If you’ve experienced Canadian winter, you must know that it is NECESSARY and HIGHLY recommended to enjoy yourself during this time. If not, you are more likely to get depressed before February. So I thought, some fun pieces from Lovehoney could be of help…

DSC07812_edited4*These pieces have been gifted to me by Lovehoney for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.*

Did I mention that I’ve had a lolita period? I mean, something between a Kawaii and Pinup way of dressing myself, but darker…(Is that clear?) Well, I did. I still have some cute pair of heels from that time, and some dresses but I don’t feel like wearing them anymore. However, I still really like wearing doll clothing’s once in a while and when I saw the Lovehoney Black Bow stockings, I had to try them out!


They are made from nylon and my first impression was that they felt very sturdy. It is not the type of stockings that will get ruin at first wear. That was a very good surprise because my experience of fantasy stockings led me to think that they are made to be worn only once. They are also quite long, which is a plus since I am usually too tall for one size stockings (note that I am 1m71). However, I wish, they ran bigger. I think you can clearly see that they are too tight for my thighs. Sadly (for me), I can’t size up with the Plus Size option, so I am stuck in the middle (story of my life) for being too tall/too big for “One Size fits most” stuff. I guess these stockings might fit plenty of women, but they don’t seem to be super thighs friendly.

Aren’t they super cute, though!? I really like their thickness. I could wear them out in winter without hesitation if they fitted better. Plus they don’t slip off my legs! They have no gel to make them stay up but they stay very well without a suspender. I wonder if it is because they are too tight or if they would stay up on anybody’s legs.

I like those HUGE satin bows! I wish I could find a way to wear oversized bows in my hair/clothes on a daily basis. I find them so adorable…
If I put aside the sizing, which is a personal issue, I think I can still wear them for special occasions or maybe find a way to style them with other clothes. They make me feel super cute and even if they are visually too tight I don’t feel like a sausage.  🙂

The second piece I picked was a super girly suspender that actually had a little vintage touch to it. The Seduce me range is definitely playful and by no means made to restrict yourself in anything. Well, I don’t have much suspenders that are really restrictive but they often make me keep a certain posture. This one is more like a skirt with suspenders.
Made of floral lace and microfiber, it is soft and very stretchy.
I initially received a size Medium (10-12) which was way too big for me. The size Small(6-8) is nice but I think I could even wear a smaller size.

Lovehoney Seduce Me
This piece is comfortable and cute. It doesn’t really look like me but as you know, lingerie is my favorite costume.
I have to say that this skirt would be perfect for people with long torso but if you are kind of small, maybe you will find it a bit long. I found it to be pretty long on me. I think it wouldn’t be an issue if the suspenders were adjustable but since they aren’t you can either adjust the height of your stockings or wear it higher on your belly to make it work.

As a bedroom piece, this shouldn’t be an issue. But I would prefer something more adjusted on my body as an everyday suspender. It might work perfectly for you but on me it tends to move a little bit. I think maybe if it was tighter that would prevent it from moving but, I guess I have to accept that I have no hips and deal with it. ^^’
The Seduce Me skirt is very easy to put on/off. Seriously if you want to be able to move like you are wearing nothing, this suspender should give you entire satisfaction.

Lovehoney Seduce Me
This skirt features an opening on the back, which is similar to a bra set of hooks and eyes just above the keyhole that you can see on my picture. I can wear it to the tightest hook but I prefer the second one to keep the smooth aspect of the skirt. In this picture, I wore it at the tightest hook so you can see that I get some wrinkles but nothing dramatic.
Note that this piece need to be worn with stockings, otherwise it won’t behave like a skirt and is probably going to go up up up very quickly…

Lovehoney Seduce Me

As often with Lovehoney, these two products also exist in a Plus size version! I like the way this brand makes lingerie affordable to everyone, either with the prices or the size range.
Of course, if you are like me you won’t find a bra in your size on this website but you have plenty of fun options and I am always happy with the quality vs price ratio ( here 14.99£ for the Suspender skirt and 7£ for the stockings). It is more about fun than super well-fitting lingerie, so if it is your cup of tea you should look at their selection. I personally enjoy the comfiness of their garments!

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