[This set has been generously provided by Backseam Lingerie for the purpose of a review. That said, all thoughts and opinions are my own.]
Spring didn’t last long this year again and we’re already in Summer. I love Summer. I love getting tanned and wearing dresses and shorts. This year again I’ll miss the beach and sun of the Caribbean sadly. Summer also means flowers and trees being colorful and healthy again. After a terribly long Winter this never misses to make me happy. But while I love to see flowers around houses I have never been into floral prints and it is very rare that I love super floral embroideries. Leaves and curved stems, nevertheless, are usually welcome in my lingerie drawer…

A few months ago Alena Danchenko, the owner and designer of Backseam lingerie offered to send me a made-to-measurement set so I could review it here for you guys! If you look at her Etsy selection, you might see why I was excited by this offer. Backseam lingerie looks super delicate and elegant. Something that worried me, however, was the sizing. I mean… These bras and bralettes seemed to be made with small busts in mind and I wasn’t sure if they would be appropriate for my breasts. Alena reassured me and very quickly I received an amazing three pieces sets in my mailbox.


Sadly the bra was really too small for me. I thought maybe there was a confusion with my measurements and Alena offered to send me an other one as soon as possible.
The second one arrived in a very sophisticated packaging and fitted like a dream. It was obviously different from the original design that you can see on the website but I love it better. I received the bra the day of my graduation and although I was busy I tried the bra right away and felt ridiculously sexy. Ahah. ^^

The Black Petal set is composed from a balconnet bra, bikini knickers and a gorgeous suspender belt. I think the stock pictures don’t do it justice. This set is so lovely!
The three-part balconnet is unlined, and feels as light as a bralette. Really it feels like a second skin. This is partly because it is made from an unique layer of mesh which is rare for a bra in my size, however there still are support panels at the sides. Considering this construction, I am amazingly surprised by the shape I get from this bra. It is natural but not too low and happily for me this bra is full on bottom/side friendly.

The straps are reasonably wide, as they were thinner in the first version of the bra. The overlapping gore tacks comfortably and the wires are wide but perfect for my breasts. They also are really thin. Because of that I wouldn’t recommend this bra for bigger busts than mine, or at least be aware that you won’t get the same support with this bra as a usual factory-made full bust bra. That said, I have been wearing this bra several times without discomfort since I got it. The narrow back features 3 sets of 2 hooks and eyes. I am happy with the length of this band since I can wear it at the loosest set of hooks and it doesn’t ride up my back. It also features side bones. However, I think a wider band would be more comfortable for full busted ladies.

Backseam lingerie
Now I have to say again that I really love the appearance of this bra and how it fits. While my nipples are situated exactly were the cup’s seams meet, the shape is not pointy at all( this happens to me sometimes). The bra allows a beautiful projection and seriously it feels like my measurements have really been respected. The cups are slightly elasticated at the top, which gives room to small changes in my breasts volume.
Now the leaves embroidery is lovely. It looks elegant and discreet unworn but I think it releases its charm once you see it on a body. The extra sheer black mesh makes it a perfect boudoir set but without the suspender I see it as a nice everyday set for Summer.

Backseam lingerie
The bikini panty is simple but matches the bra perfectly. The front and back features the same leaves embroidery but the sides are made from a stretchy black mesh. I find the panty to be on the small side but fits me in a cute way I think. It is very low rise and gives a light coverage to my butt (butt that actually eats it if I move too much). But I really like how that they used the embroidery on the front and back of this panty. So often I am under the impression that the front is more important than the back for designers, which is understandable but often disappointing.

The suspender belt is a nice addition to this set. I especially like the sides embroideries and the triangles detail of the straps. However if I could change something about this suspender it would be adding little satin covers over the clips. I wouldn’t have noticed this detail since I am not an expert in suspenders but one of the silicone pieces disappeared and I only noticed it once I decided to take these pictures. I decided to replace it with one from an old removable suspender strap but then I realized that usually these silicone pieces are sewed to satin covers that prevent them from getting off and also gives a more luxurious/finished look. Apart from that issue, the suspender holds my stockings very well and is nice to wear.

Backseam lingerie
As you can see from the side view, this bra makes my boobs look almost naked, and you can see that my breasts are very bottom heavy. At first I was worried about the impact of their weight on the mesh but since it has no stretch at the bottom it seems to handle it for the moment. Because of that I believe that this bra would be better if your cup volume isn’t much bigger than mine, unless the design would be modified to add another layer of mesh at the bottom of the cup.

Backseam lingerie
That said, I love this set, I find it rather easy to wear and comfy. It must be weird to say so but one day I found myself touching my breasts to verify if I was actually wearing anything. It is an unusual feeling at first but once you get used to it, it is actually nice to feel like you are free of bra while still being supported and wearing beautiful lingerie.
I am super happy to wear this set having in mind that it is hand-made and that Backseam’s team actually made an effort to get out of their comfort zone and create a bra that fits and makes me feel fabulous. I think this set is pretty affordable for hand-made lingerie especially since you have the made to measurements option.

PS: Note that I photoshopped my nipples for the sake of modesty but the bra is completely transparent. Also I am wearing the Café au lait Nubian Skin hold ups, and a Karolina Laskowska choker on these pictures. I love those pieces so damn much >_<

Sending love <3

Yours truly,

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