Happy New Year, ladies and gents! 🙂 I hope y’all ate plenty of good things and enjoyed the time you spent with your loved ones! I personally totally abused of sugar and have been sick for the last 2 days… Ahah… I didn’t see it coming…
Well, I thought it would be nice to start this new year of blogging with something as fresh and new as Bettie Page lingerie! If you haven’t heard of it, it is a new sister brand of Playful Promises! And their lingerie is already so stunning! I got 3 pieces from them and I love them all. Sadly one of them doesn’t love me in return and I know I cannot keep it.


I have to say that I didn’t know much about Bettie Page before Playful Promises came out with this sister brand. For those of you who are in the same case, you have to know that she was a Pin-up famous in the 50’s for her provocative photographs which were definitely borderline for this period. Indeed, she posed for some bondage photographs (even if that was not the bigger part of her portfolio) which really affected her reputation, positively or not depending on the point of view. She also inspired several artists in the 70’s and after, while she thought she had been totally forgotten.
I think she is still a symbol of sexual liberation and natural sens of glamour.
I don’t know why all the glamorous women of the 20th century had to have a terribly tough life but it always breaks my heart to read about them. Even if we all remember her as a glorious pin-up Bettie Page was definitely struggling with her personal life apart from being a model. I am so glad PP decided to do her honor with this new brand!


I received this beauty today and I have to admit that I was pretty anxious about how it would fit. However, I got it on sale for 27£ so I knew I wouldn’t feel too bad if it wasn’t perfect. I have to say that Bettie Page and its amazing items is definitely a brand for small busted ladies. Their bras only go to a DD cup and seeing the cut of this basque, I think it was obvious that it wouldn’t fit my wide and side heavy breasts. But I was still so in love that I had to try it. And so did I.


First, I have been very surprised by the size of the package. It was actually pretty small for something which contains a basque! But this piece is easy to fold and I guess it is a good thing for those of you who don’t want to feel constricted. It is way lighter than a usual corset!

I love the total sheerness of this piece and the black lines make it so classy! I wish it was socially acceptable to wear this as outerwear! Even with fun nippies! Cause apart from the fit, it makes me feel glorious! It is such an audacious design, seriously! My favorite part of it is the peplum below the waist! Even from the back it’s stunning! I particularly love that it is so minimalistic and has no lace.

Bettie Page Cage Basque

I bought a UK size 10 (my usual clothing size) since the customers service told me it must fit tight. I was about to buy a size 12 but I had a feeling that it would be too big on my waist to stay in place. To be honest I wish I tried them both just to make sure I am not missing out.
I guess it is not obvious on the pictures (or maybe it is?) but my breasts are WAY too full on the sides for this basque. In reality I would need it to be like 2 or 3 cups smaller to wear it comfortably. But I am not even sure since I am not 3 cups smaller. What I know is that anyone close to my size shouldn’t buy a size 10. I think the basque have been made with the same size range as the bras in mind.

Bettie Page Cage Basque

I really struggled to take decent pictures. I mean, this piece wouldn’t stay more than 1 min in place on my chest or I would have to be motionless. Also my breasts were totally crushed… The recommendation for buying the smaller size possible was smart in that sense that if you size up, the Bettie Page Cage basque might slip off your body. That is what happened with mine. I actually wear a size UK 10 in clothing because the size 8 cannot contain by breasts. Sometimes the size 10 fits perfectly and sometimes it is too big on the waist but my boobs take enough space so it is not a big deal.

Bettie Page Cage Basque

With the Bettie Page Cage basque, I had to close the 3 sets of 7 hooks the tightest possible (which was rather difficult x)) but it was still not tight enough to prevent it from slipping. I can imagine that the issue comes both from my breasts shape and size and from the fact that my waist is too small for this piece. Also, I noticed that the mesh on the back has some stretch but the one on the front really doesn’t. I guess some stretch on the front would have helped my bust but I can imagine that this choice was the best to maintain the shape of the piece itself. Also, the boning is only on the top part of the piece not on the peplum.

Bettie Page Cage Basque

I am sincerely so sad that this piece didn’t work out for me! I love these pictures but they really don’t show how off was the fit. Just keep in mind that I had to readjust the Bettie Page Cage basque between every picture and it was slipping so easily that I wouldn’t wear it for 20min under a tight dress. But it would be nice for photoshoots if you have the patience of readjusting it constantly. Again, I am only talking about my experience. I am a 30GG and a size UK 10.
I am still glad I got to try this amazing piece and I think it is well-made. The finishes look great and it is very stylish! Also it is still on sale so if you like it and are in the right size range go for it! 🙂

Bettie Page Cage Basque

One last weird pose, just for fun. I thought if I couldn’t keep it I had to get the best of it in pictures at least. <3
I am desperate for a basque that wouldn’t look too lacey! This one was a beautiful dream but alas I have to wait for another opportunity.

What do you think of Bettie Page lingerie? Did you try their pieces already? I am all about their French Knickers! Also, their Ostrich Feather robe and babydoll are wonderful! (I got the robe and I am SOOO in love with it!!! I am waiting for the black version to get the babydoll…)

Sending love!


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  1. I’m so sorry it didn’t work out! It’s such a pity as we’re also sized out of the amazing cage bra! I got the cage girdle and it’s lovely, I just need to figure out where to wear it!
    I’m with you on the robe, I think when the black one comes out I’ll get it!

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