October is breast cancer awareness month so here is a review about a pink bra! 🙂

*This bra has been sent to me free of charge for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are mines. *
Royce Candy Blossom bra

I know it is not a good thing to do but I have spent the biggest part of my life sleeping at night with a bra. I didn’t feel comfortable braless and I can say without much hesitation that I was only braless in the shower. Weirdly enough this didn’t bother me between my 12 and my 21 years. A long time actually. My best explanation for this habit was that I didn’t feel comfortable enough in my body for even “feeling” it as it was. I didn’t like the sensation of my breasts naked. That used to make me feel completely naked actually.
It is only when I finally accepted my nudity that I could sleep without a bra. That said, this year has also been the year of bralettes for me. Even if I haven’t blog so much about them I tried a lot of different bralettes and I am happy to tell you that it’s not impossible to wear a bralette if you are full busted as long as you don’t expect them to be underwired bras.

I received the Royce Candy Blossom nursing bra in 32 G/GG/H and I do think it is the more supportive bralette I have tried so far:
Royce Candy Blossom
For those of you who don’t know this brand, Royce lingerie is a label specialized in wire-free bras. They were initially specialized into nursing bras then they expended the range to mastectomy bras, sport and young girl’s bra too. You also have the option to add pockets for breast prosthesis to most of their bras.
Royce tries to make wire-free lingerie a little bit more attractive to women of all ages since we all might need it at some point.
That said, since not a lot of options seemed to be appropriate for my age, and I was happy to find the Candy blossom as it looks very cute in my opinion! Even if it is primarily a nursing bra I think it works really well as a pajama bra too.

royce lingerie
First the construction! Apart from the colorway, I chose to review this bra because it seems to have a unusual construction. What I didn’t expect though, was the thin skeleton inside the bra. Well, let me explain. While this bra doesn’t have wires, it does have some kind of equivalent. Much softer, of course, like a foam but more rigid in the sense that it actually gives a shape to the breasts even if you can easily twist it if you want. This foam is, I think, considered as side support and goes all the way to the middle of your chest, under the breasts. I think they are definitely responsible for the support provided by this bra.
And this bra is actually supportive, I would say like a regular bra but comfier. I  really feel like I could go out with it, support wise. However this side support is also involved is the slightly conic shape that finally appears after some time wearing the Candy Blossom bra, as you can see in the picture below.

Royce Candy Blossom

If you wear this bra for sleeping only, of course it doesn’t matter. It is a detail that doesn’t affect the way you might sleep. Or at least, it doesn’t affect the way I sleep. But if you planned to go out with it, then you have to know that it is not exactly the rounded shape you can get with a bra.
I am still very impressed by the way this bra keeps my breasts up. It is obviously not a push up bra, but I often find underwires bras to sit a little bit too low under my inframammary fold since my roots are kind of high. This one sits perfectly in the right place even without wires! So even if you don’t get a rounded shape at least it doesn’t put your breast lower than a bra would do.
Thinking that this bra is supposed to fit women from a 32G to a 32H I wonder if the fit would change to give a different shape depending how big/projected the breasts are.

maternity bra
The straps are fully adjustable and the band features 4 sets of three hooks and eyes. It is a comfy supportive band in my opinion. If I used this bra to go out I would wear the band to the third set of hooks without any discomfort but as I use it to sleep I love wearing it at the loosest set of hook.
What I actually like is that my breasts don’t come out of the bra during the night. Everything stays in place and I feel like my breasts are in a soft cloudy basket. I didn’t have the same experience with my other bralettes which were less constructed (most of the time when I wake up, half of my breasts is uncovered ).
Although my close set breasts are close together in this bra, I really feel like they have enough space for themselves and its not a bothering sensation (for me) like they are completely crashed against each other. I think maybe without the side support which pushes them front and center, they would have space to be separated.

Royce Candy Blossom maternity

Also the fun part of this bra is that you can modify the coverage! Of course it won’t become a super plunge bra but I do prefer it with a V shape, I think it makes it look more youthful since the full coverage shape goes really high on the chest. This might actually be very useful for breastfeeding mums, in order to get the support that they need, I guess?
Overall, I am glad I tried this bra, I was looking for a good sleeping bra that wouldn’t be damaged by the weight of my breasts and I think this one will last!

A few words about breasts cancer…
While I am obviously not a specialist, I realized recently that it is a disease that not only affects the way we see our body but also the way society see it and treat us afterward. I think it is really important that companies start seeing women with breasts cancer/mastectomy as real women with their own femininity and stop creating only ugly selection of lingerie like they don’t have the desire to be pretty anymore. Being a woman doesn’t mean being pretty all the time but it does mean that we are humans that want and need to love ourselves every day especially when we have to fight. If lingerie can be an ally instead of another unpleasant consequence of having a cancer then I think that could help, a lot of persons.

That said, I hope this review has been helpful.

Lot of love,

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