When I started blogging, indie brand, for me was synonym for gorgeous expensive garments coupled with random results in terms of fit.
Well, this can be true in some cases, but I got to realize that you can also have amazing experiences, and dealing with individuals instead of big companies also mean that there can be some flexibility in the making of your lingerie (custom sizes, custom designs…).

[Disclaimer: This set was sent to me free of charges for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]
Sweet Tooth lingerieI discovered Sweet Tooth Lingerie through Instagram and I have to admit that I wanted to try their lingerie for quite a longtime. I think what was holding me back was the fact that their lingerie was only featured on small busted women and I thought it might look weird on my own bust. So I was genuinely happy when Sweet Tooth lingerie designer got in touch with me and offered to send me a made-to-measurement set for review purposes! I had been lusting over their longline and high waisted brief cutout set since the first time I saw it on their Instagram page so I immediately opted for it. That said, I think Sweet Tooth lingerie designs are adorable and I could also have gone for these cute ruffle bralette and brief.
Sweet Tooth lingerie Something I noticed while choosing my set, was that unlike a lot of indie brands, Sweet tooth lingerie don’t give “names” to their garments. Well, their names are basically descriptions. The prices are also very affordable. Living in Canada, I am very sensible to the prices of garments bought outside the country, considering Quebec custom taxes and the fact that most of the things I buy are priced in pounds and US dollars. Let say that everything feels rather expensive depending on the exchange rate. But Sweet Tooth lingerie is definitely on the affordable side of the market.
The brand offers bodysuits, bralettes and panties made of mesh and has a sweet and minimalist aesthetic. I think their garments might interest those of you who don’t like lace or extra feminine designs but still want to feel cute/sexy in their underwear. I personally love their color choices: you will find most garments in the classic black, white, burgundy, and navy blue but also in some lovely pastel colors which give a very young and fun feel to the collection. It must be noted that every garment is sheer. 🙂
Sweet Tooth lingerie I still think I took a risk by choosing this design considering that the bralette is a longline without any opening. My bust measurements aren’t really proportional to my waist circumference and I think it must have been a challenge to make it wearable.
In fact, when I first received this set it was too small for me. I was even afraid that I’d completely destroy the bralette trying to pass it through my shoulders, which makes sens considering that my shoulders are way wider than my waist… The brief was cutting into my bum and hips and wasn’t flattering. I told Sweet Tooth designer and she kindly offered to make another set. The second one fitted way better! Although like most custom briefs, it still cut into my bum, this time the whole set looked super nice.Sweet Tooth lingerieI was very surprised with the bust fit which in my opinion looks and feel amazing. The mesh is rather strong and I don’t feel like it is painfully supporting my breasts. As you can see the back stays parallel to the floor, and although the straps aren’t adjustable they fit nicely and I never have to adjust the back of the bralette when wearing it. I am always impressed by indie designers skills when it comes to full bust bralettes. I have only had one rather bad experience fit-wise but most of the time, they get them quite right.
Now this bralette is definitely more of a loungewear item, in my size at least. I find it supportive when standing up and very flattering too but if I bend forward, my breasts inevitably try to escape from it. This doesn’t prevent me from wearing it, but if your breasts are projected, you must take this in consideration.
Sweet Tooth lingerieThe brief is a tight fit and gives me a VPL under pants, so I only wear it with dresses. It is not uncomfortable, although the elastic is very thin and cuts into my hips. I just which it was more high waisted because it always tends to sit lower and lower on my belly through the day. That said, I love how it compliments the bralette! These two definitely belong together!
Sewing wise, I wish the seams were a little less visible on the back of the brief and on the front of the bralette, or simply weren’t there at all, but perhaps it makes the piece easier to sew (I’m definitely not a sewing expert)? I mean, on small busts, it doesn’t look bad but on me, the seams show significantly more. However, at this price point, this set reaches all my expectations. It is beautiful, fits my bust nicely and makes me feel amazing. I did not expect it to be perfect for me considering my body shape but I love the way it finally fits.
Sweet Tooth lingerieThis cutout bralette is exactly the type of garments that I have always dreamt to fit in without much hope. I am so happy I was wrong!
I have to say that I am always so grateful when an indie brand is willing to give me a chance to try their garments. I know it must not be easy considering the time involved in every piece. I am very happy with how this set turned out and I think this brand is worth a try if you are looking for cute and affordable indie lingerie.

Stay loving!

Yours truly,

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