I usually talk about brands that work via retailing and which don’t own their own stores, so I guess it makes it a bit more difficult for you to try the products before buying. Today I want to talk about a piece that I bought a month ago in REAL STORE. I mean, a place where you can touch the things and try them before taking any decision about a purchase!
So a month ago I was supposed to by new needles for my sewing machine and also to keep my credit card in my wallet and not to look at anything except in the Singer store… That sounded really easy since there is rarely anything interesting (apart from make up) in the mall near to my apartment. There is no lingerie boutique that sells my bra size and overall I don’t really like the other type of stores because they are way too expensive and not very special. So I really don’t know what crossed my mind this day, I guess I was bored, and I decided to see what was going on in the La Senza store. As you can imagine, I usually have NO chance to find anything that fits me in this place (and also, that please me, I am not into pink and glitters…) but I always find it funny because it is just sooo girly. Also I like to see how these kind of brands adapt to every lingerie trend, every season. So I was more like a scientist/explorator than a buyer.

Then I saw something that caught my attention… You know, I have been lusting for a while after some halter neck pieces but non of them was never going in my size. So when I saw the High Neck Babydoll I was pretty sure that it wouldn’t fit but I had to try. Sometimes I do that. I see something that is not exactly what I want but I just want it to fit me for I can feel a little better about my possibilities. ^^’
So I picked a size Large and a size Medium. And then, something epic happened: the medium fitted! When I say “fit” I mean, the actual space for the breasts was sufficient and the under breast elastic was tight enough for providing the support you can expect for a nightwear garment. And I know, for a lot of people this will sound exaggerated. But nothing is easy when your body has not the “standard” proportions. So this was amazing and I decided to buy it without further hesitations.

As usual I forgot to remove the tag before taking the pic…

Well, let’s talk about the fit. It is weird (but cool enough) that this piece that I like so much is from a brand which is more focused on the sexiness of their products than the fitting! La Senza has a selection of babydolls which works on the system XS-XL despite the fact that they feature padded cups. As a consequence the High neck babydoll is the only one piece I have seen in their selection which can suit different morphology and breasts sizes.
I bought the size M as the size Large was a good fit for my breasts but too loose to support them.
If the size L could have fitted me as well as the M, it is because the top of this babydoll is made from elastic lace. I wouldn’t recommend this size for a bigger bust than mine, though. I imagine that heavy breasts and halter neck don’t get along very well but it is up to you to try, and maybe you could have some surprises. Also, I believe the Medium can suit a lot of ladies who wear a 30/32 band and up.
So as you can see, my breasts are happily contained in the top and although my bigger breast would need a little more coverage at the side, it is not really noticeable and it doesn’t affect the comfort of this piece. I think if you are less full-on-sides than me, this tiny issue will disappear.


The actual “support” of this piece surprised me because it is provided by a simple and thin elastic under the breasts, and I guess, also because it is closed around the neck. I wouldn’t say that you can run with this babydoll, but after all, it is not its purpose! It is a lightly supportive piece which, in my opinion, gives a nice, natural, yet rounded shape to your breasts. I am wearing it while writing this post and something I really like about it is that my breasts don’t end up squeezed together like it can easily happen with garment without wires or separation between the breasts. In this one, my breasts have enough space to stay in place. Like this, they can be separated but the elastic lace helps my full on side boobs to go more front.
The flowers on the lace are really strategically placed all around the breasts, but of course, depending on your breast size and shape these details might appear a little different.
This kind of lace design is quite standard but I still find it cute and attractive enough.

I really appreciate the little “longline” part under the breasts, which makes this piece look more finished. Also, the mesh used for the bottom part of the babydoll gives some lovely shadows against the skin! I personally think that these shadows compliment my body very well! Oh I forgot to tell you that this babydoll is sold with a tiny black and sheer G-string. But I didn’t try it, as it is not my cup of tea and in my opinion, doesn’t add anything to this babydoll. I guess it is actually lost in the bottom of my drawer.
In conclusion, I would say that this piece was a very nice surprise. I usually have few expectations for brands in this price range, but the lace doesn’t itch, it is quite soft against my breasts skin and overall, I feel very comfortable and sexy when I lounge around in this piece. I bought it at full price for around 40 CAD (taxes included) but you can currently get it for 30% less on the store website.

Hopefully I’ll have other good surprises like this one in the future as I currently have a lot of disappointments with online shopping 🙁 so it is comforting once in a while to just go out and find something cute and sexy that fits me and put my money directly in the hands of a human being.

Do you know La Senza? Is it easy for you to find sexy/girly nightwear that fits?

😀 Hope you have plans for tonight or this weekend!
Bisous bisous! <3


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