I don’t know about you but the lingerie laundry is actually something I like doing. Of course, it is not SO MUCH FUN, but I love taking some time to take care of all my lovely babies. It also helps me realize how many bras and panties I own, and then I can give them all the love that they deserve. I like to sort them by colour and see the final result when everything is drying. It is so cute really. (Don’t worry, I can assure you that I don’t have the same feelings about regular laundry.) Usually after that, I feel the urge of having a bath and a facial mask for some reasons.

[This isn’t a sponsored post. I received this product free of charge for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

So a few weeks ago, Eucalan PR contacted me and offered to send me their delicate wash for review purposes. I’ve had the chance to meet them at Curve NY two years ago and to try their samples so I was more than happy to share my thoughts about their amazing products with you guys. I had a big crush on the Wrapture scent (jasmine) but I decided to try the Gift pack since I thought it would be interesting to (re-)discover all of their scents for this review. The gift pack contains 100ml bottles of each Eucalan scent : Jasmine, Grapefruit, Lavender, Unscented, and Eucalyptus.

These bottles are actually pretty cute and easy to carry in any bag. I wish I had them when I traveled two months ago since I don’t really like using baby shampoo to wash my underwear (I recently discovered that silk really can hate shampoo :'( ).

But first let’s try to describe those 5 scents!

Wrapture: As I told you before, the Jasmin scent is my favorite. It is floral but elegant and everytime I smell it, it definitely makes me in the mood for tea and zen time with myself. As a reference, I hate the smell of roses in perfume, I find it to be too strong and overwhelming. Well, this jasmine scent doesn’t feel heady, but it does leave a nice smell on clothes even after they dried, which I really enjoy.

Natural, Unscented: If really, floral scents (or any scent) on your clothes are not your thing, the Natural scent might be perfect for you. It does have a very light smell but I would say that it only smells “clean” and doesn’t leave any particular smell on your clothes except that they don’t smell dirty anymore. I personally love my laundry to have a nice smell, so neutral wouldn’t be my first choice but it does the job and isn’t unpleasant either.

Lavender : This smell is surprisingly discrete. I usually see Lavender as a rather strong smell, but this wash is actually subtle. It also feels a little bit like aromatherapy. I don’t know for some reasons it reminds me of the smell of my childhood when I had a cold or couldn’t sleep and my grandma would put this smell in my room ( I would have to ask how she did that) to help me sleep faster. Anyway, this is a nice calming scent.

Eucalyptus: Well, if you have ever tried eucalyptus candies, you know what this wash smells like. It is very refreshing but also reminds me a little bit of VapoRub. It is not a bad smell but not my favorite as I prefer more romantic smell for my lingerie. That said, it is very faithful to eucalyptus.

Grapefruit: I would say that this smell has more of the grapefruit bitterness than any other aspect of this fruit. This must be because it comes from essential oil which is obtain from the peel of the fruit (which indeed is bitter). However, this is also a rather discret smell, so it is not going to haunt you if you don’t like it so much.

[Of course when I decided to take this picture my sink was leaking U_U so it looks like I really didn’t put much water, but you got the idea.]

But appart from the smell, what makes Eucalan wash special? Well, this product is non-toxic and has a neutral pH which should accommodate sensitive skins as well as the environment. The tag on the bottle says that it is made of lanolin enriched concentrate and essential oil. (Lanolin is a fat obtained by purification and refining of the wool, thanks wikipedia) However, after looking further, I saw that Lanolin isn’t necessarily the leading ingredient of this wash, which is also made of :

  • Essential Oil (where applicable) (Pure and natural jasmine oil)
  • Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate (Vegetable-based soap)
  • Ammonium Chloride (Is a salt of ammonia; used as a thickener)
  • Cocamide MEA (Mild foaming agent and thickener derived from plant source)
  • Purified Water
  • Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose (Thickener derived from plant source)
  • PEG 75 Lanolin (Naturally derived lanolin)
  • Methylchloroisothiazolinone (Preservative and antibacterial)However, Lanolin is meant to help the fabric remain soft and beautiful through the washes, so let say that Eucalan is like a leave-in conditionner for your panties instead of being a shampoo like regular washes.

 [ After washing my lingerie I like to let it dry on a towel. Bra should be laid flat to dry to prevent the weight of the water in the fibre to stretch and damage them. The brief doesn’t necessarily need the same treatment but I love this set so much that I do it anyway.]

Why do I say “Leave-in” Conditionner? Well, because this product is not meant to be rinsed. Actually, according to Eucalan instruction, all you have to do it to is :

1.Add Eucalan to a container (basin, sink…). The brand recommands 1 tea spoon per 4 L of water. I personally evaluate what is best for my lingerie depending on how dirty it is and how many pieces will be washed at the same time.

2.Fill basin with tepid water (room temperature water, not hot and not cold.

3.Insert article(s) to be washed and soak for 15 min. (minimum). Of course, you still have to gently remove any dirty thing and you can see.

4.Squeeze article gently to incorporate water and soap through fibres (be careful with your wired items.

5.Pull article out of water and gently squeeze out excess water. Do not twist or ring. I prefer to let my bra dry on a clean towel that I only use for that purpose, as showed in my not-so-glamour picture. This prevent the wires from getting damaged by the weight of the water in the fabric and overall, make everything dry faster. Of course when you have tons of bras to wash at the same time, I understand that it doesn’t sound practical, but that is what I do to preserve my lingerie through the washes.
Δ WARNING: Dry all items out of direct heat and sunlight.

The fact that you don’t have to rinse the fabric after cleaning is in my opinion time saving but also great for extending the fabric lifespan. I don’t know if it is me, but I feel like this extra step also require to manipulate again and again the fabric to make sure that you get rid of all the soap and I think it damages a little bit the fabric through the time. So for me Eucalan is really a great option, especially when I have tons of panties to wash. I understand that the price might seem high if you are not used to this expense but I have had the opportunity to buy a 500mL bottle in the past and it lasted actually very long (I would say a little bit more than 6 months) so I don’t think it is actually a high price to pay for taking care of lingerie which is per se expensive. I mean, if you want your treasures to look new for years, you have to take care of them, right?
Eucalan is safe to use with silk, nylon, cotton, rayon… So basically most of your lingerie should be just fine with this wash.

Have you ever tried Eucalan in the past? Do you know other great lingerie wash?

Happy Easter!
Bisous bisous,


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