Something I like with Avocado is that you always have several options for every items you’d like to buy. The brand offers about 3-4 coordinates options per bra and for every bra design you get to choose between different cuts and even different sizes. I have now tried a few Avocado sizes and some of them are now too big for me (sadly, all the bras I got from the brand before May 2017 are now too big), but I am still convinced that one can get away with different sizes and cut before finding the “perfect one”.

[This set has been gifted to me by Avocado for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are mine.]
While I have loved Avocado from the very beginning I have to say that the Intimacy collection blew me away last year. Since then, I have found that the fit and comfort have improved and the designs got more modern while staying very elegant. With the Ce Soir bra, I got an amazing fit from the 60J and I think this size still fits me ok, but since my breasts got shallower and shallower these past few months, I started to see some wrinkling on the top of the cup. You can actually see the same thing with the Skin bras I reviewed last season. Anna, Avocado’s designer noticed this issue and offered to send me the Misia in a size smaller. So I received the bra in 60H and 60J for fit comparison and the coordinates in size Small. I didn’t take pictures of the 60J but it is similar to the Skin bras I reviewed before. I AM SO HAPPY with this new fit guys!

Misia is from Avocado Couture collection and seems to be a classier version of the Skin, featuring a gorgeous lace and comfortable microfibre. The bra is made in Avocado HCQ pattern, which means that it will provide a little more coverage than an usual half-cup bra but will give similar uplift and shape. I feel like I have finally found the perfect size/shape for my breasts in this bra.

Avocado Misia

Avocado Misia
Misia is a three-part bra but its structure is actually different from usual balconnet bra. It actually looks like a two parts bra and has a vertical seam in the middle of each cut. The third part of the cup helps to close it at the top and makes it more secure for fuller, projected busts. In Misia, this third part is made of transparent black stretchy mesh while the other parts are made of stretchy floral lace. The lower part of the cup is lined with un-stretchy mesh. You can also see a triangular part at the top of the cup which gives a graphic layering effect.

Avocado Misia

Avocado Misia
In 60H, the Misia bra provides just enough projection for being comfortable and giving me some cleavage but is definitely shallower than the 60J. As you can see on my back shot, I didn’t even shorten the strap on the side of my bigger breast, which never ever happened to me with any bra in the past. I tried this bra in 60J and needed to shorten the straps up to half of their length to fill the cups properly. The 60J mostly gave me room for my projected breasts, and a lot more coverage. I love the Marie-Antoinette type of coverage I get from the smaller size. I have always wanted a bra to fit me this way and always thought my projection was the issue, but now I realize I just need a specific shape that can handle my wide, shallow and full on bottom breasts. For 30GG women with more full on top breasts I would suggest to go for the 60J though. Note that I am in between a UK 30G and a 30GG.
The wires of both bras are very narrow but the gore of the 60H is a little shorter and more comfortable for me. I think these bras bands feels like a UK 28. Somehow I find them to be tighter than my other 60 band from Avocado. In this size, the band features three sets of two hooks and eyes.

The coordinates in size Small fit me perfectly. I received the retro brief and the bikini brief. Both of them are true to size and comparable to my other Avocado briefs. However, just like the Skin high-waisted I found that the waist elastic of the retro brief was not very stretchy and I always have to be careful when I put them on to avoid any damage. That being said, once it is on, it feels comfortable and not tight at all. It doesn’t create VPL either. The bikini brief is very easy to wear on a daily basis. It is very low rise and maybe some people would prefer the classic brief but I find it easy to wear with most of my clothes.
I really like the triangular lace yoke on the back of each briefs. The high-waist in particular adds to the geometrical charm of this set. This set manages to be delicate, and sturdy at the same time and is perfect for everyday wear or for a more boudoir aesthetic. I definitely need more of this HCQ shape in my life.

I hope you don’t get confused with all these different bra sizes I have been showing you lately. My breasts are in constant transition and I am still looking for the perfect fit.
I can’t wait to try more Avocado beauties! If you haven’t tried it yet, this brand is definitely worth it.  <3

Yours truly,

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9 Replies to “Avocado Misia HCQ review 60H & Small”

  1. Would you be able to suggest a starting size/style for someone with center/top full bust in a 30FF? I noticed you sized down a band, does avocado run big?

    1. Hello!
      Avocado doesn’t run big in the band, but after trying previous styles I noticed that the wires were narrower with a smaller band size. It is only a personal preference, but I totally fit in a 65 band. It doesn’t fit loose or anything. I would actually suggest to stick with your UK band size (and some people even size up for comfort because Avocado’s bands are firm). I just feel that I get my best fit with this band size for some reason.
      Also, for fit advice, I would need to know what is your best fitting bra at the moment? Maybe you could start with the Chamade bra, because the fit is super flexible. You could go with a 65F or 65G depending on the coverage you’d prefer. I’d love to try this bra again, since the one I got a year ago is now too big for me, but I bet that a 60H would fit my 30G/30GG breasts very well since they are so shallow and full on bottom. If I was fuller on top I would go for a 60J or 65H (I had it in 60K).
      Let me know if that helps 🙂

      xx Wen

      1. Thank you! My best right now is the Pour Moi Promise in 30FF or the St Tropez full cup in the same size.

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