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Hi, my ladies! Today is about the Bardot range by the British brand Curvy Kate!
I got this set last summer but I’ve just decided to write a review about it as the brand has launched for AW15 a Black/Cranberry version of the set and for SS16 a lovely Berry Cooper one, both gorgeous! I got mine on Amazon UK for a very low price because it is from SS15 collection. I’ll put the links to this beauty at the end of my review.

Well, what first made me want this bra was its embroidery and its transparency. I find it to be very sensual but also cute to die for! As it was my very first Curvy Kate set I didn’t know what was my size in this brand and I had to read a lot of reviews to finally decide to try a 30H. That was a great decision! The bra was perfect for my shape! I was so surprised! It was the second time in my life I had to take a H cup (the first was my Parfait Charlotte bra in a 32H 30H but this bra is known to run really small). I wondered if my breast has grown but now I’m pretty sure that it is just Curvy Kate sizing. Fortunately the brand creates bras from D to K cup so there’s a pretty good margin before being outside their size range!

Curvy Kate Bardot review

I also took the babydoll (it was my first babydoll and I am still deeply in love with it (I was about to say “her”. I do love this piece, you know…) and it is sooo comfy! I feel like a  princess wearing it! As you can see it is very close to the set in term of design and construction. It is such a beautiful piece! Light, but well-made, transparent but elegant as well! I can easily sleep in it without any discomfort!

The Bardot is a three-part balcony bra, my favorite shape. It provides a round shape but not exaggerated. This bra is also t-shirt friendly because the seams don’t appear through the cotton of my top and t-shirt! I love how it is thin and discreet. Maybe the side bows can spoil a bit of its discretion because they show up if I wear a sleeveless shirt (what can be not so elegant even if they are terribly cute!) , but it can absolutely not count as an issue for me, I simply wear this bra with other kind of shirts.

Curvy Kate Bardot

The band is large and provides an amazing support with its three hooks: I can say that it is one of my best bras in term of support. The straps are also large enough to feel comfortable and fully adjustable. The central gore tacks perfectly against my sternum but I have to say that it could be a little more gentle. It is not painful but sometimes I feel it and I don’t like this sensation. The wires are quite wide but very comfortable (they don’t go under my armpits so I don’t “feel” them) and give a great projection!
I am so enthusiast about this range because large cups are not “allowed” so often to wear sheer bras because a lot of  brands don’t know how to give support with light fabrics. This one is a pure success!
I bought the thong in a size 8 and it fits me pretty well. These days I wonder if a size 10 would not be more comfortable as my body has changed since this summer but the 8 is still a good fit. I do love the satin of this thong, it makes the piece really soft to the touch. The elastics are perfect for me and don’t create any skin marks. I don’t know how but my backside looks so nice in this thong! Ahaha! Love it!

Curvy Kate Bardot

This set is all about delicacy. I have to say that Curvy kate was not in my heart until 2015 because I could not recognize me in their designs but since I got this set and saw their new Scantilly little sister I definitely want to buy more from them! This brand has so much potential! I’m very excited about their next collections!

If you are interested in buying this set, you could find it at good prices there (but you can also try amazon.com), here and there ! (Especially if you are in France, click here!)

With love, and so much enthusiasm,



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  1. Oh, I loooove Bardot… I love non-padded styles from Curvy Kate; I currently own a Jewel and a Cascade…and I would LOVE to have a Bardot – or more! – in my collection! I love all the colorways so far, maybe I’ll go mad an order them all from brastop.com one day hahaha 😉 The new copper colorway is stunning too <3

    kiss kiss
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