Zathiya generously provided this bra. All thoughts and opinion are mines.

Dear readers, I am a bit late on this post, but here’s the final act of my Avocado drama: Annick in love.
I have to say that the first time I’ve seen this bra, a few years ago, I really wanted to get it in the fushia colorway. I found it adorable and unusual. Thanks to Aisha, the owner of Zathiya, I’ve been able to try out this bra last month, and I have to say that finally, the green is definitely my favourite of the two colorways. I haven’t seen a lot of green in lingerie but everytime it made the pieces very original and fun. The Annick in love is no exception.
I don’t know why but this bra makes me think of strawberries picking. I used to do that as a kid with my family and the green ruffled detail on the top of the cup reminds me of the green of nature, while the red on the central bow, and the little dots on the lace reminds me of the skin of a strawberry. I know my imagination is way too fruitful… But that’s my feeling about the appearance of this bra.


Annick in love is a three part sheer balconnet. I received this bra in a 60L and to make a comparison with the Lorca , it has no stretch in the lace of the cups, but they are really deep. From the front, I really like the horizontal look of this bra, I think it is really cute and young, but I have to admit that while it really uplifts your breast, it also gives a slighty pointy shape, that you can like/accept, or not. With the shape of my breasts that was not awful and I could deal with it, but I suspect that some of you wouldn’t appreciate that.
The transparency of the cup makes this bra really attractive to me. In these pics, it looks really transparent because of the light and the white patches on my nipples but in person it is a discreet transparency. It didn’t make me feel naked.

Avocado Annick in love
Hello, morning face! x)

The central gore is quite narrow and I found it more comfortable than the Lorca’s gore as it is lower and tacks less hard on my sternum. It is a regular length for a balconnet gore but as the top of the cup seems to be more horizontal than an usual balconnet bra, the gore can look high.
I am very fond of this horizontal look! This bra is an Avocado NF cut, for you info.
The wires, however, are very wide. In the last picture of the review you can see that they are way wider than my roots. I am ok with that since they don’t bother my armpit and don’t hurt me, plus, strangely this wideness doesn’t affect the projection given to the breasts! Oh and I don’t get any side boobs with this bra ( that can happen to me even when a bra is the appropriate size due to my full on side breasts :/ ): yeeah!

Avocado Annick in love
Once again, I think Avocado bras have really short straps and it is something I appreciate. These straps are wide but just enough to be comfy and stay in place. The band is wide too and features 3 sets of three hooks and eyes.With this bra, the 60 band was the right size for my 28″ rib cage. It was not as tight as the Essentia band in a 60K even if it was firmer than the Lorca band in a 65K. I like Avocado bands and straps. I think their bras are some of the more secure I’ve tried. They provide coverage and support but in a very elegant way!
I never get to try their coordinates but I think they worth it. For real, if I buy from them I think I can’t give up on the panties. They look so elegant too! In my opinion, a lot of Avocado sets are basically jewelry adornments. I like the simplicity of this one, though.

Avocado Annick in love
Overall my experience of Avocado is pretty good and I just need more of their lingerie  in my life! This brand reinforces the idea that details and quality make a big difference. Their bras are around 66 euros most of the time and the briefs around 22 euros, and I think it is a fair price for this quality. I am still really impressed and definitely in love with their products.
Zathyia just started to carry some of their awesome ranges! Currently she sells the Valentina , the Orlando , the Essentia that I reviewed before, and the amazing Nina . I am personally in love with everything but the Nina and the Valentina look like pure luxury…

It’s Friday, right? Enjoy! Hope you have a good weekend! 😀 <3


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7 Replies to “Avocado, mi amor… Act 3: Annick in love.”

  1. It’s a lovely bra, and as always a great review.
    I do have a question regarding placement, I was under the impression that where the seams meet is where the nipple should be. Is this wrong, because that would cause bulk? Or can the placement be anywhere?

    1. Thank you and sorry for the late reply! In fact I think you are right. My nipples are not naturally situated where these seams meet (they are higher and more front) so maybe that’s why I didn’t have the “bulk” issue but I think that the seams placement may be the cause of the slightly pointy shape of this bra. ^^’

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