Well, today another act of my Polish drama… I feel in the mood for being myself and nothing else and this mood goes well with nude lingerie. So here is my review of the Avocado Essentia bra, one of the most dainty bra I had the chance to touch and see. Unfortunately, this play won’t have a happy ending but love has up and down. I deal with it.

Avocado Essentia bra
***Zathiya generously provided this bra. All opinions are my own***

I received this bra in a 60K and the band was definitely too small for me. I am not used to 28/60 band but the thing is that I had the opportunity to try another bra from Avocado with a 60 band and it fitted me just well. So I think this one is just on the small side because of the firmness of the fabric. For comparison, the band of the Lorca is way more stretchy without being loose. To be honest, both the band and the cup have firm fabrics so if you are in-between size that could be an issue. For my asymmetric chest, the 60K wasn’t a winning fit. My left boob was squeezed into the cup and I would have to stay motionless to wear it without getting any quadboobs.

Avocado Essentia bra
I didn’t receive the matching bottom, this is an old Wacoal shorty

The thing that first caught my eyes with this bra was the goldish embroidery. It makes my eyes shine so brightly! For real, the first days after I received it, I couldn’t help looking at this bra. I find it so delicate! The details are wonderful, the shape it gives to my breasts even being too small is lovely and I have to say that the color fits my skin tone even more beautifully than my Kusidelko what was very surprising at first because when I looked at myself in the mirror it was almost like wearing nothing. Also the description of the brand as a “Plunging demi-cup style with fantastic uplift” is in my opinion pretty accurate. The look it gives to the breasts is incredible. It’s hard to see what I mean with my pictures but it uplifts them in a very natural way.

Avocado Essentia bra
As you can see in the picture above, the wires don’t sit properly into my infra-mammary fold (it is more noticeable with my smallest breast), but in another hand, they are the perfect wideness for my roots on the sides. I think that if I could try a cup size (or a band size up) they would have been just perfect for me. They are also very comfortable. I am really thinking about buying a 65K.
Just as with the Lorca, I have been positively surprised by the length of the straps! They are perfectly situated on my shoulders and don’t slip off at any time. Well, I have only worn this bra for the shooting but it took me a long time to get decent pictures so I can tell you that they don’t move.


I love the little key on the central gore! And I know I am always saying that but there I am astonished! It is the most sophisticated nude bra I have ever seen. For once, sophistication goes with comfort and shape! I would like to see this bra in different shades of beige and brown. Maybe it is not made for every breast shape (for example, if you’re very full on top I am not sure that this bra is for you because it is very closed at the top with no stretch) but if it suits you, I think it worth the price.
The band is wide and secure but it would have been more comfortable in my size, I think.
In the end, I didn’t keep this bra but if I buy it in my size, I’ll update this review to let you know how it fits.

Avocado Essentia bra

As I said in the Lorca review I am pretty in love with the aesthetics of this brand! Now I am lusting after the Chamade, the Calypso and the Valentina  (maybe also the Amber but I feel like  I have an obsession for nude). I really don’t know where I will find the money for all those crushes!
I have been talking with Aisha, the owner of Zathiya and she told me that they will sell very soon the Essentia and some other Avocado bras (the other are gorgeous to die for but I want you to be surprised so I won’t say more about them!). So I am super happy to know that there will be more possibilities for Polish bras lovers of North America in a near future!

Hope you have an anxiety-free week and that the sun shines for you (here the weather is weird, and it’s like the sun is on strike…)!



PS: This bras was a  K cut.

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