Dear readers, I am SO so sorry for the radio silence… Life has been as cruel as generous to me these past months. I went through some real roller coasters… But here I am. Happy, healthy, and ready to conquer the world. 🙂 And today, I am bringing you one super cute set from Tutti Rouge lingerie.

DSC08481_edited_editedessay.jpg**This set was gifted to me by Tutti Rouge lingerie for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.**

For those who are still skeptical about cute lingerie for larger cups, I think it is time to stop the sad propaganda… I mean, you do have some great options. 🙂 Better late than never, right? So while the strappy trend saturated the lingerie industry these past 2 years, some cute pieces are still popping out in their own way.
Here is Sukki, a lingerie set named after the burlesque doll Sukki Singapora. And just like her, it is unusual, girly and kind of sassy.


The first time I saw this set, I was immediately attracted by the “fishnet” layer on the cup and on the front of the panty. It looked different, and gave a touch of sophistication to this set. Actually it is not a simple fishnet. It is more like a lot of lozenges linked together by their four angles.  I would love to see it as an unpadded bra! I actually like the choice of this beige foam for the cup. It gives a smoky look to the whole set and seems to go well with every skin tone.
I received the bra in my usual 30GG and the panty in a Medium and these sizes seems to be the right ones for me.


Although the design was attractive to me, my first concern about this bra, when I saw the first stock pictures was that it seems very open at the top of the cup. You might know that I have bottom heavy breasts and I usually struggle to fill the top of plunge bras. I had a feeling that I could have the same issue with this one.


Actually, the bra fits true-to size if not a little big in the cup. It is deep and while its shape reminds me of a half cup bra, it provides much more coverage.
The shape is clearly made to provide cleavage, though. It is kind of shallow at the bottom of the cup and deep close to the top. This probably saves me from the gap I see when I put the bra on at first. I mean, my breasts tend to adjust themselves in the cup through the day  and then everything falls into place. I think this bra is very good for ladies with wide roots like me but it would probably fit better if you also have full on top breasts. This way you should get a cute cleavage and fill it completely. If you are not FOT, you could still fill the cup completely since the depth is close to the top of the cup, your breasts should be somehow pushed up but yes, I think there will be a gap at the bottom. I personally get some discreet cleavage after wearing the bra for several hours .

Tutti Rouge Sukki

The bra itself is super super comfy. Its narrow gore tacks softly against my sternum and it sits very well on my rib cage without digging in. The band features three sets of three hooks and eyes and the straps are fully adjustable. As usual, you can see Tutti Rouge’s signature Love heart sliders which make everything cuter 🙂 .
Talking about straps, you might have noticed the two removable straps? Well, in reality, it is only 1 strap that you can attach to the gore of the bra and link to the main straps by a little hook that fits around the straps rings.  I personally prefer the bra without these additional straps but when I am in the mood it is always nice to have this option.

Tutti Rouge Sukki

Can we talk about the coordinates? Because they’re adorable! I am so glad Tutti Rouge made a high waisted brief to go with this bra! It makes this set utterly comfy and adds an elegant touch. I love this brief! It looks so neat and feels so nice!
Take note that Tutti Rouge panties usually run smaller than other UK brands, though. I usually order a size 10/Small for my underwear (except indie brands briefs) and this Medium is almost tight against my hips. However, this is the best size for me I think and I don’t feel any discomfort. I like the little keyhole and the ruffles at the back of the brief, but my favorite thing must be the seamless edges… I wish all my panties were this way. I hate visible panty lines. Let say that I adore this coordinate. I find it very well-made and it makes me feel super cute too. If high waisted briefs are not your cup of tea, you also have the brazilian brief option which seems to be nice as well. 🙂

Tutti Rouge Sukki

In a nutshell, I am very happy with this set. It is easier to wear than I thought at the beginning and although the bra doesn’t disappear under tight shirts, I like the shape it gives. I hope so bad it is going to be released as an unpadded bra! Every year I am happy to discover more fun stuff for us full busted ladies. I can’t wait to see the next trends.

Also, I want to thank you for still reading my blog even if I kind of disappeared lately. I have plenty of reviews to come and I am almost in holidays from school so everything should be fine from now.

Sending love,
Yours truly,


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    1. Thank you so much 😊 I agree with you, this set is really nice! I only wish I was fuller on top maybe… (I am so sorry for only answering now…)

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