One of the worst feelings for a lingerista is, in my opinion, to put her hands on something gorgeous, something she was waiting for a very longtime and then realizing that the object of her desires doesn’t fit at all. The disappointment can be huge.
Here’s what happened to me with the Rosa Barely There bra from Playful Promises.
If you have read my review of the amazing Portia from the same brand, you know how excited I was about the new lingerie opportunity provided by Playful Promises since last November. When I saw the Rosa, I thought that it was such a big step for the full bust lingerie world. A quarter cup. Something usually non-existent if you are not between a A and a D cup (maybe you can find it in a F cup if you are lucky and if you have the money but it is still rare). So I decided to take the plunge…

First, when I opened the parcel I was delighted by the lovely black paper linked with a large peach ribbon which contained my order, and then I saw it. This lovely bra, the lace, the satin and I started to pray for a nice fit.
Humm… Guys, I have to be honest and I hate writing negative things about a brand I like but this was a real disappointment.

The semi-adjustable straps were unusually long! And so thin! I think it was the first time I saw this kind of straps on a DD-G bra. They are satin straps, what could have been beautiful if they were larger and fully-adjustable. They certainly could be fine for some women but for me this is just terrible… The front strap had the same length issue. I guess this would be less problematic with a FOT gal but I am more full at the side and bottom so these straps are too long for me.
Anyway, I have something positive to say about this bra construction : the central gore. This time it tacks perfectly against my sternum and it is soft, which is very important for a lot of busty gals.

Playful Promises review
However, the main issue with this bra is that the cup gives a strange shape. I have seen on Morning Madonna that it is not an issue at all for smaller chests but even if you can’t see it very well on my picture, this bra gives me a odd pointy shape. Also, my boobs always want to escape and follow the slope made by the cup so my breast seems to be “hollow” at the top. I am not sure but I guess this bra could only fit a gal who has all her fullness at the top. But I don’t recommend it for other kind of bust.
Oh and an other issue is that the cup didn’t look strong enough to support my bottom heavy breast. It was like it could capsize under the weight of my breasts.
That said, the Rosa looks true-to-size and even if the band is loose (looser than the Portia band in the same size), it is a comfortable bra.

Playful Promises Rosa Barely There 

What has drawn me to this set is its gorgeous lace. The undulating lace on the bottom of the bra drives me crazy… This is so lovely I would like to add the same lace on a lot of my black t-shirt bras to make them prettier… And if you have round boobs the eyelash lace on the top of the cup is a sexy detail too.

The ouvert brief is an adorable piece. I wanted to match this bra with the Isabelle Black Cage Cut Out brief but it was out of stock the day I placed my order. First I was a bit sad but at the end I think this one is less sexy but cute as well. I opted for the Medium because I had tried two harness briefs in a size Small from PP and both of them gave me some lovely VPL (hum hum you know how I like that).

Playful Promises quarter cup bra
Maybe in this style a S would have been better as the elastics are much looser than those on the harness briefs. But in term of “butt volume” this size is good for me.
The ouvert part of the brief is lovely. There is a gorgeous eyelashes lace on the upper part of the back to increase the feminine, boudoir effect, so this brief is not vulgar at all. The satin details make it even more classy. And, apart from the fact that the elastic is too loose on my hips (what could be a bit unpleasant, but that’s my fault), this bottom is comfortable. It’s like wearing normal underwear.

Playful Promises Rosa Barely There bra
I hope this review is helpful. I am so sad. This bra remains terribly cute but I returned it the day after I received it. As you can see I tried the bottom on so I kept it. It is a lovely addition to my knickers collection.



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  1. That’s so disappointing! I feel that it should be on Playful Promises to test these large cup versions of their bras to make sure they work for the customer… it seems that they just sized up the bra without checking to see if the front straps would work for the normal FOB shape. Also, I had to double check what a quarter cup bra usually looks like because this one is cut very high, with very little curve to the cup once you have it on.. 🙁 Now it’s making me sad too hahaha

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