Although I rarely reach for basics, I recently found myself looking for a black t-shirt bra as my old Fantasie smoothing is now too big for me. T-shirt bras can seem boring but I am one of those people who believe that every outfit has a matching bra shape to go with and I always choose my bra after choosing my outfit for the day to be sure that I get the expected effect.
Somehow I think Tutti Rouge team heard my thoughts when they sent me a surprise package this summer. Their new Rougette Jasmin set was exactly what I needed, a simple everyday set, that goes well under most clothes and provides the perfect amount of coverage. Jasmin also gives me a discret cleavage that I hardly get from most padded bras, because, you know, shallow breasts and all that.

[I received this set free of charges for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are mine.]

I received the Jasmin EZ-T bra in 32G and the coordinate in size M. I usually wear a 30GG and M in Tutti-Rouge lingerie, so Rougette sizing seems pretty consistent.
Jasmin is probably the more classical design of Rougette collection and it’s also my favorite along with their lovely Ashley longline bralette which I haven’t tried (yet?). It is simple and efficient.

Rougette Jasmin

As a very full on bottom gal, I usually struggle with padded styles since I can rarely fill the top of the cup properly. This issue has been very well balanced with Jasmin as the cup padding is thicker at the bottom than it is at the top. This uplift my breasts and gives them a nice shape. I am so positively surprised about the fit of that bra. Now I am a 30GG and this 32 band feels true to size, so it is a little bit big for me. It features three sets of 2 hooks and eyes and I am comfortable wearing it at the tightest set. That said, I wear it at the second one at the moment because I am trying to extend this bra life. Something you need to take in consideration when reading my post is that I have around 40 bras in my rotation and maybe 60 others that I remember to wear less than once in a month.


Knowing that, you’ll realize that my bras bands don’t have much time to stretch out as I don’t wear most of them often enough, except during the “crash test” period before writing my blog posts, or sadly, in the case of my favorite bras that I wear way more than others. So I think this bra would be better for “true” 32 backs because it might be too big quickly for a “real” 30GG lady who is willing to wear it often.
The straps are very thin, so this may please you if you don’t like thick straps in full-bust bras, but might be painful for heavier busts. For me, these straps are ok. They don’t move, they didn’t stretch out so far and I didn’t have to adjust them after the first time I wore the bra, because the heart-shaped sliders (SO SWEET!!) don’t tend to move by themselves. Another good point is that they are really discret under camisoles!

Rougette Jasmin

This bra cups are so comfortable! They are like pillows! I love that they aren’t bulky, and cover my breasts enough to avoid nipples slip. The shape of these cups is perfect for my breasts shape, which is wide, close-set and a little bit shallow. The wires are medium width, they don’t bother my armpits and don’t hurt my ribcage, however they tend to get lower than my infra-mammary fold if I am too active during the day.

As I said in my last Rougette review, the quality is I think, lower than other Tutti-Rouge items but as good as it can for a bra priced at 20 pounds (full price) .The finishes are not perfect but the brand still put some effort in making the bra attractive and well-fitting.

Rougette Jasmin

The gore tacks softly and features a “wrap-around” detail with a gold heart shaped pendant. Also the coordinate seems to be made with other Rougette sets in mind. Most of these sets coordinates are really easy to mix and match, which in my opinion is pretty cool!
This brazilian brief provides a good coverage, and I really like the cute lace at the back. It is invisible under clothes and very comfy. I am probably in between size here because the front wrinkles a little bit, but I know that a Small wouldn’t suit my bum the same way.  Note that the lace of the brief matches the bra band. It isn’t obvious because the band isn’t sheer but I think it is nice that they added lace there. It makes this bra more feminine and shows that the brand knows that a plain bra can easily be boring if it isn’t about the details.

Rougette Jasmin

I would highly recommend to wash it by hands (but I bet you know it is the best way to wash your lingerie) because I am not sure how it will handle the washing machine.
Overall, this set is a nice option if you are looking for a well-fitting, affordable everyday bra. I can easily reach out to it in my rotation as it is light and comfy and I am happy I got to try it.
Have you tried Rougette before? Did you have a good experience with their bras fit?
Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Bisous bisous!





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