Hey everybody ! I hope you had some rest and ate plenty of chocolate last week ! I personnally took a huge break from everything and I really really enjoyed it.

This article is long overdue but I have been struggling to put words together this past month. Nevertheless, today is a great day and I am happy to introduce you Playful Promises Adira.

[I received this set as a gift from Playful Promises. All thoughts and opinions are my own.]

You might have read my Playful Promises lingerie review from two months ago, which wasn’t so fun. Well, after reading it, Emma Parker, the designer of the brand, contacted me as she thought that I was possibly wearing the wrong size, which could explain the fit issues. Admittedly, I think this bra sizing and shape were not the best the brand has ever done in my size range, or at least not for my body so even after trying a smaller size, I wasn’t getting such a great fit.

However, Emma was kind enough to send me her Adira set, so that I could still get a great fit experience. After receiving my measurements, she determined that I should fit into a 32F or 32 E in this collection. I was very surprised, since I am in between a UK 30G/30GG at the moment. But since my breasts are shallow I think sizing down was required to get the intended look.

The 32E was too small for me but the 32F worked actually pretty well. I had a good experience in the past with the Miranda bra in 32G (which still fits me) and I think that my breasts simply work better with PP unpadded styles. That being said, the sizing is very inconsistent so the best thing you could do would be to ask some advices to the customer service before ordering. I honestly have no idea of the size I should pick if I wanted another bra from the brand but maybe a 32FF would be a safe choice as most of their bras are quite open at the top. Adira seems to run rather big so I am happy with the way it fits me but somehow with this bra and the Karine in 32F I get some side breasts tissue getting out of the cup. Not a huge deal but still good to notice.

Aesthetically, this set is very much into the strappy trend but feels even sassier than most of the full bust strappy bras I have seen in the past. The straps are very thick and in the middle of everything instead of just being a decoration. They really are cool. They are also fully adjustable which is amazing. So often I have had non-adjustable straps stretching out and getting twisted and loose. This shouldn’t be happening with this bra. It seems to be perfect to wear under sheer or low coverage top and still feels very secure. I wish I didn’t have to wear SFW clothes 5 days a week because I really want to show this bra off. I honestly wasn’t going to buy it if I hadn’t receive it from the brand because I already have tones of strappy black stuff but now I am happy to have it in my collection. It gives a discrete cleavage without pushing my breasts out of the cups, and makes me feel super badass.

I like the satin and mesh panels on the cups, I think they add some super vilain vibe ! The bra is a balconnet and features fully adjustable shoulder straps as well as 3 sets of hooks and eyes in the back. I found the band to run true to size and the straps short enough for my taste. The gore also tacks very well in comparison to the PP padded bras I got to try in the past.

By the way, I am pretty happy to see that the model in the stock picture is wearing a bra that seems to fit her because this way it’s easier to imagine how the bra would fit customers. This is a nice improvement from the brand. I know models can’t always have the perfect size because samples aren’t always made specifically for them but it is still good to be able to see the product the way its intented to be worn.

I received the coordinate in size UK 10/Small and it fits me well. It is a very low rise bikini brief but the harness part makes it feel a little more « secure ». I love that every strap is adjustable even for the brief. It sits very nicely on the hips and is made of black satin at the front and mesh at the back. I always find PP briefs pretty true to size and they are often very comfortable for me. Overall, this set is a win and I have already seen it on several H cup ladies so I guess, I am not the only one who likes it ! Although Playful Promises is not a fit focus brand, I hope they keep improving this aspect of their products because it really feels good to wear a boudoir bra that can actually be more than that !

What do you think of Adira? Have you tried Playful Promises new collection?

Yours truly,


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7 Replies to “Playful Promises Adira set review (32F & Small)”

  1. So nice to see manufacturers following up on your blog reviews, it is really helpful to your readers, well, me anyway! Your look fan in this set.

    1. Yes I agree! I am always wondering if they actually pay attention to reviews so it is nice to see improvement!
      Thank you for your kind words!

      xx Wen

  2. That’s so lovely that Playful Promises took the time to read and feedback on your post then take the time to find you a better fit! I have to admit the same feelings as you towards the Adira set in that I’ve never been all that bothered by it (I have black strappy lingerie I don’t wear enough as it is!) but seeing it on you has potentially changed my mind – it’s gorgeous and looks like a very good fit!

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