Hey guys! This year is so special to me… I got to do so many things for the first time and it is just so exciting! So I just spent a month in the United States and I was lucky enough to go to Curve expo also! I won’t lie… I was really intimidated but I finally met the Petite Collegiate and we found our way in this event!
I have a lot of nice things to show you but this new Scantilly collection really caught my attention and I just want to try every one of those styles…
If you didn’t know it, Scantilly is the little sassy sister of Curvy Kate and provides sexy and elegant lingerie in a relatively wide size range: 30-38 DD to HH and S to XL for the bottoms (less wide than Curvy Kate but very impressive for this kind of designs).
Well, let’s see how gorgeous is this new collection!


This sophisticated babe is called Lavish and combines lace, faux leather and cut out. I love it! I wanna say that I usually don’t like faux leather in clothing because when it is not used “properly” it can really make things look cheap. But Lavish and Unleash (see the picture at the end of the post) look everything but cheap!
Lavish is a beautiful half cup bra that is supposed to give you an amazing cake on a plate look. The lace on the gore and around the cups reminds me of a peacock’s wings and I think it looks different from the usual floral or other girly laces that we can see everywhere in the lingerie world. Lavish has attitude. It is not girly, in my opinion, it would make anybody look confident with some kind of badass touch!
The back is made from black mesh but the gold finishes make it looks more luxurious and complete. About the bottom, the one on the picture is an ouvert thong (hard to make something more open than this piece ahaha!) and a super cute/sexy short will also be available.


The very well known Peek-A-Boo in violet is once again a very nice set ( but I have to say that my favorite colorway is Chartreuse). As you can see it is all about satin and mesh! A pretty unlined balconette bra that can easily be worn under clothes and really gives some oomph to your breasts even being unpadded! I would say that the only “negative” thing that I’ve heard about this bra ( and can be applied to the whole brand) is that it starts from a 30band. But, you know, when a brand takes the risk to create something new and relatively expensive, at least at the beginning they try to touch the biggest part of their customers. It is understandable and I think it is really possible that they extend their size range at some point. So if you are out of their size range, keep hope!



Vamp, I think, is really aptly named. This set definitely has a romantic, middle age-ish vibe while being definitely modern and following the strappy trend. The geometric details remind me of gothic architecture, and the dark mesh looks like a dark but delicate smoke that hides without hiding the more intimate parts of your body.
I do like the suspender belt which is actually not made for holding stockings but more for highlighting the lovely curves of your body. These black lines give a very sexy look to the hips, butt, and tighs area and the ouvert panty just adds a playful feeling to this set.



Knockout in Latte is one of my favorite sets of this collection! I just hope it will fit my asymmetric boobs and my skin tone but as you can see in the second picture, it is not a real nude for this model, since her skin is a warmer color than the set but it still looks really good!
I like the geometric design, the cuts out, and nude tone! Also, this range comes with a very nice suspender belt (so sorry that I can’t show you ) that you can attach to the panty via the ring in the middle. This ensemble creates an amazing silhouette, very sensual and I can see some kind of art deco inspiration too.




The Tuxedo bodysuit is actually more of a playful lingerie piece and should fit almost everybody. What makes this piece different is that it can really add something to a normal set but if you wear it without a bra you might look like a cute and sophisticated present too! I have seen a lot of bodysuits in the same spirit but which only looked sexy and not very classy and I think the Tuxedo is the right combination of cuteness, sophistication, and sexiness. Once again you can see Scantilly signature with the gold finishes that make this piece look like a real accessory and not only a bedroom rig-out.



Unleash is, I think my favorite set of this Scantilly collection. It is all that I need these days: SIMPLE AND BADASS. It has this perfecto* feeling like you’re going to ride a motorcycle just wearing this set and super cool boots and go save the innocents… This set is my modern superhero/villain set. Ahaha! I am in love with the nongirly details! These little belts are everything! Don’t get me wrong, I am and I think I’ll always be a sucker for huge bows but a part of me sometimes, just want to wear a pair of jeans, a System of a Down t-shirt and my lovely pair of Dr.Martens. This set really suits this part of my personality. Also, I am dying for this huge keyhole in the back of the high waisted knickers! I like the clear cut of this set. Nothing is too much, nothing is missing. It is definitely on my wish list!

*Perfecto as a motorcycle leather jacket. 

Curve NYC Preview

The Voodoo is the more strappy set of this collection and also reminds me of powerful witches! This set, even if it is not my favorite, makes me think of the perfect uniform for a tribe of Amazons. The pictures talk for themselves! I think Voodoo illustrates very well the “fearless” spirit of Scantilly.

Overall I have been conquered by this new Scantilly collection and I am positively surprised to see that this one is even more audacious than their first collections! I am a fan!

Did you try Scantilly before? What do you think of this new collection?

Until next time!



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  1. Oh my goodness! I love they’re new collection. I cannot wait!
    I need the Vamp suspender/leg harness.
    EVERYTHING from the Knockout range!
    & the Unleash set.
    I’d better start saving my cash now!

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