Hi there! I know Summer is ending, but I think it is still time to enjoy the sun a little bit before Fall! It is sunny and windy today and the temperature is a sad 12°C but not even a week ago I could still go outside with a light dress and sandals… Canada, I love you.

[Disclaimer: Empreinte generously provided this bikini for the purpose of a review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.]
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Empreinte lingerie is so far, my favorite French brand, and they never fail to impress me with their impeccable quality and style. Last year at Curve, I came across their SS17 lingerie and swimwear collection  and I knew I had to try it at some point. Their swimwear range is all about classiness and simplicity but the work this brand does on the fit is actually amazing. Every detail involves so much thoughts and it is easy to see when you try their pieces on. Empreinte uses the term “swimwear corsetry” to define their range and I think it actually deserves this term.

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At first, I was especially interested in their unlined strapless bikini top from the Style collection. For me, it is still a real mystery how it manages to hold bigger boobs, but guys, I’ll surely prove to you one day that it works as well as the other styles.
So I had the happy surprise to receive the Eclat bikini in the Bleuet colorway which can be translated as “blueberry”. It is indeed some kind of gorgeous and very pigmented purple blue. Just like my Cassiopée  bra, I got a 75F and the brief in Small (FR 38/US 32/ EU 36). Note that I am a UK 30GG and 10. Empreinte is known for its very particular sizing and runs really big in the cup.


When I first saw it, I couldn’t believe how small the top looked. As you can see from my second picture, the wires are super narrow which makes the cups very deep.
I really love the aesthetic of this set. This blue could suit a lot of skin tones and the gun-metal grey detail on the gore and on one side of the brief gives a touch of glamour to these clean lines.

The construction is beautiful, the stitching and the attention to detail too. I love that it provides as much support as a bra would and the cut of the neckline is also very flattering. I think this diagonal seam is a great idea. It looks elegant and fits me definitely better than a vertical one at the middle of the cups, or no seam at all would do. I mean, if you have perfectly rounded and super firm breasts, you can basically wear anything, but if your breasts need some direction, then, this construction actually centers and lifts the breasts pretty well.

DSC02907_1 Empreinte Eclat bikini
I am not gonna lie, I totally feel myself in this set. I mean, it is simple but I feel like a movie star on vacation when wearing it. (Always going too far, I know.) Seriously, it makes me feel super glamorous and classy but a little bit sporty at the same time. I just want to get back to the Caribbean and wear these shoes and this bikini set on a daily basis. (Don’t get me wrong, that is far from the Caribbean lifestyle but I’d do it!)

The material used for this set is a very good quality, and feels good to the touch. Empreinte uses Lycra® Beauty Explosive Xtra-Life which is a smoothing fabric that is known for its longevity, plus I love that the cups are lined to provide a great lift and maintain the shape. The blue fabric on the outside is quite firm and the black fabric on the inside is very soft.

Empreinte Eclat bikini                                             [Photo credit: my super kind boyfriend.]
Empreinte Eclat bikini
You must know that Empreinte has as many wires sizes as the bras sizes they offer. Which means that the wires for a 75F are not the same as the ones for a 80E. Because of that, I think it is great to know your size in this brand since every bra is unique in its sizing. The straps widths are also different from sizes to sizes. This detail doesn’t apply to this particular style, I guess, but it is good to know if you prefer a more constructed style.
The Eclat collection features tankinis, balcony bikini tops and even three different one-piece swimsuits (wireless or wired) in four colorways.

I know I sound like a groopie but, Empreinte attention to detail is something that deserves to be noticed. The coordinate hasn’t been neglected by the designers. It is a mid-rise brief and the way it sits on my hips is amazing. It provides a nice coverage for my bum, feels comfortable and doesn’t ride up.  I also noticed that there is only one seam at the crotch. This seam is strategically placed at the back of the brief and is actually not very visible from the back either.

Empreinte Eclat bikini

Empreinte Eclat bikini

If I had to say something less positive about this bikini it would be that my breasts have tall and wide roots so that the narrow wires tend to move a little bit lower than my inframammary fold. Seriously I don’t care and I still feel amazing in this set. But if you are looking for a super perfect fit and have the same type of breasts than me, then maybe the Eclat balcony bikini would fit you better.

This bikini is available from 30 (I don’t know why the brand website says 32) to 38 bands with cups from C to G. Note that since their 30F fits my 30GG, a G cup might be close to a H or HH depending on the band in UK sizing.  Also some other styles go up to a 44 band.

I am super happy that I got to try the Eclat collection and actually swim into this beautiful set. Sometimes bikinis can feel like they aren’t made for you to enjoy the water but more to stay on the beach and get tanned. This one definitely allows you to move. I love it and I definitely recommend it if you have the budget.

Lots of love! I hope you enjoy the last days of Summer!

Yours truly,

Wen <3

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