Winter has been warm and nice this year but I have to say that I love to see all this snow melting… Scarfs are amazing, boots and coats can be gorgeous but what I really need these days is sun and comfy and light under/outerwear. Winter is sometimes like an asthma attack for me. I feel trapped in my apartment, and as a chilly person I need thick socks and pyjama not only for sleeping but most of the time if I stay at home. It is never hot enough between November and March wherever I am.

Gossard generously provided this set for review. All thoughts and opinion are mine.

The Harmony set, reminds me the summers I spent in Toulouse countryside when I was younger. We used to stay in a very old familial house of my friends and this set has the same vintage touch. It also has exactly the pyjama feeling I need these days.

You know, I was quite hesitating when Gossard asked me if I wanted to try others styles from the SS16 collection because except the Entice range, the other ranges seemed not to be fullbusted-friendly. But after watching again and again the Harmony range I realized that it could be pretty similar to the Entice even if the stock pictures were not similar at all… Weird fact.
So I took the plunge, and the lovely Frances from Gossard confirmed that Entice and Harmony should fit me the same way. So I received the bra in a 30G and the short in a size Small.

I have to say that she was right. The bra has the same fit as the Entice bra, so if you have read my Valentine’s day review you already know a lot about this bra.
The wires are quite wide (too much for my roots), the straps are fully-adjustable and it gives a round and projected shape. Even if it is not a perfect fit for me it is pretty wearable and comfy. Also I like that my breasts stay in place in these cups and the plunge effect is incredible.
I’d say that the difference between the two sets lies in the designs and bottoms.
The Entice brief runs quite big while this one is really true-to-size and terribly comfy!
Also the pin tucks details on the cup and on the front part of the short are adorable.
The central gore features an unusual bow made with the fabric used for the front part of the short. I love this fabric. Gossard description as a “soft stretch paper touch fabric” is very accurate. Due to this light fabric I was afraid that the central gore would not tack perfectly but it does. And it is softer than the Entice gore.


The band is quite narrow and fastens with three sets of two hooks and eyes what can be uncomfortable for some full bust gals but the bra is still supportive so it doesn’t bother me. If you have ever tried a Wonderbra strapless bra, this cup seems to push up your breast in the same kind of way. The Wonderbra strapless provides more uplift and the shape is very unique for a strapless bra but I feel like the support of the Harmony comes especially from its cup.
The only thing that bothers me with this bra is that the cup side is a bit too wide for me. I think that is a very recurrent issue with Gossard padded bras. I don’t know why the Entice doesn’t bother too much my armpit but with this one I have to loosen the straps to avoid the friction between the cups and my skin…

The short is SOFT. I am very happy to say that it is flattering and doesn’t give any VPL. This short provides just the right amount of coverage. Just enough to be sexy and comfy at the same time. Also, its backside is white and sheer.

This set has a very different aesthetic from my usual lingerie choices but it is nice! It is like a little Hello! to Spring and Goodbye! to Winter, and it does it in a soft way.
I love the new shape of Gossard padded bras and all the new designs of this season! However I would love that the Lustful balcony bra comes in my size! I am more an unpadded bras gal and this one is so gorgeous! I hope this brand will create more unpadded styles up to a G cup in the future!

Until next time!


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11 Replies to “Comme un air de Printemps : Gossard Harmony review”

  1. You look great, as usual, but I have a question. Do you wear the lingerie all day, or do you have everyday lingerie, and what do you choose for that? I’ve always been a Victoria Secret girl for every day, but I don’t anymore, what do you recommend?

    1. Thank you! I usually wear unpadded bras as everyday lingerie. I have a lot of Claudette Dessous sets and I find them to be very comfy (and very cheap on Claudette Encore website). Also I have a lot of unpadded bras from Gossard (old collections, for example, the bra I’m wearing in the pictures for the “À fleur de peau” knickers review). When I want a bra to lounge around I have the Ece Queen from Lepel in different colors. They are not the most supportive bras but they are comfy and sometimes I am tired with hard tacking gores and secure band… In fact, on the morning I choose a bra that fits my mood…That can also be a longline or a padded bra 🙂

  2. Oh comme je te comprends pour le soleil ! Il fait meilleur à Bruxelles ces jours derniers mais ça n’a rien à voir avec le sud !!
    Sinon je constate ton éternelle Gossard addiction mdr Il va falloir que je m’y mette mais je n’arrive pas à avoir de coup de coeur sur leurs modèles je sais pas pourquoi. Et les trucs fleuris je trouve ça adorable sur toi mais je peux pas m’empêcher d’acheter les modèles les plus noirs et sexy que je vois en général haha. Un jour je passerai le pas,un jour !

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