A long time ago, I remember myself lusting after some longlines that were only available up to a D or F cup, and even when they went up to a G cup, it was the shallowest G cup ever. I even got to the conclusion that brands usually make the last cup of their size range only to be able to look more inclusive but kept making exactly the same size range with the wrong letters on the products… Well, all that is in the past and now I own a handful of longlines that fit me properly. This is maybe my favorite bra style. It makes me feel dressed up under my clothes. I like this old fashion feeling of wearing something a little bit heavier with more coverage underneath.

DSC08258_edited44_edited44.jpg**I received this bra free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.This post contains an affiliated link.**

Another thing about me is that I am definitely a cat lady… So, I guess you already made the equation… When Joanna from Wellfitting offered to send me their Meow longline, I was more than happy to review it.
I am not very into prints on my lingerie but I found this one so fun and unusual! It has this weird vintage look that I really enjoy! I seriously think the full bust industry often forgets that big boobs also want fun prints. I mean, if you are in between an A and a D cup, you can find all over the internet, or just going to Undiz, loads of funny printed bras… Superhero bras, cartoons, funny sentences or citations… But it seems like full busted ladies have to be all feminine and only can get colorful flowers /fruits or any other things related to what society finds cute for women.

Ahah I don’t want to annoy you with my thoughts about society and my desire for Batman inspired lingerie that would fit me… I just mean I think Wellfitting is bringing something very cool to us. (You should have a look at their very new style… Two words: Unicorn print!)
So I was originally sent the bra in a 32J/70J which is the size I always pick when buying from Comexim, but I found the bra to be too small/not enough projected for my breasts. I am actually a UK 30GG and this bra in a 32K fits me way better.

Wellfitting Meow Longline demi
I was actually pretty surprised with the construction of this bra. It seems to be something in between a halfcup and a plunge. The cup has 3 vertical seams and the wires are wider than my other Comexim bras’. But they are perfect for my roots.
This bra provides a rounded shape. It is made to provide cleavage and is not very deep. It might be a good idea to size up in this bra especially if you are projected. But once you find the right size for you (and Wellfitting has a super wide size range, and a pretty easy return policy) the result is amazing. I never got a cleavage like the one this bra gives me before.

Wellfitting Meow Longline demi
You can’t really tell with most of my pictures and you must think that my right boob doesn’t fill the top of the bra, but once my breasts take their natural place in the cups (about 30min after wearing it, moving and all) they fill them completely and I finally get some cleavage. I think the only picture that shows the final result is the penultimate one.
Also, I put on weight a little bit since I received this bra and my bigger breast feels a little tight sometimes. (See the picture below)

Wellfitting Meow Longline demi
However, the Wellfitting Meow Longline demi bra feels very secure for a “push up” bra. The gore is very narrow and low, which makes it super comfortable. I don’t really feel it actually. It tacks but it seems to be so low that it only tacks at one point then the wires do the rest of the job. I personally like that.
The back of this longline is very wide and features 3 sets of 5 hooks-and-eyes, which makes it feel like a tight crop top in my opinion. This wide band is soft and warms me up in this cold weather. 🙂 I like that it is quite stable and doesn’t roll too much.
The straps are very well situated, they do not fall out of my shoulders and they also are fully adjustable.

Wellfitting Meow Longline demi
Something I like with the overall look of this bra is the black edges that make everything look clean and finished. The cute unusual bow on the gore reminds me of the ones I make when I pack presents. It goes pretty well with the design of the bra. Also, I noticed some shiny curved lines on the prints. I personally don’t find them either bad nor necessary. I easily forget them actually. (Check My Fashion Insider‘s blog to see what I am talking about).
This bra is well-made and I find the construction very appropriate for big breasts. I rarely get along with plunges or half cup, either because my breasts are too FOB or because my nipples are too high-set,  so I really like this hybrid. I can have it all. Plus it is a longline 😀 . I am super glad I got to review it!
Note that Wellfitting bras are manufactured by Comexim, so if you aren’t familiar with this name, that means, you must allow arround 4 weeks after your order to receive your bra. I think it is worth it but yes, it requires patience :p .

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