What do you wear when you feel sad, anxious, or powerless?

Something I hear very often is that people tend to care less about their appearance when they feel bad. Weirdly enough, I am one of those people who will wear make up at home on a Sunday if I feel terrible. I can only wear large, basic clothes when I am happy enough to actually not care about how I look. In these rare cases I usually borrow my boyfriends clothes, which could probably take twice my body to be properly filled and lounge around without thinking too much about anything. But I am an anxious person so this actually didn’t happen for about 2 months. When I feel weird, or insecure, my first reflex is to put on my favorite nightwear pieces and I usually spend the whole day in them. If I really feel terrible then I put on some eye liner and style my hair. This is my way to feel like I have something together, if not my life.

Because of that, when life gets tough I get even more obsessed with lingerie, and at this year, weirdly, nightwear. About six months ago, I came across an Esty Lingerie sale and noticed a cute black and green chemise that looked like it would never fit me. I had seen it before, several times, without really looking at it because I was sure that it was an item made for smaller busts. I don’t know why but this day, I decided that I had to get it. It was on sale so at least if it was not fitting right I would not have a lot of regrets.
So I got the Glimmer green sparkly lace chemise and its matching thong in a size Medium. The website indicated that the size Medium was a UK 10 for the babydoll but a size 14 for the thong. Estelle told me that I should be ok with those sizes since the thong was adjustable and the babydoll, although it could have been big at the under-breast elastic was supposed to have enough room for my boobs.

Unfortunately the chemise I received had a little defect, which made it look asymmetrical due the tension on the elastic being slightly different on the left compared to the right side of the garment. I think it wouldn’t be a huge deal on a small busted woman, but since my own breasts are asymmetrical and quite full on bottom, it was obvious on me.
I was sad cause I loved it but also, knowing myself I would never be able to forget this defect. It made me feel bad about my breasts and I knew I could not be completely happy even though the rest of it was adorable.

So I contacted Estelle and explained the issue. She was super understanding and very helpful. She offered to make me a new one as a replacement, made to my measurements, with the last piece of fabric that she had. I couldn’t believe how kind it was of her but gratefully accepted the offer.

Esty lingerie
The second chemise arrived, and it was perfect. It was slightly different from the original design, since I told her that the straps were too short for me, and she offered to also modify the length of the chemise. Because she hadn’t enough length of the green velvet straps, she added black satin elastics at the back, and some cute little black bows as well. This version is also 2 inches longer that the original one.

When I said it was perfect, guys… This chemise, made me actually feel so good about my body! It fits my breasts beautifully, provides some light support and it is so light that feel like I am wearing nothing, but in a positive way. The length is lovely too, I like that it can cover my butt. The effect of the edges on the skin is gorgeous! Because there is no seam, it reminds me of those amazing microfiber brazilians that give a nice look to the hips and bum. The finishes are lovely… When I wake up in the morning, I usually stay sat on the edge of my bed for a few seconds looking at my glittery thighs and this makes me happy. This chemise is delicate and comfortable. I feel like I am actually covered wearing it. I wouldn’t open the door to the post man without putting on a gown first but otherwise, it became my favorite pajama, and I can spend the whole day just wearing it and a robe.

Esty lingerie
The attention to detail is there, as well as gold hardware and the garment itself is less fragile than it seems. Actually this fabric is sturdy enough. I think the only thing I would improve is the touch of it. I think it would be nice if it was softer from the inside. But I figured out that it is the glittery fibers of the lace that make the fabric feel sturdier at some places. And I wouldn’t prefer this chemise without them so it is ok with me.

I wanted the matching thong for a very long time and I just had to get it at some point. No disappointment here. Estelle was right, the size 14 fitted me thanks to the adjustable straps. Oh I am so happy I got this set, really. It is very special to me. I wear the thong way less often than the bra since I usually wear matching sets of lingerie but it is always a pleasure. I love its effect on my bum. It looks all rounded and lovely. Ahah! I adore those velvet straps, they are everything.

Esty lingerie
One of my girlfriends told me I looked like a forest fairy in this set and I like this idea. It is green, black and shiny. It was made for me. And I have to say that I have been wearing it way more often than any other pajamas since I got it. I am impressed that it is still shiny after I washed it so many times. I wash it by hands, of course, but I didn’t know what to expect from this set since glittery stuff tend to fade. But as far as I know it didn’t change much (I see it too often to be sure that nothing has changed but it looks great to me).
I wish I also owned the tap pants but my size was already out of stock. (I am still considering getting them in size Large, though.) I am crazy about this fabric because it looks so good against my skin! Plus I am really into green lingerie. The garter was a gift I got with the first babydoll, since Esty originally shipped if later than expected. Although it is not my usual style, I like that it has a double strap and looks like a jewel! I really appreciate my pieces more when I know they were handmade with love, and considering the whole story behind them, I feel like those pieces are even more precious to my heart.

Sending love,

Yours truly,

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3 Replies to “Dryads inspired pieces by Esty lingerie”

  1. Wen,

    Thank you for this timely post – this is just what I need at the moment. Your reviews are always so interesting and detailed on the technical and aesthetic details of the lingerie. Best wishes!

  2. True, it’s always a pleasure to read your posts even if you’re a man loking for something to offer to your girlfriend and to sharp up your lingerie knowledge. I have a question regarding your lingerie. As I read your blog I assume you have a big collection, so how do you store and how do you highlight/showcase your lingerie. I bought some little lingerie hanger (https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1B32.RFXXXXcTXXXXq6xXFXXX0/Sainwin-10-pcs-lot-28-cm-M-tal-Cintres-Pour-V-tements-Pantalon-Clip-Sous-V.jpg), but I’m looking to build something to make my girlfriend happy browsing and chossing her lingerie set…

    If you have any tips, I’ll be happy to read it.


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