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DSC04070[These bras have been generously provided by Being U , though, not for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

I am really excited for today’s post because I had so much fun taking those pictures and I also wanted to try the Kobicha bra for a longtime. I hope this review will help you if like me you’ve been hesitating and looking around for fit advice about Being U.


Although the women need for products that match their carnation seems superficial to a lot of people, I got to realize that it simply highlights society issues that have been neglected by the fashion industry for years. Interestingly, the fact that WOC want to wear lingerie that would be invisible under their clothes seems to be taken in consideration way later than the need for nude make up foundation. In a sens it makes sens since women in general seem to spend much more money in their make up and hair than they are willing to spend for their underwear. But in my opinion, lingerie is actual body foundation. Nobody is supposed to see it but it does improve your exterior aspect. So I guess it was only a question of time before the industry noticed that could make money out of this need for equality and comfort.


While some brands already started to make nude colors for different skin tones (see Naja and Nubian Skin) only Being U actually carries nude options up to a UK H cup. This is a big improvement, and I am so glad this company exists.
Being U currently has 3 main bras styles:
_ The Kobicha, an unlined three-part balconnet bra
_ The Yendi, a padded t-shirt bra
_ The Rosa, a plunge bra
The brand also produces backless bras in some shades and sizes.
Being U created 5 skin tones shades from the lighter to the darker one: U21->U28->U12->U02->U18 .
Although not every style is available in every skin tone I am so glad to see a brand making nude lingerie available for a relatively wide range of sizes and skin tones. Considering Being-U is a start-up, it can’t obviously do everything at once, but the future might bring more options.


I was so happy when Sadia the owner of Being U offered to send me samples to try! I wanted to try the brand for a while but couldn’t decide on which color to pick between U21 and U28. I wear the Nubian Skin Café au lait shade, so I am used to pick the lighter shade available in WOC focused brands. However, Being U is for everybody, and their U21 would be more appropriate for red hair light skin black women, anybody with albinism as well as a lot of white women with fair skin. For my own carnation the U28 works beautifully. It looks like a light shiny cinnamon which is warmer than my skin tone but still does the trick.


The fabric is amazing and although the U21 is not nude for me, I love the uniqueness of this shade. It is so shimmery and soft. I think the Kobicha feels sensual and glamorous in its own way. I received a 30GG and 30H in both bras but I preferred the fit of the 30GGs on me. I found the cup to be very shallow but my breasts being full on bottom and also kind of shallow at the moment due to weight loss, I found the 30GG to be more flattering.


Honestly, the 30H felt very close in the sizing but there was a gap at the bra apex (where the straps meet the cup) which could only be filled by more top fullness. My advice would be to size up in this bra if you want it to be a more secure fit especially if your breasts are even or full on top, but some full on bottom ladies with more top fullness than me could definitely size up too. The cup volume, I believe, is true to size, but the wires are very wide and result in a loss of depth that can create spillage. I would love to see how it would fit with narrower wires.
On my chest, this bra works almost like a push up plunge and I love to wear it under low V neck dresses. I love the shape it gives to my breasts. It is very supportive and I actually find it more secure than padded plunges for my projected breasts but during that “one week of the month”, I have to say that the cups really cut into my chest.

Being U Kobicha bra
The band is wide and features 3 sets of three hooks and eyes. It feels like a tight 30, almost a 28, so if you are in between size, feel comfortable to size up to a sister size that allows a larger band. However, you must take in consideration that the wires will probably be wider with a bigger band which can be comfortable or not depending on your body shape. I personally prefer a smaller band since it eventually gets looser with time, but this is only a personal preference. After wearing it a few times, it feels more comfortable. That said, I think the side boning can feel a little bit annoying after an active day wearing it. This also could be improved by the use of narrower wires, I believe.

Being U Kobicha bra
Due to the shallow cups, the wires stand lower than my infra-mammary fold and as I said before, the bra pushed my breasts up. I don’t think I have ever seen that cleavage on my breasts and I can’t help but love it. I also like the little hibiscus pendant at the gore. Now if you are really a fit perfectionist you will probably have some reservation about this bra but considering that Being U is just starting in the lingerie industry, I am confident that they can improve their products to fit a wider range of breasts shapes.

Being U Kobicha bra
The Kobicha coordinate is a high waisted panty, which I haven’t tried (yet?). I decided to pair these bras with a La Senza thong that I got one day when looking for nude underwear and a Nubian Skin Café au lait thong. I thought of buying the high waisted briefs but these days I can’t wear them so often since I slowed down on skirts and dresses with the cold weather and I didn’t want to finally keep them in the drawer.

Being U Kobicha bra
Despite some fit issues, I really like the Kobicha bra. Nude bras are usually the definition of boredom and this one definitely stands out. I find myself reaching out to it quite often, not even for its nude power but just because I love how my breasts look and feel in it.

Thanks for reading! <3

Yours truly,

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