As you must know if you’ve been following me during these past two years, I love sheer lingerie. I haven’t always felt and fed that love, though. As a teen I hated unlined bras because I couldn’t stand my breasts shape and look. I only wanted to wear padded bras and was struggling to find some in my size at this point. Somehow, one day, in a Caribbean boutique, a lingerie fitter made me try a Wacoal sheer bra with black embroidery (I could only find the black version on the net sadly but you can see the shorty in this post) and this bras looked so much better than any other unlined bras I had tried so far that I was immediately sold. From that point, I stopped considering padded bras as my only good option and started looking for more lingerie that would make me feel good about my breasts.

[Avocado generously provided these sets for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions remain my own.]
It still took years for me to accept and love my body, but  when I got the opportunity to get really well fitting bras, sheer stuff became my cup of tea. My love for sheer lingerie also led to my love for nude lingerie. In fact, I love transparency because it makes me feel like my body’s beauty is self-sufficient. As much as I love ruffles and ribbons, it feels good sometimes to have your body doing its own thing (with some minimalist help sometimes).
So when I saw Avocado new range I fell in love at first sight. Avocado Skin features clean lines, a modern and sophisticated fit and overall, an undeniably classy touch of sexiness.Avocado Skin Avocado sent to me these sets in sizes 60J and Small which are the sizes I wear in my Ce soir set. As I said in my last reviews, I am kind of struggling at the moment with my breasts size which seems to be in between 30G and 30GG. I still fit in most of my bras but my shape is now shallower so the volume might be the same but not distributed in the same place. Because of that I think I could have gone down a 1/2 cup size in this bra, to prevent wrinkles but this is more about aesthetic preferences because otherwise, I think this bra fits me quite well.Avocado SkinI was happily surprised to receive the Avocado Skin in both colorways available and I feel like the set has a completely different vibe from a color to another. The beige colorway was hard to get right in pictures but looks a little warmer in real life. It has a discret shine to it, quite similar to the Essentia. Those neat finitions and geometric details give a real “less is more” feel and I love how this set contours my body lines.
Avocado SkinThe first time I tried that black one, I immediately thought that it would be perfect in a Halloween lingerie selection. For me it looks like the perfect set for a badass and modern witch. The contrast between my skin and the plain lines of the bra is gorgeous and I can’t help but feeling amazing wearing it. The designer played with different level of sheerness and the result is very appealing. I hate using the world sexy when I talk about lingerie because I don’t like people reducing the lingerie industry to something meant to make women sexually attractive to other people but I do feel super sexy in this set. I love to pair it with a sheer black suspender, I think the ensemble looks very powerful.Avocado SkinConstruction wise, Skin’s pattern is a new Avocado cut, called HCQ. It is a three-part balconnet featuring a fourth part at the top of the cup which doesn’t have fit purposes but gives this layering touch that is so en vogue at the moment in the lingerie industry. The lower part of the cup is lined with a sheer unstretchy mesh which matches the color of the set.
Interestingly Avocado HCT (cf. Ce Soir) and HCQ shapes are like hybrids between balconnet and half-cup bras. Indeed, the lower part of the cup features a vertical seam and takes more than 2/3 of the cup while the higher part is almost horizontal and makes the bra more secure for everyday wear than a true half-cup would.

So the Avocado Skin bra fit is pretty similar to the Ce soir set. At the moment, I get some wrinkles with my Ce soir set too (which is unfortunate because I love it so much). In fact, when I stand straight my breasts fill the cup, but my lack of top fullness prevents them from stretching the fabric enough to get a completely smooth look. The sheer triangular part at the top of Skin’s cups keeps wrinkling a little. With the Ce soir set in the same size, this part is absent and instead the adjustable straps collar makes the size issue less obvious but I see that it is still present. Avocado SkinI really wonder how I managed to loose so much weight in the past year but this is really upsetting. From a month to another, a bra that fitted well can become too big and I sadly have no power on that. When I ordered this set, my Ce soir set still fitted properly. Sigh… Anyway, the Skin in a 60H would probably look better. As you can see my breasts are wide and full on side and this bra gives a super rounded shape. The wires are very narrow and hit me in the right place. The gore is also a little bit shorter than Ce soir’s gore. For me this bra is very nice for everyday wear and feels super secure. I wear the band at the loosest set of hooks and eyes and I don’t have to adjust neither the straps nor the band throughout the day. These straps are rather short but fully adjustable as usual with Avocado, which I really appreciate. They are also wide enough to be stable and comfortable on my shoulders.
The coordinates are simply amazing. I am so glad I got to try different styles! The high waisted panty are very flattering, I wish I took a picture standing up because the neat lines makes it very sculpting but not in a shapewear way. The front part is made of unstretchy fabrics so it doesn’t hug my body like shapewear, the sculpting impression is due to the curves and lines of the brief rather than its physical impact on my body shape. Standing up I get a very clean look. I found the leg holes of the high waist brief to fit a little bit small, however. Once I wear it, this is not an issue, but I have to be careful when putting it on because the elastic doesn’t have a lot of stretch compared to my usual Avocado briefs. That said, I am glad that the front part isn’t stretchy because it helps the ensemble to look super smooth.
The hipster brief looks very nice too and is an easier fit, in my opinion. The front part is made from a stretchy material on the side and an unstretchy material in the center. The leg holes are stretchier and I put them on easily, like any other briefs. Both briefs feature a stretchy mesh at the back and a beautiful triangle key hole with a branded pendant inside, which is a nice touch. No ribbon, no frills. This set matches my current mood so perfectly!
It goes without saying that I am conquered by these sets, and despite my shallow breasts issue, I have been wearing them quite often. These bras provide a very uplifted shape without giving a push up effect and I love how they make me feel about my breasts.The construction and finishes do not disappoint and I can see than they required time and skills to end up looking that good. I am truly so happy to discover Avocado’s new shapes and cuts! For a lingerie geek this brand always has something interesting to offer and I love their interpretation of the latest trends!

This was a really long review so I hope I didn’t lose you on the way! If you have any question feel free to ask me! I know my explanation can be confusing between all the fit details and my own body issues.

Sending good vibes to y’all! Hope you have a stressless Monday! <3

Yours truly,

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  1. I really love the Avocado aesthetic but I don’t find the site user friendly at all (and, the one time I ordered, I was charged VAT, IMO, inappropriately because I’m not in the EU). I feel the price point is just too high given how many complexities go into ordering and receiving the product. But these do look very lovely on you.

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