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Hello everyone! Yesterday I finally did the drawing and got the 4 winners of my blog anniversary giveaways! But first of all, I think I haven’t thank you all enough for the kind words and support I received for the occasion! You all give me the motivation to keep going even when I just feel overwhelmed by my life or don’t feel comfortable enough to take pictures or just don’t have any inspiration to write.
Thank you! I am so grateful! I remember the first weeks of blogging! I was really surprised that even 100 people would be willing to read my stuff (and I was not that good from what I can see). Thank you for believing in me. Thank you also to the brands and stores which were willing to work with me from the beginning and keep doing it. I know I have got a lot of support to get there. It is hard to realize how this blog changed my life, the way I see the world and the person I am becoming.

In May I couldn’t even imagine how I was going to communicate at Curve because I was so shy and so scared that people wouldn’t take me seriously. Also I was so intimidated thinking about these people that I admired so much for years and that I might see over there. I am pretty sure some of them might have found me weird because I am not that talkative when I’m intimidated x) but hopefully we’ll meet again and we have more things to talk about, and more time to do so.

Now a year after, I can say that I learnt. I have a better camera, I met a lot of amazing people, I have bigger dreams and more info about how to achieve them. I also feel more comfortable with my own person and the people around me. You are more and more to read my little blog every month and I hope I can continue sharing with you for a long time.

Well, you know I am a chatterbox… Now I guess you wanna know the more important part of this post? Ahaha! So…

The winner of the Nessa Francheska set is… Devisarraqa!
The winner of the Lovehoney prize is… Caitlin!
The winner of the Brag travel bag is…  Jax811 !
The winner of the Queen of Suburbia chokers is… Stellarino!

Congratulations girls! <3 If it is not done yet, I’ll contact you via email or PM later today!

Thank you to everyone who participated or just wrote lovely things under the posts!
You are all too sweet! <3

Yours truly,


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3 Replies to “Giveaway winners!!”

  1. Wen, I just found your blog et je suis tellement heureuse. I was looking for reviews of an ASOS bra I wanted to buy, and I just stumbled across your page. Nous avons la meme taille de soutien-gorge et ca me semble aussi que nous avons la meme silhouette (plus ou moins!) so it’s like a miracle! It’s so rare that you find reviews from someone with such a similar figure, and it makes me confident that I can trust your assessment. It’s too bad we are on different continents; otherwise we could borrow each others’ outfits. 🙂

    I am so excited to read all your reviews and learn about some new bras that might fit me well. I’ve bookmarked your site and I look forward to more reviews and information. I’m glad you are finding this rewarding and that others appreciate the work you do!

    All the best, and sorry for my French–it’s a bit rusty and Canadian…

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