The perfect fullbust bralet is a unicorn. Too many aspects would have to be considered to achieve it but today I want to introduce a product that might be close to the magical animal, in term of comfort, shape and support.

I discovered the Sugar Candy Bra, last month during my trip to New-York, while I was scrowlling through my tweeter feed, and just the day after, I had the chance to meet the brand at Curve NY. Considering all the good things I had just read about Sugar Candy, I was quite happy when the lovely PR lady offered to send me a sample so I could give you guys an idea of the product.

[ Sugar Candy provided this bralette for the purpose of a review. The boxer short is a gift from Foxers. Foxers did not require a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

You must know that Sugar Candy, although associated with Cake lingerie, is a brand on
its own right. The product I am showing you today isn’t the final version. In fact, the branded elastic featuring “Cake lingerie” was confusing for the customers, so in the future, you should read “Sugar Candy” instead.

Sugar Candy has its own website where you can order its products and find all the information you need about the brand. At the moment, the Sugar Candy bra comes in three colorways, black, pink(only a nursing version) and beige. You can buy this bra as a nursing bra or as a regular one and the size range goes from 30 to 42 bands with cups from F to HH.


I received the bra in a size Small, which is supposed to fit the sizes 32F/FF/G/GG and 30H. I think it fits my 30GG pretty well, but I could probably also fit in a XS.
I have to say that it is hard to evaluate wether or not I am a “true” 30GG at the moment. Since last Fall, I have seen my breasts change in a way that I am now able to wear a 30FF/30G/30GG/30H depending on the brand. I don’t know if they are softer or smaller. Almost all my old bras still fit but I am able to wear smaller sizes than usual. Take that in consideration if you used to compare your breasts size to mine.
Aesthetically, this bra is quite simple. It is seamless, and black. The use of a very smooth nylon make it very comfy and stretchy. The cups are molded but not padded at all, this piece is definitely more like a bralette than a bra. (If you remember my Empreinte Cassiopée review, this is quite the same definition of molded).

The band features 6 amazing sets of three hooks and eyes which makes sens since it is supposed to fit 30 and 32 bands. I personally feel comfortable at the third set of hooks but with all these hooks positions I think this bra will have a very long lifetime.

Cake Maternity 10% off first order

My usual complaint about bralettes is that brands use an underbust elastic only for aesthetic purposes. Because of that, after a few uses bralettes are usually unable to provide any support. Inevitably the elastic gets looser and looser. To be fair, this is not only due to the flimsiness and quality of these elastics. The fact that you have to pull it over you head and pass your shoulders is a big part of the explanation. Since I realized that I only buy bralettes that features hooks and eyes.


Here I love that I can simply put it on like a usual bra. Plus the band is very thick and supportive. It doesn’t move or get uncomfortable, and I dont see it stretching out so fast.
The straps are not only fully adjustable but multi-position. This definitely adds value to this bralette in my opinion. I know I can always use special accessories to make a racer back out of regular bras but I always feel like it is going to damage the bra straps somehow. Crossing the straps also gives a nice sporty look and additional lift to the breasts.

The cups provide a full coverage but if you look for a deeper neckline, you might want to size down. Although I am curious of what my boobs would look like in a XS, I am worried that the side support would cut into my breast tissue, as I am super full on sides.


The bra construction is pretty interesting. Indeed, I can see that the compagny worked hard to come out with a product that would offer the advantages of a bra without the inconvenience. For example, there is no wire but the bralette separates the breasts very well, without giving a East-West look. The wires role is also played by a folded fabric under the breasts which is very soft so you can have some kind of structure under your breasts in addiction to the band but in a comfy way.

There are side supports to help center your breasts and avoid a wide uniboob shape (I’m sure you know what I am talking about). I have worn this bra  under my usual clothes and I found the shape to be similar to the one I get from some wired bras. It didn’t look weird. I think the only thing might be that it is not suitable for low coverage shirts, but this is not an issue for me, since I don’t think it is the purpose of this particular product.


I can see this bra get a lot of use this winter. It is so comfy! Like a pajama under your clothes. That is actually why I paired it with this Foxers lace boxer that I got at Curve this summer. This two are the comfiest combo! I’ve also got the boxer in a size small and I love the way it fits me. It is made from an amazingly soft lace (seriously Foxers lace is super super soft, I wish I could fit in their bralettes). This lace is also very cute and I enjoy the way the designer played with different levels of sheerness. The thick hips elastic gives an androgynous touch and I am really into it. I also find it a lot easier to wear on a daily basis than my first Foxers boxer , which is more suitable as a pajama bottom.

Overall, I am very happy with these two pieces. When I put them on, I never want to remove them.
I wouldn’t use the Sugar Candy bra to do sport but if you do so at least your breasts won’t jump out of the cups, it is very secure. You’ll feel them move though. This bralette is nice for everyday wear and my new go to bra when I just want to chill and lounge around. Of course keep in mind that it is not a traditional bra, so the feel is different when taking the stairs. ^^
I am quite surprised that I love it that much but this bralette is worth a try!

Hope you have a lovely day!

xoxo Wen

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