Well, Christmas is already gone. I wish it lasted longer. I love it. I watched Nightmare before Christmas (maybe for the 15th time…) and a Disney movie in English for the first time (it’s funny in a totally different way when you are not a kid). I also ate plenty of things which were only related by my love for them.
What did you do for Christmas? Hope you enjoyed it. I know it is not fun for everyone… Every year for like 5 years I have been super stressed out because I never know where I am going to spend it and with who. For those who know this feeling, I hope this one was a happy lucky Christmas for you too.

[These pieces have been gifted to me for the purpose of a review. As usual, all opinions are my owns.]
Avocado Isadora
I thought a review of Avocado Isadora range was perfect for the holidays season. After all this range has it all: the huge bows, the red and silver touches, the discreet flowers stems and the classy lace which seems to be made for special occasion. I wouldn’t mind having a top made from this lace. Isadora is cute, modern, sophisticated.

After my review of the Valentina set (65K/Small) , Anna, Avocado’s designer noticed that I might fit in a smaller size in the NF cut and was kind enough to offer to send me the Isadora in a 60K. Apart from the fact that I was thrilled with the idea of trying this gorgeous collection, I also realized that it was a great idea to size down in this style.
To be honest, I think my Avocado size is somewhere in between a 60K and 60L/65K depending on the style. I would love to try the Valentina in a size 60K to see if the fit and shape would change a lot.
Based on my experience I think  Isadora’s construction is a little bit different. It could be a question of sizing but I think these bras works differently.

Avocado Isadora
First, because of the fabrics, Valentina is definitely more forgiving for upper fullness than Isadora. If you are full on top, don’t size down in the Isadora because the top of the cup has no stretch.
Second, the shapes they give to the breasts are a little bit different. They both give a square décolleté, but the Valentina (and Annick in Love) make the breasts look more front and projected, while Isadora NF seems to separate more my boobs from each other. Because of that I prefer not wearing it under loose tops but it looks nice under more adjusted clothes.
I think this bra works beautifully for my shape. It gives projection and discreet uplift. The lace at the bottom of the cup has some stretch. Also the gore is narrow and relatively low, which I like. The straps are kind of wide situated but the cups edges do not bother my armpits and the straps don’t fall off my arms so I am pretty happy with them. As often, the straps feature the same lace as the lower part of the cup.

Avocado Isadora

Actually, this lace is a pleasure to wear, both on the bra and on the brief! It is soft and so unusual. It also reminds me a little bit of honeycomb.
The upside-down bows make this set even more special. They are adorable but by no mean cheesy. Really, Avocado’s embroideries are always so gorgeous! My pictures don’t do them honor! The discreet floral details are lovely. Every element of this set screams good quality and it is obvious that the designer worked on every aspect on this set.

I have been lucky enough to receive the Isadora in the RV shape too. Avocado sent me a 60L in this bra and even if it might not be obvious on the pictures, I couldn’t size down.
Let’s say that I have been very surprised by the huge difference of fit between the NF and RV cut.

Avocado Isadora

Although they are based on the same design, the front looks of these bras are extremely different. Isadora RV definitely gives a more rounded and centered shape. But as you can see, it also provides more coverage.
You may have noticed on the NF cut, that the straps are linked to the lower part of the cup. Here they are related to the top part of the cup. I can imagine that these particularities have an impact on the fit and shape. The RV is more full on top friendly which can explain why I get some wrinkles on my smaller breast.

The gore here is almost 2cm taller than the NF gore. Avocado’s gores tend to tack firmly so I personally prefer the lower ones. The RV wires are only slightly wider but I would say that they are wide on both bras. However they are made in a certain way that prevents them from touching your armpits. Note that the straps are also wider on this one, certainly because it’s a bigger size.
From the back these bras are very similar, the bands are firm but not uncomfortable and feature 3 sets of hooks and eyes.
As a coordinate I received the classic briefs which are just so comfy! I already said that I love the texture of these lace and embroidery, but the back of the bra and panty are also made from this black deliciously soft fabric which deserve to be complimented too!
I really love the way it feels and stretches. I mean, this is a very butt friendly panty. It provides a good coverage in a size Small for me. Also I don’t have to worry about VPL because the elastics have a perfect tension.
It is definitely cool to see the lovely asymmetry created by the bow placement. That said, all the coordinates of this range are gorgeous!
Avocado Isadora

In a nutshell, Isadora is another beautiful number! I like the balance between a classic look and some very modern and original details. Also this set is feminine without being girly. I think it could please a lot of women of different ages and I personally love it.

Which one of the Isadora cuts do you prefer? Do you find it interesting to have the same design in different cuts?

Lot of love,


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