I am not a fan of New Year resolution as I forget them basically the hour after I make them, but I love lists because they help me to get things done. Here is a quick post about the lingerie brands, and eventually products that I will do my best to try out this year. As you can see I am really into independent labels and if I have to buy only one set every two months, then I would be happy to support creative people and small businesses with my money. Plus, let’s be honest, I have a lot of lingerie already, so getting crazy during the sales is far from reasonable. So hopefully I will be able to give you my opinion on these brands before 2019.

Katherine Hamilton

Lingerie brandKatherine Hamilton Abbie set

Katherine Hamilton is one of the few luxury full-bust brands that I discovered during these past two years of blogging. Their sizing is impressive, going from a 24 to a 38 band with cups from D to HH. From what I have heard so far, their products have an amazing fit even for bigger cups which is still rare for this type of lingerie. They are working with delicate lace and silk and I hope I will be reasonable enough with my money to finally get something from them this year! I am actually lusting over that robe in the picture above, but my wallet probably won’t be ready for that before 2020 so I guess, I’ll just save for the set! ^^

Alexandrea Anissa

Lingerie brandAlexandrea Anissa Dottie Floral set

Alexandrea Anissa is an independent label ran by a Wonder Woman which does everything all by her own. I wanted to get one of her sets for such a longtime but was kind of scared of going into custom order for a wired bra. Now she is also a full-busted lady and a talented one, so I would love to see how a custom set could turn out. I can’t wait to receive mine. I am kind of cheating because I ordered it at the end of 2017, but I will definitely get it in 2018!

Uye Surana

Uye Surana Celeste bra (left), and Lauren bra (right).

Uye Surana is known for its dreamy extra strappy designs which really don’t have a bondage vibe. Actually, this brand has one of the most romantic aesthetic I have come across (not saying that bondage can’t be romantic but you got me), It is all about soft lights and colors, polaroid pictures, flowers and girl power. They feature models of all size and ethnicity and use beautiful fabrics and material. I am really into their suspender belts which are rather original and the wide underbreast elastics on some of their bralettes. I would love to see how they really fit as they offer cup sized bralettes.

Emma Harris

Emma Harris Tiffany set

I discovered this brand less than 2 months ago but I love their work ethic and everything they are standing for. They have a real Savoir-Faire, and their production is based in their UK atelier. Their price are high but at the same time, I believe they are as affordable as possible considering the quality of their material and the fact that they are such a small business. Their designs are rather classic but some of them are also original and so so luxurious! I hope this Tiffany set can be made in my size because it is a big crush of mine!

♦  D bleu Dazzled

D Bleu Dazzled Glamour (left) and Dreamgirl (right) gloves.

D Bleu Dazzled is another one woman business which, if I understood well, made its way through Twitter and got big enough to reach Beyoncé. I am definitely too poor to afford a 500 USD bodysuit but I would love to own one of these gorgeous pair of gloves! Aren’t they magical?

Blue Reign

Indie brandBlue Reign is a dream. I mean, I am waiting for this brand to re-launched for so long! Their designs are the most incredible bondage inspired lingerie (soon to be) available for fuller bust. I heard that their bras will go up to a H cup and I JUST CAN’T WAIT! I am starting saving right now. This has to be my 24th birthday present to myself. I LOVE this label already. The designer is such a badass too!


While Agashi is not exactly a lingerie brand, I find that her pieces can often work in the concept of lingerie as outerwear. Plus, I have always wanted to be Wednesday Adams and now I can even more easily get into Morticia’s skin with some of her dramatic designs. Christina makes amazing gowns and robes, as well as some beautiful harnesses and bodysuits. If you love sexy, dark and unusual lingerie you will be served. I just made my third purchase at her shop and I just need to stop my self from buying everything I see on her Instagram page. I love this designer, so you can expect some reviews of her stuff this year.

Nubian Skin

Indie brand nubian skinNubian x D Bleu Dazzled LFW collection 

Although my nude addiction is likely to stop in the next few months, I am still waiting for Nubian Skin to extend their size range on nude bras. I know this will happen and I am so ready for it. I already have so many underwears from this brand, I can’t wait to be able to match them with a bra. I also need a pair of Classic Leather Pointed Toe Heel in Cafe Au Lait ! I know this isn’t lingerie but I love the idea of nude shoes that wouldn’t be beige, beige shoes look so weird on me.

I hope making this list will help me to spend my money wisely and to support the business I want to see growing. I really want to stop buying things that won’t bring joy in my life on the long term, especially since I start to know what I really love and what it is just a fad.

Do you have shopping plans for this year? Is there a brand that you would like to see featured on this blog in 2018?

Sending love!

Yours truly,

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7 Replies to “Lingerie brands I really want to see in my closet in 2018”

  1. I looked at some of your selections. Katherine Hamilton looks nice, but after a comparison on Bratabase I think it is unfortunately typical of British bras and wouldn’t fit me.

    Alexandrea Anissa really caught my eye – I love the Catalina Balconette Bra. However, this one says it is best for smaller busts, and indeed, everything I looked at seems sized in non-bra measurements. How does the custom order work, and were you able to get a proper bra-sized option? Are there some bras that don’t say they are best for smaller busts? I am very much looking forward to your review of the set you ordered and hope you will talk about the immediate cup depth, wire width, and gore width, as these are the things I always worry about in bras.

    1. I really hope Katherine Hamilton will be a good fit for me has some of her designs look incredible! If I get my hands on a set, I’ll be happy to include the measurements.

      About Alexandrea Anissa, my review is coming next week :). Indeed, everything is sized as S-M-L but you can make a custom order and send your measurements to the designer. For the Fawn collection she created a new pattern called “Fawn Lace Full Cup Bra” but for the others I don’t think she made a special full-bust option. I honestly wouldn’t recommend this brand for fuller-bust women who have projected breasts. I hope you’ll find my review informative!


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