Dear readers, while bras and bikinis are amazing, I have to say that I have a deep love for bodysuits. I associate them with ballet and artistic gymnastics. I love how they make me feel dressed up while being half a naked. Bodysuits are wonderful.

[I was sent this piece free of charge for review purposes by Sonata Rapalyte. All thoughts and opinions are my own]

So, when I received a message from Sonata Rapalyte offering to send me one of her bodysuits for the blog, I was over the moon. I had been lusting after her lingerie for years but never thought I could afford it or even fit into it. Looking at the size chart, I was in between a Small and a Medium but I suspected that the models were wearing a Small or XSmall and my breasts were way bigger than theirs. I finally gave my measurements to Sonata and a few weeks later, I had the surprise to receive the Paradis bodysuit in a size Medium, packed in a luxurious packaging that made me feel like it was my birthday.
[Picture from my Instagram story:]

The size M was too big for me especially in the bust and at the back (I know it doesn’t show on these pictures but it is a question of position). I contacted the brand about it and sent the bodysuit back for an exchange. Sadly there was an issue with the parcel and it came back to me. I finally decided to keep it since I was unsure if a Small would even fit my breasts, plus it didn’t look “bad”. It is actually a very loose fit on me but since this bodysuit is very unstructured it might fit differently on different body type.


Aesthetically, this piece is dreamy. The delicate floral lace gives a beautiful tattoo effect over the skin. Although I wouldn’t have picked this colour myself, I believe it looks good on my skin tone and would compliment women with darker skin tones as well. The lace is actually less vivid than the silk which create some kind of contrast.
The top part of this piece features a beautiful scalloped neckline which ends with a beautiful row of nine silk covered buttons. This is my favorite detail on this piece, I think.
The back of the piece also features a scalloped V-shaped lace with each side meeting each other in an oversized pure silk ribbon. I love how big and thick this bow is but if you don’t like this detail, this bodysuit also exists without it.

Sonata Rapalyte Paradis Ribbon Bodysuit

The gusset is lined with silk instead of the traditional cotton and the seams around the legs are covered with silk as well. All these details make this piece feel very precious.
Now I think Sonata bodysuits are special occasion pieces and not really made for everyday wear. The lace has a little bit of stretch to it but when worn without bra, I am a little bit concerned by the effect of my breasts weight on it. It is super delicate and feels good over the skin but I am afraid that it might stretch and never get back to its initial form. With a bra on, it feels more secure, although I know, it is hard to find a bra that would honor this lace, especially in this color.

Sonata Rapalyte Paradis Ribbon Bodysuit
This bodysuit’s construction seems to be made for long torso ladies. I am 1m71 but I think my torso isn’t in the long category. It is quite average from what I have seen with other garments so this might have contributed to make it look too big for me.

The back provides a good coverage for the bum, doesn’t move in any uncomfortable way and is quite pretty. I think the weight of my breasts tends to make it ride up but it only affects the ribbon area and not my bum. I noticed that a seam has started to undo on the bow, and I suspect that it is due to my breasts weight. So far I have only worn this piece for pictures or around the house in order to be able to review it honestly. I think I will re-sew it, and then avoid to wear it without a bra so it doesn’t get damaged. That said, maybe I am just unlucky and got that one piece with a less secure seam.

Sonata Rapalyte Paradis Ribbon Bodysuit
Overall, this piece is confortable, easy to put on and to remove. The gusset is closed with poppers which is good since bodysuits can be very annoying when you need to use the bathroom. The only part that restricts the body’s movements is the sleeves. I find the seams to be kind of rigid and if I want to lift my arms then I have to move them closer to my neck to prevent them from tearing. Paradoxically, since this bodysuit is also too big for me, when I am not active with my arms then the sleeves fall out of my shoulders.

Sonata Rapalyte Paradis Ribbon Bodysuit
I have read different reviews of Sonata Rapalyte bodysuits but most of them were about custom products. I think it is interesting to see how the regular sizes fit and I am glad I got to try this piece. I would recommend full bust ladies with unproportional measurements to ask for a custom size, but if your body is quite proportionate, I feel like you could be ok with the regular sizes. My bust is around 37,4 inches, my waist 25,5 inches and my lower hips 37,8 inches. This bodysuit could fit someone with bigger measurements, surely in a better way.

This piece is a nice addition to my lingerie collection, and I hope one day I can afford one of Sonata’s amazing gowns, sequin (the Soprano looks so good!) or long sleeved bodysuits ( the Olive jade is probably my favorite design from this brand).

I hope y’all have a lovely day! <3

Yours truly,

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