Theodora is a well-known but recently discontinued collection from the French brand Lejaby. You already know that I love this brand for their delicate and very Frenchy aesthetic, but especially because they offer bras up to a G cup and band starting at a FR 80/UK 30 which is definitely not so usual in France. The first time I saw Theodora I was still living in Toulouse, so I guess it was about 4 years ago. I immediately fell in love with the range and  really I loved it in every colorway. But the real master piece, in my opinion, was the basque.

[I received this basque as a gift from Grace Lily lingerie, the store didn’t ask for a review and I bought the thong a couple of years ago with my own money. Lovehoney provided these stockings for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.]
Lejaby Theodora basqueThis piece is amazing really. I know a lot of people think that basques are restrictive garments but I honestly feel like this one is so light weighted. It is just pleasant to wear. As you can see, the designer put a lot of thoughts into it from the straps to the edges.
I am really into the shape of the cups, which feature two vertical seams and are made of an un-stretchy lace. The top edges are covered with guipure embellishments up to the apex of the bra, and on the gore, you can see a very aerial piece of tulle, tied in a bow. I especially love that they used lace even under the wires instead of just making a straight cleavage between the bust and waist parts. This lace pattern against the skin is just delightful.

Lejaby Theodora basqueThis basque, is probably my favorite piece of lingerie in my entire wardrobe. I mean, look at it. This is what my dreams are made of. Tulle, guipure, ruffles, half-cup cut (that fits me), lace appliqués, garters, a well thought back design? What?!!! I am still pinching myself.
I received it in 85F/32F. Nota bene: you have to keep in mind that French band/cup sizes aren’t in the same system as other European brands, the bands usually match roughly UK sizes but using centimeters instead of inches. They do fit looser, though. French lingerie tend to run bigger in the cups but are also often shallower, in my opinion, except for Lejaby’s cups which simply run big.

DSC03092This basque features 2 sets of twelve hooks and eyes, and I am confortable at the loosest set of hooks, or the tightest depending on the day. I don’t feel like there is a huge difference. The silhouette of this basque seems to be made for someone with wider hips as I would need it to hug my body a little bit more in this area but it doesn’t look bad in my opinion, it is like I am wearing some kind of tutu.
The ruffled waist is made of a soft microfiber lined with net while the back is made of a very slightly sheer powernet. This piece has side-seam boning which is strong enough to maintain its silhouette, without restraining your movements.

DSC03103 Theodora is all about the details really. Have you seen the detail on the back of the straps? You can also cross them thanks to a little hook placed in one of the tiny rings (see on the picture below). These straps are actually nice to wear, as they are thick enough, fully adjustable and simply pretty. I also love the little branded pendant at the back of the basque.

I bought the coordinate in a size 3, because the size 2/Small wasn’t available at the moment, and it fits slightly big as expected. It is not the most comfortable thong and I definitely prefer the brazilian version of this coordinate which is so much more pleasant to wear (but that I own in a different colorway). That said, aesthetically-wise, this thong is just so pretty. It has a gorgeous lace appliqué at the front, which I am sorry doesn;t show on my pictures, and the lovely lace all around my hips and bum looks very nice paired with the basque. Lejaby briefs are usually very comfy so I will simply stick to them from now (unless, I have no other option to get a matching set, I guess.)

 Another thing is that I wish the (non-removable) garters were a little less extensible. I haven’t had issue with them so far but I do feel like I need to wear very long stockings if I don’t want to damage my basque. I mean, I have some stockings that are a little bit small on my legs and I feel like these garters straps are really having a hard time supporting them. Well, I usually wear the “difficult stockings” with 6 straps suspenders but it is just something I have noticed. Otherwise, these Lovehoney nylon stockings have done beautifully, even being one size fits most, I found them to be long enough for my legs and they stay in place easily once everything is attached.

DSC03091Sadly they didn’t have the longest lifepan, I found them to be a little fragile compared to the bow stockings, that I have tried last year, but it makes perfect sens since they are so much thinner. The fit is way better, though, and I think I prefer nice looking legs and more fragile stockings. I was able to use them three or four times before the apparition of a hole, so if you don’t wear stockings on a regular basis, you should be fine with these ones. Beside, they are comfortable and pretty. Note that Lovehoney also sell them in a plus size version.

DSC03116Guys… I have to say that, when the lovely owner of Grace Lily lingerie offered to send me this basque, I felt so full of gratitude and honestly couldn’t believe it until the package arrived in the mail. I am now the happy owner of one the most gorgeous basques I have ever seen in my size (at least) and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much for this incredible present! If you live in Scotland I encourage you to visit their stores as they have beautiful reviews and a lot of sales on luxury lingerie. Also, if you live outside of Scotland and are looking for a piece, they will certainly be happy to ship it to you if they have it in stock, just DM or email them to know what they have in your size. <3

Let me know if you would be interested in a review of my Theodora bra and brazilian set, you can still find this set in different colorways over the internet. 🙂

Yours truly,

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