Several years ago, I used to spend a lot of time in one of Toulouse Aubade stores, and a lovely Aubade lady, seeing that I was struggling with their size range told me that they were thinking about extending it. Unfortunately, I had the time to move to Canada before this project happened.

So a month ago when I heard about the Capsule collection x Christian Lacroix and the new “ideal shape” from D to G cup, I was head over heels again! However, I wasn’t sure if they would really extend the size range or if that would be a unique collection.
Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to Aubade booth at Curve NY and I was delighted to discover that the brand made my dream come true and created some gorgeous pieces from D to G cup not only in the “comfort full cup” shape but also in a lovely “comfort half cup” shape and some spacers. This post will only feature the pieces which will be available up to a G cup.

Curve NY Aubade
Bahia Couture in Papaya

If you know Aubade you probably also know the iconic Bahia (which looks like the last picture of the post). This range is one of the continuities of the brand but this year they recreated it in a more luxurious version: the Bahia Couture. The Bahia Couture is also the version that goes up to a G cup. You can already find it in the Rose nude colorway but for SS17 it will be released in White and Papaya. I am personally in love with the Papaya colorway! The corset tie on the gore is different than the usual corset tie of the Bahia, which is usually made with a thick string (which gives this particular style that we know) instead of this delicate and flat ribbon. Bahia Couture range is more classy than the original range but for some unknown reason, the “comfort half cup” doesn’t feature the same corset tie. So basically in the full bust size range, Bahia couture will be like the white one that you can see on the last picture of the post.

Curve NY Aubade
Rive Gauche Passion in Black
Curve NY Aubade
Rive Gauche in Gala

My favourite design in this collection is Rive Gauche Passion. This set is just the kind of lingerie I’ve always dreamt to wear. The pattern is absolutely gorgeous and the cups features this delicious embroidery. I absolutely adore the design of the straps going all the way to the bottom of the cups! It makes this bra so sophisticated!
Aubade also created the Gala colorway, which they call the “Aubade red”. I think this colorway is beautiful and will be perfect for Christmas!

La Parisienne in Lily
La Parisienne in Myosotis

Another cute piece I got to see at Curve NY trade show is La Parisienne, which will be available in two colorway: Myosotis and Lily. I am sorry for the bad quality of the picture of the myosotis but it is supposed to be a dark purple-blue. The Calais Leavers lace is very delicate and I love that the straps are the same for the full bust range and the core sizes range. Well, they are wider (which is nice) but with the same design. This collection in my opinion is nice for every day and must be pretty easy to wear!

Magic blossom in Pansy

The new Aubade Comfort Full-Cup shape, I think, is based on their usual 3/4 bra, which is a three-part balconnet. This new one is fully lined with tulle and featuring narrow wires. Aubade has developed this underwiring especially for this new shape so we can expect that they really had full busted women in mind. If I remember well, their full-busted range also features 3 sets of 2(not 3, my mistake) hooks and eyes for the band but with a wider band than the core collections and also wider straps than usual.
I like that they didn’t do things halfway! But in a few days I’ll try some of the styles of AW16 collections so I can give you more info about the fitting.
The size range for the Comfort Full cup bras is from a 30/80 to a 42/110 band up to E cup and from a 32/85 to a 38/100 band up to a G cup.

Curve NY fullbust
Wandering love (White)
Curve NY Aubade
Wandering love (Dream)

Wandering Love features the typical Aubade aesthethic, with its blooming flowers and its spaghetti straps ( on the full bust collection, they are wider and not exactly the same as you can see on the white colorway). I love the Dream colorway! It is such a nice color for summer!
The full bust range will only be available in the full-cup shape but in both colorways.
A spacer will also be available in this collection (only in white). The cup volume will stop to a 34/90G and sister sizes.

Well, it is not very clear to every one so let me explain properly.
B cup :32/85 to a 40/105 band
C-Dcup: 30/80 to 40/105 band
E cup:30/80 to 38/100 band
F cup:30/80 to 36/95 band
G cup: 30/80 to 34/90 band

Aubade à L’Amour  Full cup shape (Nacre)
aubade à l'amour
Aubade à L’Amour Comfort Half cup (Nacre)

Aubade à l’Amour is a delicate collection. It will be available in Black and Nacre. In Nacre it is just perfect for bridal! The guipure patterns and lovely tulle details make it sophisticated yet discret. This range will feature three shapes up to a G cup : The Full-cup, the Half cup and the Spacer. The Spacer will be available in the same size range as the Wandering love.

Curve NY Aubade
Bahia Couture Comfort Half Cup in White.

I was super happy to see all these new pieces at Curve NY! A lot of luxury brands and indie are extending their size range this year and it is just amazing for full busted women to have new possibilities in the lingerie world! I really hope this collection will be true to size! I am actually looking for lingerie stores that carry the full bust ranges that are already available! If I am lucky enough to fit inside one of these amazing sets, I think I’ll review it as soon as possible! Curve NY is definitely my favorite place to learn about upcoming collections.

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    1. Thank you ❤ ! I am very happy too! Today I went to an Aubade store and guess what ? I wasn’t disappointed ! I actually fit in their bras ! 😍 Now I just need more money to buy everything from their new ranges !

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