I am all about black lingerie these days but weirdly enough everybody around me keeps saying I would be cute with pastel or bold colours. I am trying hard but well, always end up buying the black one. So when a few weeks ago I had the surprise to receive an orange set from Tutti Rouge, I thought that was a sign.


Well, I am not going to lie, I don’t like orange. I always wonder when, apart from Halloween time people are supposed to wear this color. However, when I put this set on, I realized that this « fruit salad » colorway suits my skin tone in a lovely way, giving me a very girly/dolly look. I think I basically look like a candy wearing this Liliana set and I really like candies.

* This set was gifted to me for the purpose of a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.*dsc06070edi

From all the sets Tutti Rouge has created I think Liliana is the one that has the more « every day » look. I have heard a lot about it, as apparently the whole lingerie community has tried it at least once. I also tried it a few years ago and my experience was kind of sad. It was extremely shallow in the cups and even if I tried a 32G it was WAY too small for me. A lot of people said that I had to size up in this style and all but I think the incompatibility was too big for I can decide to order it again in this life.
However about 3 months ago, I heard at Curve that Tutti Rouge has improved the fit of this bra so it could be less shallow and more true to size. And guys, they didn’t lie ! I received the bra in my usual UK 30GG and when I put it on for the first time I had to admit that despite the unusual color the fit was perfect. Like PERFECT for me.
Let’s see how I like it.
First of all, the design. Liliana is definitely is a good definition of Tutti rouge aesthetic. Colorful, lace, ribbons and bows everywhere possible, pin up-ish, youthful and full bust friendly. Indeed, this bra has been available from a 28D to a 38J (also 40-44,  D-F), and in about 17 colorways since its creation (if I counted well). However only 6  of them (the more recent ones) provide the exact same fit as the Fruit Salad : Teal,  Noir/Sugar, Ice white, Noir, Crème/Nude and Nude. I love the Nude one, although it wouldn’t be nude at all on me. I find this colorway very delicate.

My favourite detail about this set is the « chubby » pink bows which pop out in an adorable way on the central gore and on the front of the coordinate. The color is so bold ! Also the Tutti Rouge signature heart shaped racers on the straps complete the super girly look. The lace is pretty and I have to say that I especially like it on my bum ahah ! Overall I think this set is fun.

About the fit, the first thing I noticed was the extreme comfortableness of this bra. Really, it is super comfy ! I think it goes directly to the selection of more comfy bras ever in my wardrobe. It doesn’t leave any mark, doesn’t dig in at all, I don’t feel the gore even if it tacks beautifully and really makes me feel secure, the straps are fully adjustable and the cups are so lightly padded that I feel like I am wearing an unpadded bra. I have a lot of padded bras now but I always prefer the unpadded ones on a daily basis.  They make me feel more free. Liliana is an amazing bra in that sens. Giving you support and a rounded yet natural shape without the weight and space that can take a padded bra. I love that the top of the cups is not padded at all. It allows a better adaptation for asymmetrical breasts, I think. To be honest, I am in between a 30G and a 30GG because my breasts have almost one size difference. It is rare that I can fit in a 30G  or I completely fill a 30GG. That said I think this bra is true to size.


My bigger breast sits comfortably in the cup and I am happy to say that this bra makes my asymmetry less obvious as the smaller one feels just fine even if it has some extra room . I would say that Liliana is not too closed at the top so that it can adapt to a little upper fullness without cutting in, although I think it it definitely more full on bottom and side friendly.
The wires are quite wide, even for my wide roots, but they really dont bother me. They are soft on my skin and my armpits are safe too. It happened once that I felt them in an unpleasant way after a long day but I think it is because my ribs are too close to my skin and this bra tends to sit a little bit lower than my infra mammary fold. I just readjusted it and then the discomfort disappeared.

Tutti Rouge Liliana

It didn’t leave any mark as I said before. I love that the gore is relatively low and really apart from its wideness I feel like this bra really respects my morphology. I don’t feel it and it is so thin for a padded (semi padded according to the brand) that I think it is a perfect everyday bra even for the horribly busy days when you just can’t stop moving and running everywhere (my life these days basically). However, for those who like a lot of projection and uplift, I have to say that this bra gives a relatively low profile. It doesn’t make your boobs look smaller though (I don’t know if that makes sens).

Tutti Rouge Liliana
I am happy that I received the short as a coordinate since it is my favorite kind of bottoms.
I have weird experiences with Tutti Rouge bottoms since forever… Their first collections bottoms in a size Small felt huge on me, and then I have tried their Nichole in a size XS (which was absolutely tiny), Jessica and Eliza bottoms in a size Small and all of them gave me terrible cutting in. So I decided to ask for a size Medium for this one.

Tutti Rouge Liliana

This time it is a little bit too big. It is not awfully big but I think a size Small would have been better since the fabric is way more stretchable compared to the other styles I have tried. Because of that, this short can sit very high on my belly or very low on my bum. But I know some of you would like this coverage so it is not necessarily a defect. I also get a lot of wrinkles if I don’t stand up motionless. It is still super cute though. It is very comfy, the cut is flattering and the transparency effect of the lace against my skin looks lovely.

Tutti Rouge Liliana

Also my butt does not eat it and that’s great. I especially like that even if this short is too big it adapts very well to my body and feels light and soft.
Overall, my opinion about Liliana has been completely changed by this set and I am positively surprised. I’d love to get it in other colors but as Tutti rouge has some very original designs at the moment, I think I’ll try to get some of them first ! The Betty Burlesque is definitely on my wish list !!

Hope you have a great colorful day ! <3

xx Wen.



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7 Replies to “Tutti Rouge Liliana in Fruit Salad Review”

  1. The color goes beautifully with your skin.
    I love this bra, and have owned it in 3 different colorways, but I don’t think I woul try it again, unless they made the wires more narrow.

    1. Thank you 🙂 ! It is a nice bra, indeed but it is true that the wires are super wide which can be an issue for a lot of people! Did the other colorways work well with your breasts shape?

      1. I had the ‘hibiscus’ pink and the yellow and both were just wrong. The wires were wide and the bands were huge. Sides of the cups were too high also.
        The third one I had (still have actually) was black and pink and it fit better. The band was tts- to slightly small. But the sides were also high and the cup a little too wide (but the whole bra just felt smaller than the other two) All 3 bras were the same size, and the yellow was actually slightly bigger than the pink.

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