Parfait Charlotte Floral Shimmer
Large cup lingerie generously provided this set free of charge. As always all the opinions and thoughts are mine.

Large cup Lingerie is a website that I affectionate since I discovered it 3 years ago. I was looking for the first version of Charlotte which was really famous in the lingerie world at this time. I was wearing a 32G/30G depending on the brand and I have to say that I had a really hard time finding the correct size with this bra. I think I’ve ordered it three times before I found the one that fitted (and that wasn’t a perfect fit but good enough for a bra that cute!). At this period of my life, I was used to returning bras very often because I knew nothing about bras shopping online, so Asos and Large cup lingerie were very friendly to me because of their free shipping.

Parfait Charlotte Floral Shimmer
Anyway, I loved my Charlotte but quickly, I realized that I didn’t like the way it makes my boobs look under clothes. Every time I was wearing it, I felt uncomfortable because my breasts looked huge. So at some point, I just stopped wearing it. Then, The petite collegiate review aroused my curiosity: I had to try the new colorway by myself.
Unfortunately, it was impossible to find this set in my size anywhere. Sometimes I feel like there is a VIP secret society that is aware of everything and buys every set (in my size of course) I want before I realize that I want it. x) I feel very lucky to finally have the opportunity to review this one.

Parfait Charlotte
I own the “old” Charlotte in a size 30H for the bra and Small for the knickers. I received the new Charlotte bra in different sizes but the 30GG was the one that fitted better. Strangely enough, the Floral Shimmer in a 30H was HUGE! As if there was two sizes difference between my Peach Charlotte and this new one in the same size.
I think this new version fits actually true-to-size. As usual with UK 30GG bras, I have enough room in case my boobs decide to grow up but not enough to size down.
The cup is very deep and the wires quite narrow, giving a great projection compared to the first version. As you can see in the picture below, I have some bulging with the Peach one which is supposed to be one size bigger while the new one contains all my breast tissue.
The straps, however, are similar. Certainly the widest straps in my wardrobe: comfy but definitely not discreet. The positive point is that they are fully-adjustable.

Parfait Charlotte
The Charlotte band (in Peach or Floral Shimmer) is the comfiest 30 band I have ever tried. It features 3 sets of 4 hooks and eyes. Although I could wear it at the middle set of hooks I prefer wearing it at the loosest as I want to be able to wear this bra forever:D ! Even like that, this bra remains very supportive and it is like my boobs are on a cloud!
I am in love with the Pin-up aesthetic of this set. I like the simplicity of the details. The black lines are just at the right place to make it look structured and the new colorway is very original.

Cha, the owner of LCL, has been kind enough to send me both the high waisted brief and the bikini style brief  and luckily both of them fit me well!
While the Peach high waisted brief in a Small has always been too tight on my waist and butt (evil VPL!!), the new one in a Medium is a bit loose on my waist but perfect for my butt. I do prefer this fit. The smaller one itches on the places where the elastics touch my skin but the new one is nice to wear and I don’t feel any itches.
The bikini brief is slightly too big for me but I believe a size Small would have created VPL and you know how I like that. This brief is adorable, I love the big bow in the front. The back coverage is a bit too much for my taste but sometimes it is nice and it prevents my butt from eating it! Ahaha! Plus I’ll finally be able to wear this set with regular jeans, which is a good new because I don’t wear dresses and skirts so often.

I’ll keep an eye on the future Charlotte collections because this set just made me fall again for this range. I’ve already seen that some exciting things are coming for A/W16!!

I’m actually working on a video with French subtitles, so hopefully you’ll be able to watch it in a few days!

All the best!




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7 Replies to “Parfait Charlotte Floral Shimmer review & comparison.”

  1. Hi,
    Could you please post the bratabase measurements for parfait charlotte in floral shimmer- 30gg. The cup depth, stretched band, and wing height under the arms will help me to judge whether 30GG is suitable for me(which is my regular size). This is unavailable in my country and I need to place an international order, but I cannot return the product. Please help me.


    1. Hey Sowmya !
      I am sorry I still don’t get how I am supposed to use bratabase for the measurements but I truly understand your situation as it is basically my life. Don’t worry I will find a way to help you as soon as possible ! If you don’t mind I’ll post the measurements in a comment here as it will just be faster for me at the moment and when I’ll have more time in my hands I’ll post them on Bratabase. 🙂


    2. Hi Sowmya

      I just took the measurements. Here’s what I found :

      Cup depth : 26.2 cm
      Band length : 63cm
      Stretch band : 74cm(this one I took it quite approximately, it was hard to take)
      Gore height : 9.6cm
      Wire length : 28.6cm
      Wing height : 11.5cm
      Cup width : 16cm

      I hope I took them the right way but I will ask a friend if she found the same measurements with her bra as she is a 30GG in this bra also.

      Hope it is helpful !


      1. Hi Wen,
        Thank you for posting the measurements, it has helped me a lot to understand the fitting improvements.
        I had been toying with the idea of trying the wonderful charlotte since many months, but not until I am sure about the measurements and underlying fitting issues (which are hopefully resolved, as you have noted) . Since charlotte is not available in India, I need to place an overseas order and cannot return the product.
        Hence your review is extremely helpful, especially since our size matches. I wonder whether they have made further fitting improvements in the new colour- bronze.
        Also I will wait for your friend’s measurements to conclude (is her’s floral shimmer too?).

        Thank you,

        1. Hey Sowmya!

          I am sorry for the late reply but my friend just gave me the measurements she found. She also added them on Bratabase! 🙂

          Stretched band: 74cm
          Band length: 61cm
          Cup width: 17cm
          Cup depth: 27cm
          Wire length: 29cm
          Cup separation: 2.5cm
          Centre gore height: 9.5cm
          Wing height: 11.5cm
          Strap width: 2.5cm (widest straps ever!<- she said)

          Oh and yes she got exactly the same bra as me. The Floral Shimmer in a 30GG. She is Sian from Bigcup Littlecup 🙂 She also reviewed this set!

          I completely get you! It is sad that you can't return products when they don't fit you! It must be stressing to place any order!
          I hope Parfait will continue improving this bra but I love the Floral Shimmer exactly like it is now. The thing is that the brand says that they didn't change anything to the pattern so these changes are not intentional… So weird. I think the new ones could be different if they improved this one "by mistake".
          I hope you will find the perfect Charlotte for you. I have seen that they will bring super cool designs with lace and all later this year or next year. 😁 That is exciting!

          xx Wen.

          1. Hi Wen,
            Ah yes, I read your friend- Sian’s blog too. I have to thank you both for providing the measurements, which are valuable for countless women like me for choosing the size, while placing an order.
            As with charlotte, i wish the improvements were intentional (but do they ever accept?) so that, it continues in the subsequent releases.
            I am looking forward to your reviews/writeups about Moda fashion trade show, if you had been there.

            Thank you,

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