and I think it’s the best longline I’ve ever tried.

cleo breeze
There is something vintage in these flowers… <3

First of all: the sizing. Before I bought this bra, I heard that the cup was on the big side and that the band was very tight… So I didn’t know if I had to buy a 30G or a 30GG…I was really confused because I didn’t want to pay for additional post costs… I decided to go on Bravissimo website to ask my questions to their customers service and that was a great idea! They told me to go with my usual Cleo by Panache size and I finally found the bra on sale on Belle-Lingerie , so I launched myself.
Let me tell you that I wouldn’t be able to wear a 30G. The 30GG is actually perfect for me, but yes on the first try the band was very tight and I had to ask myself if I had gained weight… So if you want to feel more comfortable you should go up a size in the band with Breeze. I’m personally obsessed by firm bands so I love this one and I would not change it for a 32G.

cleo breeze
The bra itself is comfy and feels secure, I think it could be a strapless bra if the straps were removable as the band is amazingly supportive. The straps are half-adjustable but surprisingly it’s not an issue at all for me and my short shoulders. I need short straps, so full-adjustable traps have my preference but this bra is perfect in every kind of way and I don’t need to use all the strap length to feel comfortable.
The cup is slightly padded, deep, and provide a very round shape. No quad boobs, no side overflow, the wires are narrow enough to give nice projection and comfort. Also, the gore tacks perfectly against my sternum, but not too harshly. I can wear this bra for hours without complaining. It is very well-made.
I didn’t buy the matching short because I didn’t want too many flowers but this bra goes easily with any seamless black panties.



The Breeze range goes to a H cup ! That’s a great improvement as longline bras from the majority of the brands go usually up to a G cup.
In my opinion this bra is a 10/10 . The only “issue” is the 6 hooks which could be difficult to fasten but they certainly are necessary for the band construction.


With love,

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7 Replies to “A little warmth in the winter… Cleo Breeze”

  1. This is gorgeous on you! I’ve been lusting after this bra for so long! The floral is one of the nicest I’ve seen (and I really like unique florals). I’d love to wear it as an outerwear piece as well. I’m glad to hear it comes up tight in the band. Might work for me then in 28F.

    1. Oh I totally agree with you! It would be lovely as an outerwear piece! 😀 If you get it I would be glad to see how it fits on you!

      1. Tbh I’ll probably have to wait until summer when it will be old enough to be heavily discounted. I try not to give full purchase price to companies who refuse to make my size. I’ll definitely review it if I buy it though!

        1. Oh, I feel you! >_< I bought mine on sale at 23 £ and as I'm a student I never buy any bra at full price except from Polish brands. I hope that more British brands will extend their size ranges in the future! I know how it can be frustrating because in France most of the brands start from a 32 back (and a very large 32).

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