I received the Lorca in a 65K which is certainly the best size for me even if I can wear a 60L depending on the model.

Guys!!!!! Ahaha! Sun is finally there, and my tired eyes start to recover! If you could see my face, right now, you would know I am honest about my love for lingerie. I think I can feel my eyes shining and my heart is so big in my chest!

A few weeks ago I had a wonderful surprise in my mailbox. I couldn’t imagine that there could be such a sunbeam in the darkness of final exams… Thanks to Aisha, the owner of Zathiya I had the opportunity to try three bras from a Polish luxury lingerie brand called Avocado. I’ll introduce them to you throughout the month but today is about my favourite, the Lorca.

Avocado Lorca bra
This bra is actually very black and grey, I don’t know why these pictures make it look like it’s Navy blue.

The first thing I noticed when I put it on was the narrowness of the central gore and the shortness of the straps. I think I have never seen a gore that narrow in my entire lingerie life. Plus, the ring that makes a link between the straps and the band has a really long diameter and the straps are larger than all the straps I have in my wardrobe except those of my Charlotte by Affinitas set. The shortness of the straps are a particularity of all the Avocado bras I tried and I am very happy with that because my breast is kind of high set and I need short straps. They are not only short but also fully adjustable what is a must for me. The only thing that bothers me with this bra is that the central gore comes up very high and even if it is narrow my breast is still very close-set, so it separates my boobs in a way that is not very natural. That said, I like how this high central gore makes the bra look on me.
The Avocado Lorca bra is a super-secure bra. The gore tacks firmly (maybe a bit too much) against my sternum and the band and straps are super comfy.

Avocado Lorca bra
I look a bit squeezed because of my position but this band is really comfy and not super tight.

I won’t lie, every bra I received was gorgeous but what makes this one being my favourite is the lace and the discreet stripes on the straps, cup and gore. Also, I am very fond of the lace on the bow. I love how it is simple and sophisticated at the same  time. This bra makes me feel more grown up ^^ .
I would say that the wires are really really wide. I dont know if you can see it well in my last picture but they are the wider wires I have in my wardrobe. This doesn’t make the bra uncomfortable since my roots are not that narrow and the wires are far from my armpits.
About those armpits! I am happy to say that nothing is bothering them when I wear this bra.

Avocado Lorca bra
Look at these details! (This is the more accurate picture in term of color.)

The lace on the cup is very stretchy so even if I think this bra is a little big for me it kindly adapts to my breast and there is no wrickle anywhere. I think this bra is very compliant to breasts size.
I didn’t get the coordinate but if I can I’ll buy the high waist brief because it features this beloved black and grey lace and I think it worth it to get the entire set.
I have to say that I have been very surprised about the quality of these bras. They all look so luxurius. The attention to the detail is easy to see. Nothing is left behind, the finishes are beautiful.
Avocado Lorca bra

Avocado is not cheap so I know I would have to save money if I want to buy a lot of their sets but I really need to get more of their products in my wardrobe. In my opinion it totally worth the price. I love the European feeling of this brand and the fit is somehow made for breasts like mine. Now I just want to go to Poland to do my lingerie shopping! The fit of Polish bras is often incredible while the designs and details remain very attractive. I am conquered.

Did you ever try Polish brands? Did it work for you?

I hope you have a great week!
Lots of love,



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7 Replies to “Avocado, mi amor… Act 1: the Lorca bra”

  1. Wow! This bra is super pretty – I also love the stripes in the design alongside the lace. That’s really interesting that the wires are wide in this bra as I’ve got a couple of Avocado bras (a couple of years old now admittedly) and the wires are really narrow – in fact, one of them has the narrowest wires I’ve ever come across, they were too narrow for me to start with! I wonder if they’ve changed their wire designs recently or if it’s just this one – interesting!
    Sian xx Big Cup Little Cup

    1. Oh Wow! I am sorry for the delay! Yes I have been very surprised about the super wide wires even if I didn’t know much about Avocado. Also because it is a Polish brand. But actually all of the 3 bras I received have wide wires. The Essentia has more narrow wires, though. I’ll review the Annick in love later but you’ll see that this one features really wide wires too. Weirdly their bras still give a very nice projection! ^^


    1. I wrote it under the first picture 🙂 (please, tell me if you can see it because I recently had issues with my WordPress so maybe there was a problem when I posted it :/)

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