Monsieur est une traînée lingerie
I am an obsessive person. Well, I said it. I am this person that will buy from the same brand again and again if I love their aesthetic, sometime I eat only the same fruit for about 2 weeks because it’s the only thing I am craving (be reassured, I eat other stuff too but not different fruits), I can be haunted by a piece and never feel peaceful until I get it in my wardrobe, and of course I can buy a set in every colorway available if I love the fabric enough for that.

DSC09119The red looks a little bright on this picture but it is a deep and darker red in reality.

Last year, I came across Toru & Naoko lingerie and the Kumiko set stole my heart. I ended up buying it (it was my very first made to measurement bralette) and also it was not perfect (the band was too big) I adored it. About 10 months later I got the white version with different measurements. And then I realized that this fabric that I loved so much was also used by Kiss Me Deadly for their Everythingless collection and by Monsieur est une traînée, a French indie brand based in Grenoble, for the Heartbreaker set.

Monsieur est une traînée lingerie
The Everythingless collection was not affordable for me (also I still wish I could get it) but I knew I had to get the Heartbreaker set. After all, it was a longline design with one of my favourite lace (mesh?)! I lusted after it for almost a year and finally bought it since I was scared it would be discontinued. Well, this was one of my best lingerie decision. Milena was an absolute angel to work with and everything went quickly and smoothly! Also the deep red set arrived in a pink plastic pocket and was wrapped with a lovely tissue paper and sprinkled with confetti.

Monsieur est une traînée lingerie
You have to know that there are about 20 cm difference between my bust circumference and underbust circumference. Because of that, the original design would have been very tricky to put off and on for me. Milena realized it and offered to make some adjustments so the design could be more wearable for me. So, she added seams at the breasts part and also an opening made of 3 sets of hooks and eyes at the back.

Monsieur est une traînée lingerie
Thank to those changes, this bralette feels better than any of those I have tried before. Although I love the design of the other ones, this one has an amazing fit. The band feels supportive while still very comfortable, it is very fitted, I only have to wear it at the first set of hooks and eyes so I know I will be able to wear it for a long period of time.
The mesh is stretchy and the seams at the bottom of the breasts give some more structure to the design, visually and also physically (I hope you get me). I am glad she didn’t make a complete seam from the bottom to the top of the ”cup” since this never worked out for me.

Monsieur est une traînée lingerie
I would usually complain about the thinness of the strap but weirdly enough, this time I have nothing bad to say about them. The support they provide must be due to the racer back.
Of course they could be wider but I don’t feel any discomfort and they don’t make the band ride up so for me, they are almost perfect. It is really rare that the band of a bralette stays so stable on my body and feels that secure! Also I like the gold sliders and ring on the back! I am considering buying this bralette in other fabrics and colorways because it is wonderful to wear.

The Heartbreaker panty was made to my measurements and feels super good to wear! Well, the first one I received was a little bit too tight and very low rise. It actually felt like it was made to my measurements but with a tight tension on the elastics. I contacted Milena and she was very helpful. She offered to send me another one before I sent the first one back and inside the new package she put another plastic envelope so I could use it to send the smaller panty. She also offered to reimburse the postage fees.

I asked her if it was possible to make the new pair of knickers with more coverage at the back and a higher rise and the new one I received was perfect. It is stable just like the bralette, my butt does not eat it when I move and it doesn’t create VPL.
I love this set and I am glad I bought it full price because it is worth every dollars. It is very well-made with a great attention to detail. <3

Thank you Milena! I am definitely buying from you in the future!

Now, dear readers, what do you think about the Heartbreaker set? Do you think it is worth it to buy made to measurement bralettes or do you usually go with the S,M,L,XL system?

Sunny kisses!
Yours truly,



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5 Replies to “Feeling like the Queen of hearts in Monsieur est une traînée lingerie”

  1. Wow the service sounds wonderful and it’s lovely to have something you like, work for you! This colour is great on you. Love your comment, will definitely look into this brand.

  2. I’ve never found a bralette that fits me, I wear a 30/32 G normally…so the larger bralette don’t sit flat on my chest. Definitely going to look into a made to measure!

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