I feel like this year has definitely been wonderful for full-busted lingeristas! I have read so many things about how the full bust and the plus-size market is growing and how lingerie brands are now seeing the interest of extending their size range. Playful Promises, as an indie brand really upgraded its game creating not only a full bust range but also a plus size range in a lot of different styles and pieces! But it is true that the gap is not filled yet in the lingerie industry. That’s why I was really happy to see at curve NY SS17 that some very nice brands were extending their size range for next year!


Let’s start with a brand that I love since the beginning: Nubian Skin. Apart from the fact that its name is absolutely gorgeous, this brand is a game-changer in the lingerie industry. Look at this booth! Don’t you feel this feminine empowerment spirit? Ahaha! Yeah, I am excited! And I was sooo glad to meet the founder! Ahah! I am not a groupie but, it’s not every day that you get to meet a businesswoman who worked hard to fill the gap of the skin diversity in the lingerie world. Well, it is weird to imagine that the people who run this industry never found it interesting to provide WOC with nude lingerie. As if they didn’t exist or didn’t wear underwear. But well, it is another subject.


Some of you might already know this brand very well but, this summer I was with my family and my aunt, who is a young 30 something woman told me that she didn’t know that they were interesting options of hosiery for women of color. “It’s always too dark or too light,” she said. And as she was very surprised when I mentioned Nubian Skin, I realized that not everybody knew about this brand. The reason might be that not everybody likes to do online shopping and not a lot of European stores retail this brand.
Nubian skin actually offers four tones of brown in their underwear, stockings, pantyhose’s, and thighs high: Berry, Cinnamon, Caramel and Café au lait. I am sorry for the quality of my pictures but this booth did not have the best lighting. That could explain why one of the pantyhose looks more mustard than Café au lait.


Curve NY SS17 nubian skin

This brand has been selling bras from A to DD cup and from a 30 to a 40 band ( I heard that they run small so maybe some 28 gals could be happy with their 30) and bottoms from a size S to XL.
One super interesting point is that the founder told me that she was working on a prototype of nude bra up to a G cup for this winter! Aaaaaah SO exciting right? Well, if you don’t believe it go to their website and you’ll see that some pieces of the new collection are already available to pre-order! And they do have G cups, double letters and all! 😀 I need to try the Shadow bra. But to be honest I hope the nude ones will be ready to purchase this winter! I haven’t figured out yet if I would need the Café au lait or the Caramel, though. I think I’ll start with the stockings <3 .
If you haven’t noticed I am super excited about this brand. I think they are always working to improve themselves and the way they advertise their product is a wind of empowerment for women of color. Their latest campaign is AMAZING. The model is gorgeous and I love her natural vibe. It’s sooo rare to see a woman like her represented in the lingerie world. The lookbook and video are simply incredible.

Another cute find, Chasney Beauty!

Tap Dance B-D cup, 32-38 band
curve nyc ss17
Byzantine B-D cup, 32-38 band

I am happy to introduce this relatively young brand, that I discovered at Curve NY (SS17). Chasney beauty, created by a British designer, is very popular in the Asian market.
They usually create lingerie in core size but what made it more appealing to me was their decision to extend the size range up to a G cup for SS17!

Byzantine padded bra B-D cup , 32-38 band
curve nyc
Dessert Lover (front), Salamandre (behind) B-D cup, 32-38 band

As you can see, this brand makes really feminine garments. It is all about leavers lace, satin and silk and I find something pinup-ish to their collection.
So these two lovely baby blue bras are pieces from their full bust collection. I like the polka-dots fabric, it makes everything very innocent.

curve nyc
Bubble Tea Party D-G cup (UK) , 30-40 band
Bubble Tea Party D-G cup, 30-40 band

Green and black in lingerie! I really like the shape of this bra, which is going to be available up to a G cup too. As you can see, Chasney Beauty offers different types of bras, in different shapes and soon in a wider size range!

curve expo
Sassy kiss D-G cup, 30-40 band
Curve NY SS17
Byzantine B-D cup, 32-38 band

This red and beige version the Byzantine is very “antique-glamour”. I love the black and beige unpadded version for the precious detailing, but the shape of the padded one is very elegant too! I love burgundy and this might give an interesting nude/tattoo effect depending on your skin color. I’d love to see this style in the full bust size range!
About the panties, Chasney Beauty offers sizes from S to XXL. They also have some adorable pieces of nightwear/loungewear featuring huge black bows and eyelashes lace!
This brand is actually more in a luxury price range, but I hope to know more about it and its fitting in the future…

And now a little bit of the fun and love, from the brand Only Hearts :D. Thanks to Jeanna from Bluestockings I didn’t miss out on these gorgeous pieces of nightwear.
These drawings are so delicate, so romantic. And the color of the fabric goes so perfectly with them! I wish I could afford these pieces because they are definitely the kind of garments that would have a nice place in my collection. SO unique!

Curve NY SS17

Curve NY SS17

It’s time to end this post guys, hope you liked it and I promise I am almost done with my Curve NY SS17 previews. It is so hard to write on command. ^^’ I can only do it when my heart is available. Hopefully, this week is the one.

Love. Hope y’all are safe and happy.


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