Hey guys! Last week we talked about the Being U Kobicha bra which is a very beautiful nude color for me and I thought it could be cool to follow up on the nude theme with an updated review of my first beloved nude bra: the Avocado Essentia. This bra matches my skin tone perfectly and I love the way it feels both visually and physically.

[Zathiya generously provided this set for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]
DSC04230 For those who haven’t heard about Essentia, it is an old and discontinued Avocado range. The set is now only available on Zathiya.com, a US based retailer which sells polish and British lingerie. Last year I had the opportunity to try this bra and to review it but since my breasts have changed, I decided to give you an idea of the new fit I get from some Avocado bras.
The first Essentia I tried was a 65K sample in a K cut. This bra was too small for me and I didn’t keep it. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to try an Avocado 70H, thanks to another blogger, and I thought it might be fine to go with this size again. Zathiya was kind enough to send me a complete new set in size 70H and M for the thong.

To my surprise, Zathiya version of Avocado Essentia is  different from the ones I’ve seen reviewed and the one I reviewed myself lat year. It features different finishes and a different fit too.Although you can’t see it very well on this pictures, the 70H I received is slightly too big in the cup for me while the 60K I tried was definitely too small.
It seems to be an updated version of Avocado Essentia, with a sizing more similar to the new collection. Note that I wear a 65H/60J in Avocado newest bras (Ce soir, Skin…)

I find this new bra even prettier although I preferred the former fit. This Essentia bra is made of three parts. The bottom parts are lined with a very unstretchy gold and smooth fabric and the top part is made of a delicate lace lined with mesh. Thanks to the elastic at the top of the cup, this lace feels stretchy although I think it wouldn’t be on itself. Talking about this gold elastic, it wasn’t there in the first version of Essentia. I like it and I think it gives a neat finish to the cup edges. I feel like the first sample I tried was more closed at the top of the cup. That said, my breasts have become shallower during the past few months and I really wish I asked for a 65H instead.

This bra would be better for an even to full on top breast shape as I noticed that I fill it everywhere but the top. The cup are deep and projected. In this size, the wires are a little wider than I’d like but I think if I opted for a 65H they’d be just fine. This bra gives a rounded and uplifted shape under clothes.

The 70band, surprisingly, isn’t too big but I remember that the 60 band of the old essential was way too small to be comfortable for me. It features 3sets of three hooks and eyes and the band and straps are comfortably wide. The gore is narrow and tacks very well.

Avocado Essentia
As usual with Avocado, I really like the choice of fabrics. They make this set looks as sturdy as delicate and talking from experience, I know Avocado bra have a long lifespan.
The coordinate in size M feels too big. But that was to be expected. I usually wear a size Small in Avocado but as I remembered the feel of the first bra I tried, I thought I should maybe size up in the coordinate. What a wrong deduction. I recommend to go with your usual size to avoid wrinkles as this thong provides a lot of coverage at the front and at the back. It is very comfortable though, and I believe, a lot of women who hate low rise underwear would like it.
Essentia has been for a long time my go to nude bra and I hope my breasts get fuller soon because I want to be able to wear it often. Even with the wrinkles at the top, it gets tones of wear. In a 70H the main issue is that I have to shorten the straps to help it looks smoother since I don’t fill the top) which results in the cup edges getting too close to my armpits. In a 65H I don’t think I would have this issue.

Avocado Essentia
Otherwise, this bra remains the one that made me fall in love with Avocado a year and a half ago. This brand has this timeless elegance that I love in luxury European brands. I wish their lingerie was available at French brick and mortar stores since I am sure they would find their audience. Now Avocado creates more modern styles but I like every step of their evolution.

What is your experience with Avocado? What bras would you like to see reviewed?

Hope the weather is warmer in your part of the world!

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