My obsession for French lingerie will probably never die, although I will probably always fit better in Polish bras and buy even more British bras. French lingerie has been my awaken. I started being interested in my breasts when I discovered the lingerie part of the Galeries Lafayette about 6 years ago… Argh time goes so fast…

dsc05263_editedEmpreinte Irina in Bleu Celeste

After I finally left my family this passion kept growing and the lingerie world kept evolving… My tastes changed a lot too. Empreinte was one of these brands that looked too “grown up” in my teenage years when I only wanted to wear Aubade , Huit or Passionata lingerie. However so many people at this time recommended them to me.
Their skills are legendary and their name, although not known in the same way as brand that focus on sexiness, is definitely related to timeless elegance and quality.


This summer I have been lucky enough to meet their lovely PR at Curve NY who was kind enough to tell me about their Parisian Atelier (I took some pictures for you as you can see). She also was kind enough to send me an amazing set after she noticed my love for it.


I cannot stress enough how well made is Empreinte lingerie. I would definitely pay full price for their lingerie. I have tried so many bras and the design was often as impressive as the fit. If you can go to their Atelier, do it! The service is impeccable and the ladies know what they are doing. Also the way they calculate band size seems weird to me they still get what you need at the end so I have nothing negative to say about that.
This is also a gorgeous store and the experience makes you feel special.

DSC05259_edited5_edited.jpgEmpreinte Ornella in Violine

They have the option of adding some personalized details on your lingerie!! Next time I go I have to do that. I was in a rush when I visited them so I didn’t have time to try this service but I was really happy to be helped by women who were never haughty (something I experienced so often in luxury stores…) and always friendly without getting too much in your space. The place itself looks modern but still kind of traditional. I love it.


My second name is exactly the same as this bra’s name so maybe it is a great reason to get it? What do you think? I liked the black and blue colorway but this one is super pretty too! :p I intentionnally won’t tell you how it’s called so I can stay mysterious until you google it x)! This colorway is Opale (which is also the name of my first hamster). On my picture it looks brown and I sadly I cannot remember if this color is the right one. I think it was lighter more like a taupe. Like a brown grey but I don’t think my picture is extremely far from reality which is weird because it looks grey on the stock pictures. Need to look for that info.


So that was that. If you go to Paris and plan to do lingerie shopping, you should definitely visit this place, even if it is just to take a look! Now let’s back on track!

If you have read my CurveNY preview you must know my first thoughts about the Cassiopée range: I expected to hate it on me.Well, this set is one of my 2016 lingerie revelations. I am in love (again, yeah!).

Empreinte Cassiopée bra

First aesthetically, this bra is special. It is not common at all and seems to suit a large range of ages. It is the first time I love a bra with this cut. Usually anything close to it looks grandma-ish and gives a weird minimized shape. Also the design of the embroidery is simply somptious. Not alike the usual black/ beige/red(if you’re lucky) colorways that you can usually find with this cut. Everything reminds me of French royalty symbols. Am I the only one to see the flower of lily?
The finishes are flawless as if they were to be the fruit of a perfectionist spirit. I might sound like I’m exaggerating but it is something I have seen with every Empreinte bra I have tried. The quality is one of the best I have seen on the French lingerie market.

Empreinte Cassiopée shorts

This bra feels as sturdy as delicate. The brand describes the cups as “molded”, which I think, is the reason why they are “sturdy”(perhaps it is not the right word, though). As you can see they have no seams and I can tell that the bra has its own shape. I mean, it’s  been made to encapsulate and structure the breasts. I should have taken a picture so you could see how the cups can keep their shape even unworn. Obviously it remains unpadded but it has a very unusual construction.
I don’t feel like it is going to get damaged if I wear it a lot but it still looks like pure elegance. So often ( and I think I said it before) luxury brands make bras that are definitely make to be lightly and carefully worn. I don’t mind paying 85euros for a bra but I do it only if I know the piece is trustworthy. When I know it is not going to become loose because of the weight of my breast or simply start fitting weirdly with time.
I didn’t pay for this set but it was on my birthday/Christmas list so I would definitely have  paid for it.

Empreinte Cassiopée

I received this bra in a size 75F. I know it sounds weird ahah but it is my Empreinte size. I explained their sizing in one of my Curve NY preview if you need deeper info.
Note that if I was more full on top I would need a 75G in this brand I think because most of their styles are closed on top. (So a FOT 30GG should probably go with a 75G since their bras usually have no stretch, as it is the case for the Cassiopée.)
With this brand you can usually size down from 1 to 2 cup sizes depending on your shape.
The fit of this bra is spot on I think. It looks neat and gives a beautifully rounded but natural shape. The gore tacks softly but securely and just feel comfy.

Empreinte Cassiopée

The wires, to my surprise are sooo narrow. I mean, French bras are usually not that narrow but these wires are as narrow as one of my Ewa Michalak bra. Because of that it looks super small when unworn.
If you usually struggle with wide straps placement this bra might please you. Actually the straps are more centered (if I can say it this way) and on me it is the reason why my bigger breast seems to show a tiny bit on the side. But actually this bra is the perfect size for me.
It is just super comfy and you don’t have to worry about it throughout the day.
The band is wide and the strap placement is also different. Empreinte bands have their own construction  it is not obvious on my back picture but I find it to look different from my usual bra back. Actually it reminds me of the back of my Avocado Chamade bra.
This type of bands feels very secure. I found this one to be super soft on my skin and it was even disturbing at the beginning how light weight this bra feels but  it gives an amazing support.

Empreinte Cassiopée

I received the shorty in a size Small (FR 40/ Eur 38) and I love it. I think a size smaller could definitely fit my bum but the elastic on the high hips looks better on me in this size (from what I remember of this day at the store). This shorty is super comfy and flattering and the design is marvelous. I mean. I was surprised at the beginning. I was expecting to find more of this glorious embroidery. But then I noticed that it was there. Just less transparent because, the mesh is a little bit different on the top of the shorty compared to the cup of the bra.
Also the lace that you can also find around the wires of the bra and on the gore looks so architectural.  (It is more obvious if you look at my back picture x’))
You can definitely see that they put a lot of work and ideas in this set and the result is impressive.

Oh and talking about French brands, I decided to write reviews in French too from now! You can find the French version of this post here but I will list them in the new section of the blog until I find a better way.

<3 Love,


**This set has been gifted to me by Empreinte for the purpose of a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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11 Replies to “Stellar lingerie crush : Empreinte Cassiopée set”

  1. This set is just gorgeous! That’s so interesting about it being described as “molded” but not quite being so – I was trying to figure out exactly how it worked! I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on one to take a look in more detail. I can definitely see the appeal of the bra across many age ranges, and the shorts too with their slightly higher waistline.
    Empreinte sizing does sound quite strange when you’re used to a bigger cup size – I agree! I remember trying some on in Rigby & Peller and being surprised about how I was mostly in an F cup there when I more consistently wore a GG!

    1. I definitely recommend this bra! If you can put your hands on a set go for it! I wish I had it in different colorways!
      I think the molded thing has to do with the French definition. They actually use a mold to make the cups but it is a different process as the one we know for other molded bras. ^^

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