Good afternoon lovelies! I have a handful of reviews to post for the next couple of weeks and I wonder how I will manage to do so but let’s start somewhere!

Y’all know my love for elegant classic lingerie designs… Well, today I want to introduce to you another beautiful addition to my collection : Charnos Bridgette.
For those who are familiar with Charnos, Bridgette isn’t new. In fact, this colorway has been around for quite some time now but it remains my favorite Charnos design and I feel like it never gets old.

[Disclaimer: This set has been sent to me free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.]
 I had the chance to meet Charnos’ North America distributor at Curve NY last summer and I was really happy when she got in touch with me again a month ago to offer me a couple of sets to review. I have had my eyes on the brand since I started my lingerie journey but somehow never tried anything else than their Lepel range. I actually prefer Charnos aesthetic right now. I find it more elegant and delicate. I guess I am growing up.
So I received the Bridgette set in sizes 30GG and Small.

Charnos Bridgette
This set exists in a beige colorway as well but I really loved the contrast between the kind of bronzy fabric and the black floral lace in this one. It makes it look very autumnal but also feminine and glamorous. I wish this colorway was in their continuity collection. It is a very nice classical design enhanced by an unusual color. I like it.

As you can see, Bridgette is a three-part full cup bra. While I am usually not into full cup bras (my shallow boobs do not work with them), Bridgette has a clever construction. Indeed, the top part of the cup is made of a beautiful stretchy lace which adapts nicely to my breasts shape and doesn’t wrinkle. The bottom part of the cup is lined with an unstretchy black mesh and features side support. It feels super comfy and secure.

Charnos BridgetteSomething I noticed, though, is that although the wires reach my infra-mammary fold, and my bottom heavy breasts fill the bottom of the cups, the sewing of the cup creates a wrinkle near to the gore. This is not a big deal but it is important to mention considering this type of wrinkles usually appears when bra cups are not filled properly. This one comes from the bra construction rather than the bra size.
The wires being wide, I also experience wrinkles at the side of the cups. I wondered at first if I should have gone with a 30G but I don’t see much room to fill at the front so I am not quite sure that a 30G would fit me. I don’t have narrow roots and I think I fill the sides as much as possible considering the circumference of my thorax, so I definitely think those side wrinkles are also due to the way the cups have been sewn.

Charnos Bridgette

This bra features a very soft but firm band, that is pleasant to wear and has three sets of 2 hooks and eyes. I find it to be true to size as I wear it at the loosest set of hooks. The gore is comfortable and doesn’t stab me at all. I love that it isn’t too high or too wide. It features a cute little bow and a black faux-gem on top of it. This bra design is all about the detail.
The straps are well-situated and fully adjustable. They don’t fall off my shoulders, which I appreciate. That said, the cup edges are a bit too close from my armpit and this can be uncomfortable at some point depending if I am active during the day or not.

Charnos BridgetteThe coordinate is a lovely classic brief, which is pretty comfortable to wear. It looks very good paired with the bra and I enjoy the way they used the black lace transparency on the sides.This brief is lovely and easy to wear, providing a good coverage for the bum. The seams can eventually cut into mine because, almost every brief that is not seamless ends up cutting into my bum, but it is not a dramatic visible panty line under pants. The back of the brief is made of a soft microfibre and features a small keyhole surmounted by a discret flat bow.Charnos BridgetteOverall, wrinkles or not, this set is gorgeous. I find it easy to wear, it makes me feel glamorous and hold my breasts very well. I think the contrast makes it very interesting and doesn’t prevent it from being a good basic option. Plus this colour must look good on a variety of skin tones. I would love to see it in other powerful colorways, such as a teal and black maybe? What do you think?
This bra is a good surprise considering that every bra I have tried lately has reminded me that I am loosing weight and that my breasts are getting shallower. This full cup gives me a beautiful rounded yet natural shape and I think it’s a very good everyday option, for those who don’t like basic everyday bras.

Hope you survived the awful Black Friday weekend! I found it very overwhelming this year.

Sending love!
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