If you are following me from the beginning you must have noticed a very recurrent pattern in my indie lingerie reviews… A true obsession that the lovely Maz from Hepburn & Leigh has noticed a couple of months ago. Imagine how surprised, excited and grateful I was when she offered to feed my addiction by gifting me the Kiss Me Deadly Everythingless set?! Y’all know my love for indie lingerie. I also love high-waisted panties and garter belt but more importantly I love this bow and diamond pattern mesh. It is the fourth sets I own featuring it. I hope people stop making things out if this mesh because I am starting to look crazy, buying all of them. Well, this time doesn’t really count, since it is a gift.

[I received this set as a gift from Hepburn and Leigh . All thoughts and opinions are my own.]DSC03399_2.JPGThis is not my usual lingerie review, since there is no cup size to evaluate but who doesn’t enjoy a beautiful unpractical set once in a while? I personally do when it is that cute and sassy. Kiss Me Deadly defines the Everythingless top as cupless bralette, but let say it, it looks like a longline bra band. I really like it because quarter cup bras never suit me, and this piece fills quite the same purpose, without making my breasts look weird.

This set is made from a beige mesh, lined with a beautiful black mesh, but it is sewn in a way that it feels quite firm. It doesn’t stretch much. I find this beige mesh very comfortable and I like the way it hugs my body. I wouldn’t call it shape wear  because of the way it fits me but on someone with a more proportionate body it could definitely feel that way.

DSC03397 I chose a size Small in the bralette, despite the fact that Maz told me that this set fit smaller than usual KMD lingerie. In fact I thought the band was adjustable with hooks and eyes.  Unfortunately, it isn’t and she was really right about the sizing: the small fits very tight. There are hooks and eyes but only one set, so I think you should size up in this product. I was worried that a Medium would be loose but now I think maybe it would have been more comfortable. This feels like a 28 band (although I haven’t measured it).

DSC03400Aesthetically, I like the simplicity of this top. It features the same type of straps as my Vargas dress which are very nice because they are thicker at the front than at the back which helps giving some structure to the style at the front and leaves the back more minimalistic. I also love the front fastening. As a full-bust woman I don’t have much hope to get a front fastening bra that would actually be supportive and stay closed through the day, so I love the idea to layer this piece over my bras! That said, I found it surprisingly flattering even worn by itself. That these thick straps somehow provide some side support and help my breasts to go forward (but maybe I just have very full on side breasts). Of course it will not change your breasts shape but it does add a little something that enhances their beauty. If you are small busted, you may even be able to use it as an actual bralette to get some more cleavage.

Kiss Me Deadly Everythingless The Panty girdle is my favorite part of this set. It is so versatile! And can we talk about these amazing straps? As you can see on some pictures, they are removable, but trust me they won’t go away until you want to remove them. They also don’t try to pull down your panty… I have had some bad experiences in the past with super thin removable straps but these ones won’t let you down. They are thick, stable and feature unusual silver hardware. Indeed, instead of sliders, you can adjust them with metal clips. I love this idea. It has certainly be done in the past but it was my first time seing this on suspenders.

Kiss Me Deadly EverythinglessThis piece is also very high waisted so I can imagine that if you have a shorter torso, the top and bottom might reach each other and look like an actual bodysuit, which would probably look super cute.
Just like the bralette this girdle wears its name very well: it doesn’t have any gusset, or any bum coverage. It is quite easy to pair with a black panty or thong, though. And if you find your perfect nude panty I think it’d look good as well. That said, nobody prevents you from going pantyless, and this back is the sassiest I’ve ever seen. It is basically shouting ” you’ve got nothing to hide”!

Kiss Me Deadly Everythingless I received the panty girdle in a Medium which is right for me but since my waist is 25,5 inches and my hips/bum circumference is more like 37″, the waist elastic is a little big for me. Interestingly it feels tight when passing through my thighs but once I have it up to my waist it feels looser around it. A size small would not be comfortable for my hips and I believe would cut into my bum, so I am happy with a Medium.

Kiss Me Deadly Everythingless Everythingless makes me feel like a really sweet badass and I love the way it looks paired with this Ellesmere lingerie set (coming very soon to her shop, a review will probably follow). The Everythingless bralette must also look super hot layered as outerwear! Indeed, Maz from Hepburn & Leigh has recently written a bilingual post (FR/EN) about how to style these pieces, if you need some more ideas!

Kiss Me Deadly EverythinglessI love Kiss Me Deadly because their lingerie always shows as much elegance as it shows creativity. I could write a story about their pieces and it would either happen in a manoir or in a futuristic world (seriously, these latex dresses need to be featured in Dr.Who). Anyway, this brand totally gets me and I can’t wait to show you guys other garments from them.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! <3

Yours truly,

PS: There is a very interesting sale on Hepburn & Leigh website at the moment. I missed my size but you might find your own happiness if you are fast enough! xx

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