Just like a lot of lingerie bloggers, my first post of 2016 is about how to enjoy my passion in a better way. It is so easy to feel flooded by all the sales and all the lingerie news… As a student I can’t follow all the waves even if I try to be aware of everything.
This year I really want to be more reasonable, but also involved in the lingerie community in a more clever way. So, here are my resolutions for this new year :

Playful Promises Portia 

◊ I have recently realized the number of indie brands that work to make us feel beautiful just like we are whatever our shape, our size or our skin color, some of them even try to “solve” some natural issues of the femininity in a pretty way (I’ll write a review about Thinx as soon as possible!). I want to discover more of them.

◊ Since the beginning of my lingerie awakens (yeaah!) I have seen a lot of collections and I have to admit that it’s now less easy to be impressed by the new collections. It’s like I have seen too much designs and styles to be surprised, and excited when I see that some brands just change previous styles colors or motifs to create a new collection. So now I want to buy only the lingerie that crushes my heart.

◊ I really want to try more European brands! Shame on me, I have never tried Ewa Michalak, Avocado or Kris Line and I feel like I miss out!

◊ I have to create more lingerie by myself (I got a wonderful sewing machine for Christmas <3 ). I love to make satin knickers and it is truly gratifying to wear something you entirely made.

◊ I think I should write some articles to help you more with your lingerie purchases like “where to buy lingerie when you have a small budget?”.

◊ Try to find Canadian stores which retailed british brands in a large size range to carry my lingerie expedition in a easier way.

Gossard Glamour Vintage slip

I really hope that this year will be full of discovery and success. I wish you to love yourself and to be loved as you deserve it!
May the lace and silk be with you!



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