My first Ewa Michalak bra was the Kusidelko, and even if I do love this bra it has never been a perfect fit for me due to the firmness of the cup which can’t adapt properly to my breasts size difference. So I was wonderfully happy to discover that the BM cut was just perfect for me.
The brand sent me the Ewa Michalak BM Naomi bra in a 65G and the high waisted brief in a size 38.

Ewa Michalak BM Naomi 65G
I received this set free of charge for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are mine.

I have to say that I was pretty worried when I read the size on the tag. In most of the brands I tried I can absolutely not wear a 30G, plus the wires were so narrow! My breasts roots aren’t particularly narrow so I was really wondering how this bra could fit me. But guys! It did! The elastic lace used for the cup is magic! Simply magic. I have no bra made with lace that can adapt to my breasts like that. This lace follows my breasts curves just like it was made for them. It reminds me of these microfiber panties with laser cuts that I love so much!

Ewa Michalak BM Naomi 65G
Also, I totally get now the purpose of these extremely narrow wires as this bra gives a very good projection. Especially when you think that the fabric is absolutely not firm. I do think that the BM cut can work for a lot of different type of breasts. It is apparently very compliant to breast size.
This bra makes my boobs look very good under clothes: discreet, natural shape but with the right amount of uplift. It provides good coverage but not too much in my opinion. Well, that must depend on the shape of your boobs. If you are full on top I think you can have a cute décolleté with this bra. I am full on bottom but since this bra has a low central gore it still makes them look very good and almost symmetrical. Maybe my bigger breast would need a little more space, though. I wonder how a 65GG could fit me. But overall, this bra is definitely pleasant to wear.

Ewa Michalak BM
The central gore, as I said before is quite low and it is one of the things I really like with this brand. I think I have already said it but as my breasts are close-set I can sometimes be hurt by too high and hard tacking central gores that separate them too much. This central gore is also narrow and sits nicely between my boobs, allowing them to stay close together without being squeezed.
The band is firm but not too tight. It has just a little stretch but I think it is good as I don’t like my bands becoming loose too fast. It features 4 sets of three hooks and eyes and I think it is now a particularity of EM bras.
The straps as usual are fully-adjustable and they are well situated on my shoulders as the straps sliping issue I am used to have doesn’t occur with the Naomi. I also love how neutral the color is on the band and straps.

Ewa Michalak BM Naomi
What I really like with high waisted briefs is that there is more space for elaborated details and complicated constructions but for those who feel sexier or just more comfortable into light underwear there is also the thong option.
Very often I feel like Ewa Michalak briefs provide too much coverage on the back for my taste, but not this one. It is actually the more cheeky high rise brief I own, and I have to admit that sometimes it turns into a high waisted thong. Ahah! The crotch is too wide for me on the more front part so I get some wrinkles but I think it is no big deal. It is also a tad tight on my hips due to the elastic tension but this brief has enough stretch to be comfortable and nice to wear.
I love the polka dots on the bows and I think this set is cute even if I think it is not a style that I would have bought by myself. I really like the color of the brief, the back and straps of the bra as it is unusual. I would call this color “taupe”. The taupe fabric is super soft to the touch and it “reflects” the light in a lovely way.

Ewa nude bra

In a nutshell I would say that this set is a great everyday set and I have already worn it a lot since I got it. These days I am in the mood for feminine pretty things and this set is just cute and practical enough for me at this time.

Which  Ewa Michalak cut do you prefer? Which one works better for you?

Hope you have a lovely week, the weekend is in a heartbeat! :p


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