This year is definitely great for full-busted lingeristas! It’s like every brand has decided to make an effort and create some styles out of its usual size range! And obviously I am trying to put my hands on all of them… ( Don’t judge me!)
I have been lusting after Kiss Me Deadly Full Bust collection, even before it has been released. I am in love with the aesthetic of this brand so I was super happy to see that they added some possibilities for full bust gals. However, I would say that it’s more a capsule collection: it is composed of two gorgeous ranges, the Pankhurst and the Angelou .

Angelou bra in 34G

At first, I was more interested in the Pankhurst as burgundy is my favourite color and I am a sucker for very long longline bras. Then I realized that padded bras are always the more risky option considering my asymmetric breasts and I decided that Angelou could be a very nice option too. Just like a cutie told me on Facebook, “it doesn’t even look like a bra. It looks like fantasy armor!” I totally agree with her.

With the help of The lingerie detective I’ve been able to get this bra for a lower price, (but still quite pricey) and I opted for my usual size when the 30GG is not available, a 32G.
You can see on the pictures below, how it fitted me.

Kiss Me Deadly angelou
Sorry about the quality. Angelou bra in 32G.

This was definitely not a winning fit. I was very sad as the design was terrific and so unusual for this size range! But the cups were so shallow! I think this bra could fit a 32FF gal and she would have to be full on bottom because of the seam on the top of the cup. This seam cut in my breast in a weird way and I am not even full on top. Also the central gore didn’t tack and the wires were not flat on my infra-mammary fold.
From the front it looked good, though. And every time I was looking at me in the mirror I didn’t want to return it. But as I know me very well, I knew that I would not wear a bra that gives me such huge side boobs and cutting in. I have to say that it was a terrible dilemma.
To summarize the options were to return it and not being refund, because of Poste Canada ridiculous delay (I could have got a my money back in the form of a credit note) or to return it and exchange it for another item.
I am really stubborn, maybe too much to be honest, so I decided to take the risk to go with a 34G even if I knew the band would be way too big, with the idea that I could alter it. I usually don’t do that, since the fit is essential for me but it was like I would not sleep well if this piece wasn’t in my possession. (YES, it’s insane. I know. I am working on it…)

A few weeks ago, I finally received my 34G bra. So, let’s talk about the fit!
I had not tried a 34G for a while but the cups of this one are definitely on the small side. I would say that they fit like a small 32G. They can contain my breasts volume but the cutting in issue is still present for my bigger breast in a discreet and more acceptable way. I think the main issue is that the fabric has no stretch and the gorgeous gold flowers on the top of the cup, are made from a very firm fabric.
This bra provides a low profile and even if it is not at all a East-West look, it is not either a bra that will make your breasts stay front and up.
The band features 3 sets of five hooks and eyes. To quote the brand it is more a “midi-line” bra than a longline bra. I found the 32 band very comfy and even if it was not the firmer band I’ve ever tried it was supportive. The 34 one, as expected, is too big for me, but I would say that when I wear it at the tightest set of hooks it is wearable. That is what I like with longline bras: they are often more supportive than the regular ones, and so it is more easy to go with a sister size. However, I swear that I will alter this band as soon as I can because unfortunately, it goes up a little through the day and makes the side of the cup closer to my armpits (which is actually annoying). Also, the gore tacks when I put the bra on at the beginning of the day but quickly moves away from my sternum. It is too wide for my close set breasts. They don’t join each other but it is a sign that it doesn’t fit properly.

Kiss Me Deadly Full bust
The black satin sling sides, in my opinion, are a nice element of the design of this bra. I am not sure if they give a lot more support but they make it look structured.
The straps are thin and fully-adjustable (Yeah!!). I know some of you can appreciate that. I don’t like either too wide straps. This pair could be interesting under summer tops with very thin straps too. But to be honest I think I would have preferred them just a little wider. Also the bra arrived with one of the bows not well sewed to the apex of the bra, which is a little disappointing at this price point, I will have to sew it myself (I know it is easy but you know…).
Nevertheless, keep in mind that this bra is a fashion bra. It has not been made to be the most supportive bra ever. With this kind of item, you usually have to make some compromises. The design is what I look for when I buy fashion bras. Of course the perfect fashion bra fits, but it is about the pleasure of wearing something different, something that looks a little more luxurious than the rest of my wardrobe and that I won’t wear everyday but appreciate every time I wear it. For this purpose, I love it. I think it remains a unique piece, and if you find the size that really fits you it must be amazing to wear.

Kiss Me Deadly Full bust
I didn’t get the coordinate, although it looked beautiful, as I didn’t have the budget for it, so I wear this bra with a La Senza panty that I bought last year.
At the end of the day I feel like a character of heroic fantasy when I wear the Angelou and that’s actually a nice feeling :p ! I hope Kiss Me deadly will make more bras for full-bust ladies in the future, taking in consideration all the fitting issues but it was a nice effort of them to make this collection. I am actually dreaming of their Ruffle high waist knickers that I absolutely adore and that I want for a whiiiile… But for this one, I’d need to save a lot. Ahaha! Student life…

Really hope this review has been helpful! I didn’t mean to sound negative, but I really want to stay honest in my review.

Sending love!


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