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Valentine’s day is now in a heartbeat and I hope, you gals, single or taken are ready to enjoy this weekend! Mine will be shared between my boo and my homework… School can really sucks…  But today is a great day as I have no school and I am going to tell you about my new crush : THE ENTICE from Gossard!
Ahaha! Dolls, I am so excited! You know, I always had a complicated relationship with Gossard padded bras… The main issues have always been the side part of the cup, the so wide wires, the fact that my boobs wanted to meet at the middle with every single padded bras I tried from them and the shape of their cups which was always strange on me… So I just stopped to try and only got the unpadded ones.

Gossard Entice set
This set was generously provided by Gossard for review. All opinions are mine.

Buuut ! This time I have to say that I am delighted! I really want to thank Frances from Gossard for giving me the opportunity to try this wonderful range. Oh Gosh! The bra is the very first plunge that actually suits me. And I think it fits me like a dream. The dramatic plunge effect is increased by the fact that I have gained some weight between the day I received it and the day I did the shoot (yeah I eat my emotions… And it is a big exams period… I hope to loose this weight very soon because I want this bra to suit me forever) .

I received a 30G and a Small for the suspender and the brief. I really think that this bra runs large in the cup as I made a comparison with my Desire longline bra (32G) and they have quite the same volume. This bra suits me much better than the Desire because the wires are narrower even if they remain wide. And about the bottom, I finally realised that my butt was growing up and now I have to go up a size! (I am happy with that :D)
I am wondering if Gossard will now run larger in the cup with every styles they make because, the Gypsy range surprised me in the same way. I think it could be very nice as in this size I have no longer to deal with the armpits problem I had with 32G padded bras from this brand…

Entice set
The cup shape is JUST PERFECT! You know, I don’t like so much padded bras in general because they take to much place under clothing for my taste. But this one has the kind of projection that helps clothes to fit better… And for the first time my close-set boobs can get the push up effect without any spillage. They both have enough space to live in harmony with each other and with me. I am amazed. This bra makes my breast look so good!

Gossard Entice

The band is not the usual X that characterizes Gossard bands, it is more simple, but as the bra has enough cute details I don’t miss it. However it is a really narrow band with only two hooks. I think that a 32 band would have a larger band with a longer distance between the two hooks as I noticed that with Gossard bras in the past. The narrow band doesn’t bother me but I know that some of you would prefer a larger one. It is a bit firmer than usual Gossard bands, and slightly transparent. The central gore, which is very low (I am not used to this but I do like it) , tacks perfectly against my sternum without hurting me or anything else.

I really like the contrast between the floral print and the “cappuccino” part of the cup. I think it makes the entire set more classy and it is different than the lace that is usually on the top of Gossard bras. It is more sophisticated, more delicate. I am conquered.

Gossard push up

Well, now the brief… I think the Small is my new bottom size. This one is so cute, I love its back but I can’t take a decent photo to prove it! >_<
The Entice brief is very comfortable. I don’t have any muffin top, or any marks on my skin after wearing it. Maybe I would need a stronger elastic on my hips but I can’t complain because a XS would certainly have been too tight… Now I am in between sizes even in the bottom… But this brief has a bit of stretch at the back side so I think it is nice for the in between sizes ladies. I have no VPL, and my butt has also enough place to avoid that the brief turns into a brazilian… I am really happy with this one!
Oh I was so pleased when Frances asked me if I also would like to try the suspender! This suspender makes this set my first three pieces set! (So many first times in this article!)
I feel like a goddess wearing the full set, I swear! I have only one suspender from Gossard and it is a part of their Sophia range which I couldn’t buy entirely because the bra did not go in my size. The Sophia suspender is quite rigid and I can’t wear it so often but this one I so much wearable!!! It is very light and I can easily move in it. The details are really cute on this one but I think Gossard suspenders have always wonderful designs. It has three hooks (the Sophia suspender has seven) and I think it is perfect for a suspender as it stay in place and I am not feeling like I wear a little corset under my clothes. I am not the kind of girl that could wear a corset because I am still too unruly… I need something that would be practical enough to run with in case someone would like to chase me (… Do you think I am paranoid? x’) ) So this piece is an everyday suspender belt and I think I’ll wear it very often!

Gossard Entice bra

To summarize, The Entice wears is name very well! And it is a perfect comics girl lingerie choice. I’ll definitely try more padded bra from Gossard in the future! I am in love with this one! My boo really like it too so I think it will be a perfect Valentine’s day set!

What do you think about Gossard padded bra?
Have you already made your lingerie choice for Valentine’s day?

I hope you’ll have a weekend full of whatever you need in this period! I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day so often, but I know it can be a special day for a lot of people!

Sweet red kisses,

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4 Replies to “Valentine’s Day lingerie from Gossard : The Entice”

  1. This set is so BEAUTIFUL and it looks fabulous on you!!! <3 I love the contrasting cappuccino bit at the top of the cups, I agree with you, it complements the floral print really well!

    I am yet to try Gossard, but this definitely make me want to!

    I haven't pick my lingerie for Valentine's day…but I'll be spending it with my bf, yes! 🙂

    kiss kiss
    My Fashion Insider

    1. You always post cute comments about my reviews ! Thank you so much, beautiful ! ❤ I can’t wait to see how Gossard lingerie fits you!!

      I hope you’ll have a lovely Valentine’s day!


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