Kiss Me Deadly Vargas cupless dress (19pounds)

I know that a lot of you are still afraid of buying lingerie online. Yes, it’s always a bit tricky when you don’t know affordable lingerie brands (or if you are unsure of your size) and if you really hate returning things I totally understand that shopping online can be unattractive to you.
However, I am still convinced that you have a better chance to get what you need on the internet than in lingerie boutiques. If only Bravissimo was international I’m sure I would not be writing this post but unfortunately, I live in a very small town where it is impossible to find a 30band and even more impossible to find a beautiful bra in a G cup. Sooo here I am, sharing with you my shopping tips 😀
I actually don’t buy anything at full price and I know some of you will think I’m cheap but I think my stomach is as important as my lingerie drawer (maybe a little less important but still… ^^). Shopping is now about strategy and I usually made a lot of plans about what I am going to buy or not. Yes sometimes I get crazy and my card jump out of my wallet very easily but I swear it’s only in case of emergency! =X
If you live in Canada, shopping from European website can be a bit frustrating because of the post costs and eventual customs fees… Sometimes something is on sale but at the end you realize that post costs represent 20% of the order price so you don’t feel like you are buying on sale. You only get free shipping. It’s even worst when after 2 weeks of waiting (maybe more because, you know, canadian post can be terrible…) you receive a little sheet of paper saying that you have to pay 40$ CAD to get your parcel. At this point you have paid your products at full price or more than that. It’s just depressing.

Today’s article will be bilingual to make it easier for my French speaking readers. La partie concernant les lingeristas vivant en France se situe à la fin. Mais il est possible que les autres sections vous intéressent aussi. Surtout la première, je dirais.

Playful Promises Magdalene harness brief (10pounds)

So here’s a list of the websites I like with a little description of the pros and cons:

Websites for everybody:
Ebay UK :
Pro: Lingerie at low prices! VERY low cost for international delivery from UK. Old collections you can’t find anywhere at super affordable prices if you are lucky.
Cons: I only had good experiences but you better look at the seller reputation.
Shipping cost: I usually pay around 4pounds but it depends on what you buy. If you buy latex or luxury lingerie it may cost you more (8-20£)

Belle-lingerie :
Pro: Lingerie at affordable prices because of a lot of sales every time. You can find old collections and the new ones.
Cons: I didn’t find any fault with this website. Very cool.
Shipping cost: UK: FREE , Rest of the world : 4.95 £

Large cup lingerie  :
Pro: Very affordable pieces, a lot of sales
Cons: Limited selection of lingerie
Shipping cost: Worldwide FREE shipping!!!

Pour moi?
Pro: Very affordable, wide size range
Cons: I had doubts about the quality of the garments but maybe I need to try out more of their products.  I’ll tell you.
Shipping cost: UK : 3.50 £, rest of the world : 5.50 £

Amazon UK
Pro: You can find incredibly cheap lingerie and sometimes brands that have been discontinued. Fast delivery most of the time.
Cons: The delivery cost is variable.
Shipping cost: Variable depending on your country and the number of products you buy. It worth it when you find very cheap items. For example I found my Bardot set + babydoll for 24 £, and I paid 10,58 £ for shipping. Also there are import fees deposit which costed 3.72 £. So I ended up paying 38.83 £/ 56 € for these babes. I think it’s pretty cheap considering that if these items were at full price the total would have been 85£/ 106€ (without the shipping cost)

Pro: You can find a lot of different brands and styles and the delivery is cheap when it’s not free. Sometimes you can find very nice things (like my L’Agent suspender belt) at very affordable prices
Cons: Sometimes they high prices without reasons and you can find the same item at full but lower price on the designer/brand website.
Shipping cost: Free under 20 £/30€

Pro: I have never buy anything from them but a lot of people recommend it cause they have a large selection of lingerie for full bust gals. You can always find an interesting deal on this website. (But I am always broke when I think about buying from them x) )
Cons: I’ll tell you when I know.
Shipping cost:  UK first class 3.95£ , Europe Standard 5.95£ , USA/Canada 6.95£ Worldwide recorded 14.95£ (so if even if you live in North America , I think it worth it)

Claudette Encore (USA, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and UK only at this time)
Pro: VERY LOW prices. COLORFUL lingerie. COMFY underwear. Old collections.There are additional sales very often.*
Cons: It’s always final sales… So you better know your size cause if not you could be a bit disappointed.
Shipping cost: USA 6.99 $, Europe(UK, Ireland, France, Germany) 13.95$, Canada 12.95$
* Use TAKE25 to get 25% off bras and knickers these days

Gossard Outlet
Pro: SO MUCH SALES. Gorgeous lingerie. As most of their bras run big in the cup you can sometimes fit in them even if you are out of their size range. One of my favourite brand for everyday but still glamorous unpadded bras and dramatic plunge effect for the padded ones.
Cons: It really depends on your need. Gossard is not a “full bust brand” so the fit is sometimes off. Like the straps are really thin, the bands are sometimes too narrow and the wires can be very wide depending on the style. The shipping is a bit expensive when you are out of Europe.
Shipping cost: UK: Free very often and also when you spend 50£, if not 4£ , Europe 6£ , Rest of the world 10£

affordable lingerie
Claudette Dessous Camy/Yellow set ($ 30 US)

European people:

Lace lingerie
Pro: Wide selection of products and brands. Sometimes very interesting sales.
Cons: Only UK shipping
Shipping cost: Free

Pro: SO MANY CHOICES!!!! Lot of sales!
Cons: I don’t know.
Shipping cost: , UK 3.95£, Rest of the world  5.95 £

VS Lingerie Outlet
Pro: I only placed one order from them when I was living in France. It was a good experience. I found candies in the parcel. (Haribo candies are the best…) It was a Tutti Rouge Liliana bra that didn’t fit. But the return has been easy. Also you can find a lot of European brands and the prices are fair even out of the Outlet section.
Cons: If you’re out of France and DOM/TOM you can find a better option.
Shipping cost: France, Monaco, Andorre 4.90€. DOM/TOM 10.64€ under 50€ order, and 4.90€ if your order is over 50€ (that’s a very good price for shipping! I used to live in a DOM and I know how expensive can be the shipping cost from Europe)
UE, Switzerland and Norway 15.89€
Maghreb and countries out of EU decreasing prices from 19.20 to 4.90€ (free when you spend 200€ )
African countries excluding North Africa, Canada, USA, Middle East decreasing prices from 22.10 to 4.90€

Canadian/ USA people :

Lindas online
Pro: I never tried to order through this website but I think they have a lot to offer. I think I would try to order from them and tell you what I think. Here’s the cutest and funniest lingerie bag I have ever seen!
Cons: I don’t know. I’ll tell you more about this website later.
Shipping cost: 6$ for USA & Canada

Bare necessities
Pro: I never ordered from them either but here I found great advice on the customer service and everything about this site. They seem to be close to the customer. And they answer quickly to any mail.
Cons: If you live in Canada, in addition to the cost of your product you have to pay duties and taxes… But if you live in US it’s okay. No taxes no duties.
Shipping cost: Canada 22$ , US: Free

affordable lingerie
Playful Promises Sleep Mask (10 pounds)

Si vous n’avez pas lu ma petite intro en anglais, en voici un petit résumé:
Etant étudiante à temps plein je n’achète absolument rien qui ne soit pas soldé en ce qui concerne ma lingerie. Aussi, j’ai du trouver quelques stratégies pour mettre la main sur les objets de mes désirs sans pour autant avoir un frigo vide. Ahah! 😀
Alors voici une petite liste des sites de lingerie qui faisaient mon bonheur quand je vivais encore à Toulouse.

Dessus-Dessous Outlet:
Pour: Dessus-Dessous est l’un de mes sites français préféré en terme de sélection et de soldes car leur sélection est vraiment très large. Ils ont aussi une vaste gamme de taille et les prix peuvent descendre assez bas. (Si vous vivez en Amerique du Nord comme moi, sachez que vous avez environs 20% de réduction lors de votre paiement car vous êtes exempt de taxes européennes… Cela dit, attention aux frais de douane par la suite!)
Contre: Il faut s’y prendre rapidement pour trouver sa taille mais ça vaut pour tout ce qui est soldé malheureusement.
Frais de Port: Livraison (pour la France) en point relais avec So colissimo: 4.80€ – délai 2 à 3 jours, Colissimo simple : 6,50 € – délai : 2 à 3 jours (pour d’autres options cliquez ici )
Pour l’Outremer : Entre 11.50 et 13.30 € en fonction du territoire dans un délai de 5 à 10 jours.
International: Entre 8.90 et 16 € selon la destination avec Colissio mais il y a possibilité d’utiliser le service Fedex de 15 à 24.50 € et dans un délais de 3 à 6 jours ce qui est avantageux selon la destination.

Lavande lingerie
Pour: Site de destockage, fins de série à jolis prix. Si vous êtes habitué(e)s aux prix de la lingerie de luxe, alors vous allez aimer les -30 à -50% souvent offerts par ce site.
Contre: Vu que c’est du destockage, disons que les stocks de tailles ne sont pas illimités.
Frais de Port : So colissimo 4.90€ chez son commerçant ou en bureau de poste, 6.90€ chez vous, International : de 13€ à 28€.

Pour: On peut vraiment trouver des marques bien sympas, et un peu de tout, de Billet Doux à Bordelle en passant par Dita Von Teese!!!
Contre : Je ne sais pas encore.
Frais de Port: 4,90€ avec Colissimo ou 6,90€ avec Chronopost

Lemon Curve
Pour: Ce que j’aime avec ce site, c’est qu’on y trouve aussi bien des marques françaises que des marques britanniques et finalement, il offre la possibilité de trouver quelque chose à son goût et à sa taille. Les prix sont abordables aussi, dépendament de ce qu’on recherche et les soldes sont intéressantes.
Contre : Je ne peux pas profiter des soldes aux vues des terribles frais de ports vers l’Amérique du nord x) Mais profitez-en à ma place!!
Frais de Port: 4,90€ avec Mondial Relay ou 6,90€ avec So Colissimo.

Toutes les poitrines
Pour: Une large sélection de marques et de modèles. Des modèles superbes qui ont été discontinués aussi. Donc si vous êtes chanceuses, vous trouverez peut-être votre taille à de super prix. Ce n’est pas mon site préféré mais il s’est beaucoup amélioré avec les années.
De plus j’ai l’impression qu’on a plus de chance de trouver sa taille dans le modèle qu’on recherche sur ce site que sur un site de destockage, même pendant les soldes.
Contre: Je n’ose pas en dire grand chose car le site a énormement évolué depuis que j’ai quitté la France et j’ai arrêté de m’en soucier avant de vous écrire cet article.
Frais de Port:  5,90€ pour une livraison en France Métropolitaine et en Belgique.

Beauté secrète Outlet
Pour: Bon alors c’est intéressant du côté Outlet encore une fois. Les frais de port ne sont pas exorbitants même quand on sort de la France.
Contre: Je pense qu’il y a des sites avec plus de choses à voir mais bon, c’est un petit site et ça dépanne bien parfois quand t’as juste pu payer le soutif d’un ensemble Aubade et que tu cherches la culotte à ta taille et à bon prix partout sur le web.
Frais de Port: 4.92€ pour la France, Monaco et Andorre, la Belgiqe 7.90€. Le prix est dégressif en fonction du montant de commande.

Orcanta Outlet
Pour: Orcanta est ma boutique préférée lorsque je cherche de la lingerie en magasin. Et sincèrement, leur Outlet est génial. De quoi trouver du Chantal Thomass à 25euros ou du maillot de bain Chantelle à 11euros. S’ils livraient au Canada je crois que même à 20euros de frais de port j’achèterais chez eux.
Contre: Me donne envie de rentrer en France.
Frais de Port: Livraison en boutique gratuite, relais Kiala 4.90€ , Colissimo à domicile 6.90€

VS Lingerie Outlet : voir section European people

affordable lingerie
Darjeeling Lingerie Gatsby set (about 65euros), Karolina Laskowska Lidia Harness 45 USD

I intentionally put the price I have paid for the things I wear on these pics so you know that I got everything on sales and I saved a huge amount of money… Sometimes it worth it to take the time to check out different sites before buying something.
I know it is a long post, but you’ll certainly pick out what you need in it.

I really hope that you find your lingerie happiness and that this post helps! I think I will make some updates as often as possible.
Sending you love and luck!


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  1. This is a great guide! I would add breakoutbras for the US section, as they tend to have good sales. I’ve also had good luck with poinsettia lingerie (formerly Dahlia’s), based in the UK, for reduced price Cleo bras in particular. I am so obsessed with that Magdalene harness brief, by the way! Great find!

    1. 😀 Thanks for participating in my post! I didn’t know Breakoutbras ! I have to give a look at this website! Oh and yes Poinsettia has a great selection of Cleo bras on sale!
      Aaah thank you! I am in love with this brief! :3 <3

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