I bought this bra in my usual PP 32G and the knickers in a Small.

Oh Miranda, you didn’t catch my eye right away, I won’t deny this, but once you did, I swear I couldn’t look away… ( I read this quote on Instagram the other day, and I think it is truly appropriate here…)
Well, the first time I saw the Miranda, I thought it was very sexy but not very wearable on a daily basis. Also, I didn’t find it to be extraordinary enough for my taste ( we all know the French maids theme in sexy lingerie). It was pretty, sure but as I don’t work you can imagine that I didn’t want to pay 75 pounds/ 135 CAD for an unpractical/ not so original set. It is painful when you realized that you don’t wear an expensive bra…
The Portia was definitely the one that made my heart beat faster so I got this one as quick as I could. Unfortunately, my beloved Portia was not a perfect fit (even if I consider it as an okay fit for a fashion bra) and after my big disappointment about the Rosa, I started to think that maybe PP Full-bust bras were not for me.
Guys… I was sad to give up the idea of buying more from them…  Nevertheless, my heart started to miss the sexy feeling of black lingerie and I realized that unpadded bras were much more friendly to my boobs than the padded ones.  After reading Scarlet’s Letter review my curiosity has been piqued and I thought that it could be a nice way to satisfy my black provocative/sassy lingerie obsession of this moment and maybe raising Playful Promises profile in my heart.

Ahah! Such a great idea! As usual I took advantage of a -50% sale on Playful Promises to buy this treasure and it arrived pretty fast to my door… 😀
Once again, my heart skipped a beat when I opened the parcel. You know, there are different kinds of love. I don’t like all my lingerie the same way. There are everyday sets, some that make you feel powerful, some that really suit your body shape and give you maximum comfort, some that make you feel secretly sassy… etc… Every lingerie set I own fills a different part of my heart, a different need. And this one is certainly my first “made-to-make-you-feel-sexy” set.

Honestly, now I don’t know how I could have thought that this set wasn’t extraordinary. My eyes must have been so obsessed by the Portia that my mind was temporarily affected…
This set is wonderful… Gosh, I was so wrong! Trust me or not, I feel more secure in this one than in the Portia! Here’s the gore tacks perfectly through the day, the cup encapsulates my breast in a lovely way, the straps may be long and half-adjustable but they don’t slip off my shoulders and they are wide enough to be comfy, I can say the same about the band (3sets of 3 hooks and eyes) …
I didn’t expect these comfort and FIT with a fashion bra but now I feel like I could wear it everyday if only there weren’t peep-holes ( I can’t wear it with my usual shirt if I want to look decent). However, this set is really a joy to wear. My only complaint is that my nipples are too up and front for staying in the holes. I can get them in at the beginning of the day but they finally go back to their natural situation very quickly… Well, I know that it is impossible to make it perfect for every woman as we all have different kind of breasts. 🙂 I’m okay with this little imperfection.
I have to say that the cup has not a lot of stretch so if you are between size maybe your bigger option would be the best.
Also, this bra can’t be an everyday bra, at least for me, not because of the peep-holes but because I feel like the fabric of the cup isn’t strong enough for supporting my breasts weight without being a bit altered after some time. In fact, at the end of the day the cup tends to sit lower on my breast. Not something that is really boring at the moment but I guess it is a sign that my bottom heavy breasts are too heavy for this cups and as the straps are half-adjustable I can’t solve this problem by tightening them.
As I want this bra to be in my wardrobe forever I think I will not be wearing it too often.

The knickers are sheer and simple,and they have not a lot of stretch just like the cup of the bra. The Small is certainly the best size for me here. Its  rise is a bit too low for my taste because my butt would have need a little stretch to get properly covered through the day but it is not uncomfortable and it doesn’t turn as a brazilian so it’s okay.

What I love most in this set is the straps and bows. The lace is delightful, really! When I look in the mirror all I see is these straps. These lovely ruffled straps… Gosh I am crazy about them! The same lace is used to adorn the front part of the knickers and I admit that I have spent a lot of time looking at this set to keep in mind every detail. The bows are also pretty amazing! The white ribbon extends along the central gore and through the circular lace arc of the knickers… I’m conquered…
If a version without peep-holes of this bra existed I would have bought it in every color available *_* But these holes are a big part of this bra charm and I am quite happy with its actual look. :3

I would love to see more unpadded styles in Playful Promises future collections! They are much more accommodating to breast shapes and sizes.
What do you think of the Miranda? Have you ever tried any of Playful Promises Full Bust sets?

Until next time,


PS: Oh maybe I should have said something about the mask? I think I’ll write a mini-review about it very soon! 😀

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