*I received this set free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.*

So a few months ago I had the wonderful opportunity to partner with Sacha Kimmes on her La Sylphide collection. I was absolutely in love with it and got to review the cutest skirt ever but I needed something stretchier than the beautiful lace of La Sylphide to accomodate my breasts.
Sacha has been kind enough to send me her Alicia bralette and Sabrina open back brief and I think they make a beautiful set.

The Alicia bralette is part of her Classics collection. It has been made to my measurements and I find it pretty comfy.
This bralette is made from two layers of black mesh and it is slightly transparent but opaque enough to save your modesty. The straps are fully adjustable and it features a band that you can close with 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes.

Under the bust, an elastic provides a little bit more support to the breasts and adds a finished look to this very minimalist design. I wish it was thicker or firmer since it tends to roll under my breasts very often but it is soft and I suppose, would do very well on smaller busts.
I would say that the difficult part with making bralettes for full bust ladies with small backs is to make the back tight enough without losing depth in the front part.
This bralette definitely has enough space for my breasts but the back would need to be shorten a lot. I would say it feels more like a 34-36 band than a 30. As a result the band goes up with the weight of my breasts which is the main issue with this piece.

Talking of experience it is hard to get a 30band with a bralette also because you might prefer stretchy fabrics to accomodate your breasts, but this fabric will eventually be too stretchy to provide support.
That said, I love how Sacha made the sides of this bralette. My breasts being very full on sides, I was scared to get spillage since Alicia seemed to be almost triangular in the stock pictures but this didn’t happen. I get some nipslip but my nipples situation creates this issue with a lot of bralettes.

Sacha Kimmes open brief

The first picture of this post is the more representative of how the bralette fits along the day. My breasts wouldn’t stay separated for hours without wires.

I really enjoy the Sacha Kimmes huge bow signature. It makes most of her pieces super adorable. I am a sucker for huge bows and black lingerie so I really find myself in this indie brand. Did I say that she is based in Belgium? For those who are interested in meeting designers in person and who live eventually in Europe, she gives sometimes private sales IRL. I wish I could go! It must be amazing to be able to see her pieces in person!

About the Sabrina brief, it is from the Petit Chat collection! I think she always chooses very well her collections names. Indeed, Petit chat could be translated as kitten and all the pieces from this range are just as delicate as sensual. I adore this lace! Some people find black lingerie boring but I think Sacha knows how to make it playful and stylish at the same time.

Sacha Kimmes bralet

I have to warn you about the sizing, though. I tried 2 Sacha Kimmes bottoms in a Medium, and I honestly found them to be closer from a XS and a Small. I simply couldn’t put the first one on without being scared of damaging it. Note that I usually wear a UK size 10 or a Small in most of the brands. I think indie designers very often run small and a Medium is my go-to size when I try a new indie brand. So far I haven’t had any issue buying this size. But I think I would need a Large in Sacha Kimmes bottoms. So I would suggest you to give her your measurements before buying panties if you have any doubts.

Sacha Kimmes lingerie

The Sabrina brief fits my hips but my bum is definitely too big for it. The fabric is not stretchy, so I can’t wear it under a pair of jeans without getting a four butt effect. It is super cute though and for me it will be a super fun bedroom piece. I will probably also take a lot of photographs in this brief but it is not an everyday panty. I have seen a lot of ladies on instagram wearing it much better so I think either my butt is just not proportionate to the rest of my body or they just knew what size would be the best for them.

Sacha Kimmes lingerie

This set is very nice to lounge around during the weekend or simply love yourself in front of the mirror. One last thing about the fit of the bralette is that each “cup” is sewn in the middle, vertically. It was the first time I tried a design like that but I end up with my boobs cut in the middle which appears under tight tops. You can probably see it on some pictures. I wish it fitted me better so I could wear it more often but I really love the way it looks on me when I don’t wear clothes.

Sacha Kimmes is a beautiful label and I am super happy to get to know it better! Her latest release “Ace of Wands” is DELIGHTFUL. I wish I could afford it because these bodysuits are to die for! Seriously! They are unsual and look so comfy and perfect! Lingerie with CAPE(let) = Super hero lingerie! <3 I forgot to tell you but the little mirror I have in my first pictures arrived with the set and I think you might receive one with your order too! If you want to know more about it just click here!

Sacha Kimmes lingerie
Hope you enjoyed this post! I really want to introduce more indie designers and small brands this year! I think lingerie is art and  people who think out of the box makes it more and more fascinating to me.

I am sorry for not being super present lately, I am just super super busy with school…

Still love you though, thanks for reading!

PS: French version here!

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